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The Optus 4G Plus Network

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We’ve been putting in the hard yards to expand our 4G coverage, so that customers can enjoy faster mobile internet in more places.


Our 4G Plus network now covers over 86% of the Australian population, making 4G available in all major cities and hundreds of regional and holiday towns.


So, what does access to our 4G Plus network really mean to you? Put simply, superfast speeds. And plenty of it. We know Aussies love using data  so whether you’re watching your favourite YouTube clips, skyping your family/friends overseas or just web browsing to check the weather for the day ahead, our 4G Plus network  can speed up your experience.


4G coverage will vary depending on your handset (different handsets are compatible with different spectrum bands that our 4G Plus network uses) but the latest 4G phones can make the most of our expanding 4G Plus network.  We’ve made it easy for you to check what coverage you can expect based on the device you have now or the device you’re thinking about purchasing next. Simply head over to the coverage maps page, select the device you’re using or will be using and take a look at the coverage area(s) you’re interested in.


If there’s no 4G coverage yet, it could be coming to you soon as our 4G Plus network keeps expanding. We’ve made it easy for you to find this out as well. Towards the bottom of the map you’ll see 2 tick boxes that will allow you to see the expected covered in the next 3 or 6 months. Keep in mind that whilst we do our best to ensure the forecast information is correct, it is subject to change based on a number of factors.


So if it’s time for an upgrade head over to the online store and check out the latest handsets and plans available.

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Thanks for the info Matt. I must say I find that map very difficult to use.  It’s probably just me. Smiley Happy

Contributor danz207

Will Optus ever consider unlimited data plans? I'd never use that much, but I'd like not being limited. Honestly I'd rather my mobile data hook into my home broadband data. Sorta like what Telstra does with their public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Forums Community Manager

It's possible in the future from a mobile data perspective (obviously fixed have offers for unlimited now) but right now I'd say the capacity just isn't there. If we did it today, to much data would be consumed and we'd end up with a very congested network. 

We'll see what tomorrow holds but I'm not actually aware of anywhere in the world that offers unlimited mobile data plans yet so hopefully the technology can advance and get us there soon!

Forums Community Manager

BTW @Yeldarb, what's difficult about it? Always keen to make improvements so I'd be happy to pass any feedback onto the team responsible. 

New Contributor junw
New Contributor

So can you use 4G plus on your normal 4G plan? Also for example in Korea( I will use korea as example as they are already using 4G plus network) when you use 4G network in Korea the network status bar on your phone shows LTE or LTE+, so will 4G plus network show the difference on the phones? Now it shows 4G on your phone but will it change into 4G+ instead? 

New Member Grace212121
New Member


Forums Community Manager

@junw 4G Plus is the name we give to our entire 4G network (it's made up of multiple spectrums) so to answer your phone, yes you can access our 4G Plus network with a normal 4G plan as long as the handset/device you're using is compatible with at least one of the spectrums. 


There's more information on the 4G Plus network here and you can check coverage specifically for your handset here.


@Grace212121 I think something might have gone wrong with your post. I can only see your name at this stage sorry

Contributor rc211e

@MattJ I travel up from Wollongong on the South Coast of NSW by train most days. To be expected coverage is pretty light on through the National Park but I didn't expect the coverage from Sutherland through to Hurstville to be so random. It's hard to make calls and data drops out all the time. Is there something limiting the coverage in that area? Train travellers need 4G.

RetiredModerator Raz

It could be environmental interference around the train line itself, do you notice the same problem when you're driving in the same area rc211e?

Contributor rc211e

I don't drive in the area just pass through in train. Phone works acceptably in train in many other areas including Kiama, Shell Harbour, North Wollongong  and Thirroul. It's Sutherland thru Hurstville which is rubbish.

Moderator Marie

Thanks for the extra info rc211e,


I can see that we have some new 4G towers coming along the train line from Sutherland to South Hurstville in the next 3 to 6 months.


We absolutely understand the need for commuters to have access to 4G & we're certainly working on getting that available for you.


Let us know how you go in the coming months

Contributor rc211e

@Marie Thanks looking forward to the new towers and better reception

Occasional Contributor viewer
Occasional Contributor
I am confused over the Optus 4g Plus network and prepaid mobile phones available at Optus. On Optus web pages I have found these mobiles at these prices: 4G ALCATEL PIXI 4.5 has these 4G bands...700/1800/1900/2100//2600 MHz ....$69 Samsung Galaxy J1 has these 4G bands...700/ 900/ 1800/ 2100/2300/2600 MHz..$139 4G HTC DESIRE 520 has these 4G bands...700/850/900/1800/2100/2600 MHz..$199 As you can see, they all do different bands of 4G This page says they are all 4G Plus capable. Tongueremob:xsell:redesignSmiley TonguerepaidSmiley Tonguehone From information I have read, Optus 4G uses the 2300MHz band in city areas to bring faster speeds. I am told 2300MHz can do 12/1 mbps and 700MHz only does 5/1mbps. In the 3 phones above, only the Samsung Galaxy J1 has the 4G band of 2300MHz listed amongst those available. So, if my information is correct, how would the two other mobile phones get the 2300MHz fast speeds, and why are they still referred to as "4G Plus"? Thank you John
RetiredModerator Ge0ff

Hi @viewer, I can understand the confusion between the difference between 4G and 4G plus - the information regarding the 2300mhz getting speeds of up to 12/1mbps and 700mhz only at 5/1mbps applies to the Home Wireless Broadband service. The 2300mhz and 700mhz speeds are different on a mobile service and may exceed 12/1 depending on the area you are in. Back to the main question, all 3 handsets you listed are compatible with 4G plus - 4G plus uses 700mhz, 1800mhz, 2100mhz, 2300mhz and 2600mhz frequency bands. The difference is the technology, 4G plus uses a combination of frequency bands to provide coverage and capacity for a better experience which result in faster speeds for streaming and downloading larger files.