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The Optus Brand Refresh: Enhancing Moments That Matter

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It’s 2016. Netflix has transformed the way we watch TV, Uber has revolutionised the way we order a cab and now we want to change the way Australians view their telco.


Australians expect more from their telcos than ever before, so we’ve got to put innovation front and centre if we want to enhance those moments that matter to our customers. For us, this means a big focus on entertainment, which is why we’ve partnered with Netflix, Stan and Fetch TV and stream all Premier League matches exclusively live. As we move to become a leading entertainment provider, we needed a brand identity that could last for years, if not decades and would work strongly with content. Cue the Optus Brand Refresh of 2016.


We’ve grown up a lot since the last time we changed our look and feel in 2011 (remember our little friend Olly?) and as we make our mark as an entertainment provider, we wanted our new brand to have tonal range and look congruent with different types of content. So, say you saw the Optus branding next to something quite dark like House of Cards, something light on Comedy Central or something action-orientated like the Premier League, it would adapt to suit any form of content well. With that in mind, the first thing you’ll notice with the new branding is that our look and feel has changed dramatically; it’s quietly confident, emotive and striking. Just what we needed to amplify our content offering.




Tonally, our messaging is much more relevant, brave and grown-up.





And the ‘Yes’ mark, that represents the voice of our customers, has taken on an expression all of its own.



We’ve also partnered with brand ambassadors Usain Bolt, Mark Wahlberg, Anna Meares and Samantha Wills. Each of our ambassadors embody our commitment to relentless improvement in their own way. Take Mark Wahlberg, our SMB ambassador, for example: I think Mark resonates really well with Australian business consumers because he owns several small businesses of his own and came from humble beginnings before he found fame as a Hollywood actor.




Despite the brand refresh, one thing that will never change is our focus and commitment to customers and we want to continue enhancing those moments that matter to you; whether that’s being able to watch the Premier League on the go or being able to recharge your Prepaid phone with ease. Over the next 12 months, our plan is to continue evolving as a brand by experimenting with new partnerships and offerings that will hopefully improve your service and transform your experience with us.


Finally, I’d love to know what you think of our brand look and feel so if you have any thoughts or comments, just leave them below.

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Yes I like the logos however I can’t say I understand the change myself. If the powers to be think there is some advantage in throwing away years of brand recognition then who am I to argue. Smiley Happy

Occasional Visitor
Occasional Visitor

Yes to everything Yes to what ever except providing Visual Voice Mail which is due from last 7 Years.

Occasional Contributor
Occasional Contributor
But no visual voicemail support... -.- *slow claps*
Occasional Contributor
Occasional Contributor

Yes to buying up the EPL rights without the infrastructure to deliver it...

Yes to blackmailing EPL fans into churning their service to an inferior one...

Yes to claiming EPL is live when there's a 60 second delay...

Yes to not having an online TV guide for Optus Sport...

Yes to building an App that's not compatible with the latest technology...

Yes to blaming the host broadcaster for drop outs when the rest of the world don't seem to have the same problem...

Yes to abysmal customer service...


Yes, Optus needed a refresh... but a refresh of your infrastructure and technology... not the branding... absolute farce...


Classic Floptus... #optusout


Occasional Contributor
Occasional Contributor

 Agree with you DanSaulKnight.


Why isnt the Head of Comunication communicating?


I have never experienced a company with such poor customer sevice and support.

New Member
New Member

"one thing that will never change is our focus and commitment to customers"

This is one thing that SHOULD change, because it's woefully inadequate.  Re-branding is pointless if the service is lacking. Corin please focus instead on providing professional training to your staff so that they can ensure accurate, helpful information to customers.

New Member
New Member

Please train your staff. Invest in people instead of wasting money on celebrities. Your customer care needs to be trained hard cause they don't know rules and regulations of their company.

If one of your customer care agent is not obliging, its very easy, disconnet and call again. Second peroson will be more than happy to give you anything you need.

No one is aware of rules.




Hey Thakur, thank you for your feedback and we're sorry about your previous experiences. We can definitely pass on some feedback and we're here if you need a hand with anything at all. 

Occasional Contributor
Occasional Contributor

Yes nothing ahs changed since October 2016.


Nothinglike a loyal 12+ year customer being given really bad service. After never having an issue previously the last 6 weeks have been shocking. 4 fault nubers for a single fault the has never been fixed. Asking best time to call and not calling and if called not at the time requested. Yes Optus staff may not read, Yes Optus staff clearly are more worried about paychecks and call stats, Yes managemnt is to blame as sh** naturally flows downhilll.


Hi @Mij, it's really concerning that we've left you feeling this way about us - I apologise about that 😞

What's going on? What kind of fault are you seeing on your end there?

More than happy to have a chat about what's going on and help in any way that we can, can you please PM me with your fault reference number/account number, full name and DOB (for privacy purposes)?