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27th Apr 2018, 3:12pm

Swedish-born DJ Avicii, otherwise known as Tim Bergling, began creating music in 2008 at the age of 16 when he would post his remixes of songs to online music forums.

His incredible talent quickly attracted the attention of Laidback Luke members which in turn led to his first major record deal with EMI.

Avicii was a master of pure house and trance bangers mixed with beautiful vocals that brought EDM into the mainstream and set festivals and club dancefloors alight. After his untimely passing at the age of 28 last weekend, we listened to his albums on Spotify and picked our five favourite tunes:


Levels was the career-making hit that propelled Avicii into the mainstream pop arena. Released in 2011, this club banger featuring vocals from Etta James’ “Something’s Got a Hold on Me” was the ultimate crowd-pleaser and is still an absolute classic today.

Wake Me Up feat. Aloe Blaac

Featuring unknown-at-the-time Californian vocalist Aloe Blaac, 2013’s Wake Me Up turned Blaac into an overnight sensation when the hit went #1 in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and much of Europe.

Lonely Together

With vocals from British songstress Rita Ora, Lonely Together, was the second song from Avicii’s EP, Avīci (01), released in August 2017. Ora was devastated to learn of Avicii’s passing and wrote this touching message on Twitter:




The Nights

An iconic Avicii tune released in 2015, The Nights’ lyrics were written by Nicholas Furlong as an ode to his father.

Hey Brother

When asked what his favourite track on the album True was, Avicii said: “I’d have to say ‘Hey Brother’. The bluegrass elements just have a really cool and alluring sound.” Bluegrass music traditionally has musicians playing folk songs and using acoustic instruments.

So there are our five favourites but you can also listen to Spotify’s official ‘This is Avicii’ playlist here which features all his best tracks (please note: subscriptions are required).  Stream it data free on selected Optus mobile plans.


Do you have a favourite Avicii track or iconic moment? Let us know in the comments below Smiley Happy

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by RetiredModerator LucyS
‎2018-04-29 10:57 AM

Yassss, I saw Avicii at EDC in London in 2013 and he was amazing. Wake Me Up and Levels WENT OFF Heart

by Moderator Dan_C
‎2018-04-29 11:13 AM

I never got to see him perform live @LucyS. However, I can do my own rather poor rendition of Levels on piano.

by RetiredModerator Mike-N
‎2018-04-29 12:52 PM

I've witnessed @Dan_C's rendition of Levels many times. It's quite the hit and I wouldn't describe it as 'poor'. Maybe we could record your performance and post it to YC? Let the crowd decide!


@AlistarS thoughts? 

by RetiredModerator LucyS
‎2018-04-29 01:03 PM

@Dan_C, oh wow a piano version, we HAVE to hear it. @Mike-N, please record, @AlistarS can do the vocals Smiley Wink