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The digital power behind the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games

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Built for pleasure and synonymous with sun, sea and surf, the Gold Coast is an iconic place to live, work and visit. It’s also where Australia will host its largest sporting event in a decade, the Gold Coast 2018  Commonwealth Games, in just under 12 days’ time.


Over 10,000 athletes, officials and media, from 71 Commonwealth nations and territories, will descend on the Gold Coast this April and Optus will provide a purpose-built Games network to support the entire event.  GC2018 will depend on our ‘digital backbone’ to support all voice, data and internet transmissions as well as every broadcast video and audio service from the Opening Ceremony right through to the Closing night. With 1.5 billion people around the world watching, we’ll need to deliver a high-speed, high-capacity, highly secure network, that will connect competition venues, the media, athletes, officials, visitors and GC2018  partners alike.


To keep everyone connected, we’ve invested over $30M to upgrade our mobile network across the Gold Coast, regional Games precincts and popular transport corridors. We’ve laid down 426km of fibre optic cable, erected 17 new mobile towers and made 347 upgrades to existing towers. We’ve also installed all GC2018 venues with corporate Wi-Fi so that GOLDOC staff, athletes, officials and Games partners can communicate and operate a successful event. Not only will these upgrades help the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games run smoothly, it’ll also benefit the local community by giving more people access to our mobile network and providing existing customers with better coverage and overall experience.


Optus Commonwealth Games Infographic GOLDOC.jpg


GC2018 will pioneer a series of “firsts” that you can look forward to. For the first time in Commonwealth Games history, there’ll be an equal number of men’s and women’s medals available and a fully-integrated Para-sports program that includes co-residence in the Athletes Village. It’s also the first time a challenger telco has been chosen to provide a full suite of telecommunication and ICT services, so we wanted to use this opportunity to showcase the incredible things you’ll be able to do on our network in the future. We’ve built a Technology Hub at Kurrawa Park where you can learn about and interact with our network, including 360° live-streaming of the GC2018 action, virtual reality soccer and AI - because no tech expo would be complete without robots, right?


The legacy of GC2018 will be to transform the Gold Coast into a truly digital city that gives future generations access to digital services on a scale unmatched by other destinations. With that in mind, we hope that our investments in the digital infrastructure help the city become a magnet for major entertainment events, education and tourism.  


And speaking of entertainment, if I had to compete in one GC2018 event, it’d be the diving. Standing on the high platform at the Optus Aquatic Centre, looking out across the Gold Coast would be an unforgettable experience, for myself…and the crowd I’m sure!


Now I’d love to hear what you think about Optus’ involvement with this year’s Games. If you have a question or comment, leave it below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


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Esteemed Contributor

Ah so the Wicked Campers are a CoW in disguise?

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New Contributor

"GC2018 will pioneer a series of “firsts”"  It's a shame that Optus wouldn't try to achieve this by actually providing customer service. First opportunity I get I'm getting the hell away from anything optus.



@Yeldarb, don't think our CoWs are quite as colourful!

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Online Community Manager

@------------, We'd hate to see you go 😞 


What's happened? You're welcome to reach out to myself or one of our other mods. We're quite active on the forum & we're more than happy to help out.


If you'd like to chat, drop us a PM. You'll just need to follow the URL I've linked below: