The New Optus Prepaid Daily 3G

by Online Community Manager
Posted by (Online Community Manager)
24th Jul 2018, 6:42pm

From the 26th of August, if you’re currently on the $2 Days 3G Ready plan you will be migrated to our new Optus Prepaid Daily 3G service. This new service will give you Unlimited 3G data every day, for an increase of a dollar a day.

We appreciate that this may cause you some inconvenience, and will ensure that any MyCredit and expiry you have on the 26th of August will be carried over to your New Optus Prepaid Daily 3G plan. We would also like to give you additional credit to cover your plan changes until your next recharge.


Q: Am I eligible for a refund?
A: If you were on a $2 Days 3G Ready Plan, as of the 23/07/18, you will be eligible to refund the value of your previous recharge amount. You must still be on either the $2 Days 3G Ready plan or the Optus Prepaid Daily 3G at the time you request your refund to be eligible. Additionally, you must also be cancelling or porting your service to be eligible for a refund.

Please note that a refund can only be made if your most recent recharge was made on the 25/08/18 or earlier. 

Q: Where can I request a refund?
A: You are able to request a refund via the webchat link on the notification page.

Q: I want to move to the new Optus Prepaid Daily 3G, do I need to do anything?

A: No action is required. From 26/08/18 you will automatically be switched to the new plan. We’ll send you an SMS confirming once this has been completed.

Q: Will my service be interrupted?

A: No, you can keep using your phone as usual and you won’t notice the switch. Once the updates have been made, we’ll send you an SMS to confirm.

Q: The expiry of my current recharge falls beyond the date the plans change. Will my plan change before the expiry of my current recharge?

A: Yes, the changes made on 26/08/18 will apply to all customers and any active recharge they have. Any MyCredit and expiry you have on 26/08/18 will be carried over to the new or updated plan on this date and you will also receive an additional credit of 50% of your balance taken at 24/08/18, or if you wish to cancel your service, you are entitled to a refund of your previous recharge.

Q: I want a refund on my existing MyCredit balance. How do I do this?

A: You can request a refund via the link sent in the SMS notification. Click the webchat link at the bottom of the page to speak with the Customer Service Team for more info and to see if you are eligible.

Q: What is the difference between the $2 Days 3G Ready plan and the Optus Prepaid Daily 3G?

A: The Optus Prepaid Daily 3G has a daily usage fee of $3/day which has been increased from the $2/day usage fee of the $2 Days 3G Ready plan. All other rates and inclusions on Optus Prepaid Daily 3G are the same as the $2 Days 3G Ready plan.

Q: Am I able to change to a different plan?

A: Yes, you can change to any of our in-market plans:

  1. Optus Prepaid Epic Data
  2. Optus Prepaid Epic Value
  3. My Prepaid Long Expiry
  4. My Prepaid Daily Plus

Q: How do I change my plan to another Prepaid Mobile plan?

A: SMS the word ‘MENU’ to 9999 and follow the prompts. You will receive an SMS once your plan change is complete.

Q: What plan would you recommend I change to?

A: Our new Optus Prepaid Epic Data plans offers loads of data inclusions and international calls. For example, get 5GB of standard data on $30 recharges, plus up to 10GB streaming data to use on Netflix, Stan, ABC iview, ABC ME and ABC kids. Streaming requires a positive MyCredit balance. Subscriptions required.

Our Optus Prepaid Epic Value plan gives you 42 days expiry with unlimited Talk & Text on $30+ recharges. Great if you want longer expiry and value.

Please comment below if you have any further questions Smiley Happy

by New Member Daniel935
‎2018-07-24 11:32 PM

Ridiculous 50% increase in price. Changing to Vodafone 4g unlimited 10 times faster. I would not recommend Optus again.

by New Member Daniel935
‎2018-07-24 11:56 PM

I have been with Optus for over 15 years.

by New Contributor Rebrab001
‎2018-07-25 09:51 AM
Got a SMS yesterday to say that Optus is changing the plan. Can they force you to do that? Didn't we enter into a contract when we signed up on the $2 day plan?
by Occasional Visitor Leighman
‎2018-07-28 10:21 AM
Time to move to Telstra. Thanks for nothing Optus. Forcing a plan change on us which costs more but delivers the same. Might be time to go to Fair Trading...
by New Contributor Rebrab001
‎2018-07-29 03:53 PM
It makes you wonder why they would do this. With Optus increasing the price to $90 per 30 days and still only using the 3G network, didn't they realise that their customers would move to Telstra or Vodafone who have unlimited data, calls and text using the 4G network for around $70 per month? As a customer for 25 years with Optus, this is unacceptable. Time to move on.
by Visitor xfabbyx
‎2018-07-31 01:13 PM

I have been on the 3g $2 day for at least 6 years now. Obviously cause I love the unlimited data. One thing I have to say  is it's never been slow and it's never been capped. I think for this price it's still a pretty good deal. Sure, you can go to a 4G unlimited data plan somewhere else.. But I can almost bet they will slow you down after a certain data quota.

I checked out some of those plans.. it's still a NO GO ZONE for me.


Im sticking to my 3G plan as you will not get another plan anywhere else like this.

I bet those who close or cancel their accounts will do regretably later on.

Yes, its going to cost me an extra dollar a day, but thats ok.. still works out checper

compared to what you get Smiley Wink



by New Contributor Rebrab001
‎2018-07-31 03:11 PM
Hi xfabbyx, are you or your family an Optus employee? Yes Telstra and Vodafone do cap their unlimited plans. Telstra at 30GB and Vodafone at 60GB So you get all that at 4G speeds and then unlimited at 3G speeds. Even if it wasn't 4G, it is still unlimited 3G. I don't see how Optus works out cheaper compared to that. We all have the free will to choose what telco and plan suits us. If you want to stay with Optus, that's OK - I respect that. As for me, I will be moving telco's.
by Visitor xfabbyx
‎2018-07-31 03:53 PM

Lol no I'm not an employee of Optus or either of my family.. Unless they want to offer me a job lol. And yes capped at 1.5.. That's hardly 3g speeds.. My speeds are constant. Up to 15mps but most times about 10 and over, always have been.  You can go on telstras $199 monthly plan if you don't want any yea, as I said.. I'm sticking to my plan.. 6 years on and still working fine. 

Good luck with yours.. Hope it all works out.

I'm just stating my opinion just as everyone else is. Cheers Smiley Wink 

by New Member posco
‎2018-08-01 07:01 PM

Im gonna chime in here...


xfabbyx is right. Reason is those other plans from vodaphone or telstra are only offering after the cap 1.5MBPS. Read that properly...not 1.5MBS its 1.5mbps that is like nothing. Our 3g plans are on average about 20MBPS...mine hits about 1.9MBS. That little P makes all the difference. Read the vodaphone one "Speed capped to 1.5Mbps after 40GB". You are gonna feel it. Honestly it sux we are the only country in the world without decent telcos. But we are a huge country with no people in it, so we will never see decent competition rates in our lifetime.

by New Contributor Rebrab001
‎2018-08-03 11:56 AM

Hello Optus,

I tried to get the refund as per the above questions. After a very long chat session which I got the run around, the call person finally acknowledged that I would get a refund of my last recharge amount. I asked how that was going to happen. His reply, "it will be credited to your account". I asked how is this possible since I don't have an account, I'm prepaid, and I'm porting to Telstra? There reply was that it will be credited to my phone number.

I was typing a response when the call person disconnected the live chat.

After spending so much time chatting, I was a little upset about this.

Plan B. Call the customer support number. I followed the prompts, entered my number and was told that a text was sent and they disconnected the call. Clicking on the link took me to the Optus live chat function! Ahhhh!!!

I phoned the customer care (that's a joke) number again and this time I entered all zeros for my number and eventually got through to a real person.

After the same run around as the live chat, I was told that some department would be in touch with 3 to 5 days. They wouldn't give me a direct number to contact them in case they didn't contact me. I have to go through the same frustrating methods to get back in touch.

Optus, you have convinced me that I have made the right decision to leave.