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These apps will get you through the Winter cold

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Did you know that on June 19 2018, Melbourne was the coldest city in the world? Yep, Australia beat out places like Alaska and Iceland in the cold weather stakes. Despite the fact that Australia is known for beaches and surfing, we all know that winter here can be tough—and it isn’t over until the end of August.

Winter is here. These apps will help you get through the rest of winter with a sunny smile on your face.

Be prepared

As the saying goes, there is no bad weather, only the wrong clothes. You need a reliable weather app so you know if you should step out of your front door with a raincoat, thermals, a woolly hat or all of the above.

Lots of weather apps are not geared towards Australia – unlike the Bureau of Meteorology app, which features an excellent rain radar and a reliable apparent temperature gauge which can make all the difference. It’s compatible with android and iOs. Download it here.

Eat nourishing comfort food

Winter is the perfect time of year to get into eating hearty stews, spicy chillies and comforting chicken noodle soups, rich pasta sauces full of garlic, and in-season fruit and veggies like citrus, parsnips, pumpkin and pears that have lots of the vitamins you need to stay healthy.

So you don’t find yourself ordering in for the whole season, download an app that will help you cook healthy comfort foods. Try the Slow Cooker Crock Pot Recipes app that is full of amazing recipes for a slow cooker, available on iOs and Android.

Treat Yourself

Have you ever heard of the Danish concept of Hygge? It refers to creating a feeling of comfort that leads to improved well-being. We think anyone from Denmark probably has something to teach us about the winter, and finding ways to be more comfortable sounds like a good way to deal with the cold.

Of course there are a few apps that increase feelings of comfort and cosiness. You could treat yourself with a massage or facial delivered to you with the LUXit app, or you could really get into the Danish method with the Hygge app (iOs and Android) that lets you track your levels of comfort and happiness, giving you opportunities to increase both.

Wake me up before you go-go

Waking up on a dark winter’s morning and getting out of a warm bed can be brutal. Even those of us who are inclined towards early starts find winter hard on the body clock, and an app that will help you get out of bed has to be celebrated.

If you’re a chronic snoozer, something like Walk me up that won’t turn off until you take a certain amount of steps could be for you. If you prefer the gentle approach, you could download Zen Alarm Clock which wakes you up with chimes that gradually increase in volume.

Do you have an app that helps you brave the colder months? Please comment below 🙂

Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

 Netflix (Duh). I did discover a hidden little gem. If you're missing out on the luxury of an open crackling fireplace, look no further than the, "Fire place for your home full complete series!"


Featuring all your favourite classics such as the, "Crackling Yule Log Fireplace." To add a bit of extra fuel to the fire -  you can try, "crackling Yule log Fireplace (with music). Nothing sets the ambience quite like a cosy Digi Fireplace. 


Seriously though - I'm going to give the Zen Alarm Clock a whirl. Anything to ease those brisk winter wake ups *burrrr* 


Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Too bad you chilly Melburnians wouldn't get much use out of the helpful Sydney Travel Guide app which comes in handy when you're out and about on sunny days enjoying our beautiful city Smiley Wink

A pretty cool feature is the maps and GPS work offline in most instances so it doesn't chew through your data.

Otherwise I geek out on the MyCricket app to remind myself that summer will be on its way soon enough! 


Sick burn @Ray_YC, we'll just have to use the Melbourne Music City App in our open-late pubs instead Smiley Wink