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The Optus Network Year In Review

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Online Community Manager
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Usain Bolt


2015 was a big year for the Optus mobile network! From faster speeds to improvements in call quality, we worked tirelessly to deliver you a better experience.  Whether you’re streaming videos or downloading your favourite content, we continued to invest in our network so you can make the most of your data. Here we take a look back to recap some of the enhancements we brought you across the year.


4G in more places


It was the year of 4G for our mobile network. Using top notch 700 MHz spectrum, we expanded our superfast 4G Plus network to more places especially in regional towns, while boosting our 4G coverage indoors in the big cities.


Our 4G Plus network is now available in all capital cities and over 700 regional and holiday towns around Australia.


Faster 4G speeds


As well as expanding our 4G coverage, we also upgraded our 4G speeds using the latest LTE Advanced technologies in selected areas in capital cities and major regional centres. This means data hungry customers with the need for speed could enjoy even faster data downloads if they have one of the latest compatible cat. 6 smartphones, like the Samsung Galaxy S6 or iPhone 6S.


Introducing 3G HD Voice and WiFi calling


Our mobile voice call quality has also improved with the introduction of 3G High Definition (HD) voice technology across our network. This delivers sharper and clearer audio for Optus to Optus mobile calls using HD Voice compatible devices.


We also introduced the WiFi Talk app* to allow Optus customers to make or receive calls and send and receive SMS on their smartphone via a WiFi connection**.  So even if you find yourself in an area with limited mobile coverage, you can stay connected.


More towers to boost coverage  


We also added hundreds of new mobile sites to our network, boosting coverage in the big cities like Canberra and Wollongong.


But don’t just take our word for it, we’ve been recognised for our network reliability by the leading independent network benchmark – 2015 P3 CommsDay Mobile Benchmark. In fact, we were ranked number one for data performance on highways.


Expanding our broadband services


When it comes to home broadband, we brought Optus broadband coverage to more Australians and continued delivering improvements to our services across the year. High speed Optus NBN is now available to more than 1.5 million homes in both regional and metropolitan areas, and we launched Optus DSL to reach more rural and outback homes.


Almost 60% of Optus ADSL2+ areas and nearly 50% of Optus Cable areas also received some sort of network upgrade in 2015.


We’ve been consistently ranked #1 in Australia on the Netflix ISP Speed Index from September to December 2015. The Speed Index measures prime time Netflix performance for internet service providers.


What’s to come in 2016


We have lots in store for our network in 2016! Expect more 4G, and for it to get faster with the latest LTE Advanced technologies – plus we’ll be launching a new technology called VoLTE, which means you’ll be able to make HD voice calls on our 4G Plus network with a compatible phone! Plus, your call will be able to connect more quickly, and you can stay on 4G when making a call and browsing the web at the same time.


Check out our latest network campaign – because when it comes to improving our network, there is no finish line.


*WiFi Talk app available for iPhone running iOS version 6.0 or above, or Android handset with version 4.0 or above.


**Subject to WiFi availability in the building/area, and firewall settings for that WiFi connection.

Respected Contributor
Respected Contributor

VoLTE sounds good to me!


VoLTE, finally! Just please don't do something stupid like limiting it to Business customers only 🙂


Sounds good to me as well guys 🙂