The new Optus Prepaid Long Expiry

Posted by (Online Community Manager)
7th Aug 2018, 12:46pm

We’re introducing a new long expiry plan called the Optus Prepaid Long Expiry. The plan features the same long expiry credit that we know you'll love with new $70, $80 and $100 recharge options - all with 365 days expiry.

Take a look at the new plan details below:

Pre-paid long expiry 1.png


I’m currently on the My Prepaid Long Expiry plan, will I have to change over to this new Optus Prepaid Long Expiry plan?

A: Customers on the My Prepaid Long Expiry plan can continue on with this offer. Existing customers will be provided with sufficient notice via SMS if this plan is phased out.


Q: Are the international rates changing?

A: No, the international rates remain the same as the current My Prepaid Long Expiry plan. Customers can check the most up-to-date prepaid international rates at:

Q: Can I still purchase additional data and calling packs on the Optus Prepaid Long Expiry plan?

A: You sure can! Customers can still purchase the same add-on packs that currently exist on the My Prepaid Long Expiry. The available add-ons are:

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by Contributor Sputnik
‎2018-12-26 03:33 AM
I am currently using Virgin pre-paid long expiry on my own unlocked phone and I have been informed that I will shortly see the service details on my phone change seamlessly from Virgin to Optus. I assume that this means there will be no need to port my phone number. I currently recharge using the voucher system. My question is... when it is time to recharge with Optus, can I still purchase using a recharge voucher?... and if I recharge with $60 + will I automatically get the 365 day plan or is there a process that I have to go through?