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The Note20 Ultra Camera review

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Retired Employee
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The hero flagship of Samsung’s Note series – the Note20 Ultra 5G is packed with notable features: including a new and improved S PEN along with a plethora of fun new air gestures, an eye catching 6.9” 120Hz display and an array of triple lens cameras which sounded too fun not to try out. So, we present our review of the Note20 Ultra 5G camera.

Now, given the current circumstances in Melbourne at the time of writing, I haven’t exactly been given the chance to capture as many diverse shots as I’d like, but there was still ample opportunity to demonstrate the Note20 Ultra’s triple array setup (and have a blast doing it).

So, let’s start. The first thing you’ll notice is the Ultras bulging triple lens boxed array of lenses. Although it may appear slightly daunting for some, it’s a necessity considering the amount of effort Samsung have devoted to producing an almost pro-grade camera setup.

Getting to know the Note20 Ultra 5G lenses

Samsung have delivered on a 108MP primary camera, the same primary camera that was featured on the S20 Ultra; however, this time round we now see Samsung integrate auto laser focus, which has addressed concerns over the auto focusing issue that slightly hindered the S20 Ultra, something that’s visibly noticeable when trying to take a quick snap.

Next up, we have the Optical image stabilisation (IOS), to mitigate against the shakiness that leads to motion blur. Next we have the ultra wide-angle 12MP camera, and a 5x optical telephoto 12MP camera. The ultra-wide-angle camera allows you to capture 120-degree field of vision, allowing you fit in much more in the frame and the hero of the bunch the - 12MP Telephoto with up to 5x optical zoom and 50x Hybrid(space) Zoom. Lastly, there’s the MP front selfie camera.

Getting hands on with the Note20 Ultra 5G camera

If you’re technical with cameras on smart phones there’s a bunch of manual settings you can adjust like the ISO, shutter speed, white balance and more! The standard user interface is simple enough to use, with a quick tap of a button, you can shift between ultra-wide, wide (the primary lens) and telephoto. 


Day light photos with the Note2020 Ultra

The Note2020 Ultra makes shooting in the day easy, with its large sensor pulling enough light to create sharp images that aren’t overly saturated and appear far more natural then s predecessors. With the addition of the Ultra’s laser focusing tool, focusing on the subject is much faster and produces much clearer images.


Getting my zoom on with the telephoto lens

For me, using the 5x Optical and 50x Hybrid telephoto lens was a definite favourite. I was able to capture objects at a distance while still being able to make out the detail of the subject. However, I did find zooming in beyond 15 times did cause the image to degrade in quality, (this can vary depending on lighting conditions). 

I was also able to capture some great up-close shots, almost simulating a macro lens, revealing detail that’d otherwise be left out of the image. Granted, the images aren’t as sharp as macro lens, but we achieved some pretty awesome results considering.

The telephoto lens is intended to take to snaps of images from afar and it’d be a hard to find a more capable phone then the Note20 Ultra. You can zoom to 0.5x, 1x, 2x, 4x, 5x, 10x, 20x, and 50x using on-screen buttons on the camera UI. Alternately, you can drag the slider up and down to find the right amount of zoom for the shot. Here’s a few of our examples below:


Final verdict

For the premium price tag, you get what you’re given, and that’s a premium smart phone camera. An interface that’s incredibly easy to use and three incredibly fun lenses that’ll allow you to add a bit of creative flair to your photography or videography (if that’s your thing). The Note20 Ultra 5G gets a double ticket of approval.