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Welcome to the new look Community! We're still upgrading and making some changes to the platform over the coming weeks! Stay tuned.

The My Optus app is Getting a Makeover

Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager
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my optus app banner.png


We’re giving the My Optus app a whole new look and improving some functions while we’re at it. You’ll notice the changes as soon as you open the updated app. The home screen has a completely new feel with new options at the bottom of the screen for you to track your data usage, pay bills or recharge, and take advantage of Optus Perks. You will also notice improved navigation throughout the app as well as things like new fonts and layouts to coincide with our refreshed brand.


We’ve also made changes to the way our data usage screen looks and works to make things even easier for our customers.

From our 4.19 update you'll be able to edit and update your personal details and billing information on the App.


Post Paid:


For Postpaid customers, the data usage meter will show you how much data you have used over your included allowance along with a message under the usage meter to let you know exactly how much data is left. If you’ve exceeded your limit and had an extra 1GB added for $10, there will also be a message to indicate this has happened along with more information being available when clicking within the round usage meter.


Here’s some examples of how the usage meter works & how it looks on the new My Optus app with one of our plans.


my optus app usage.png


For those of you who data pool, you’ll have the ability to see a combined total of how much data is available within the data pool along with how much has been used. If you select the Usage Details option at the bottom, you’ll be provided with information on which mobile service number has used what amount of data (as long as you’re logged in).


my optus app datapool.png



In update 4.19 you're now able to use the My Optus App for updating your personal details and information. You can now edit your:


- Login email address
- Contact email address
- Street address
- Contact phone number


Once you've submitted a change to your detials it will be sent across to be verified and you'll be updated once the change goes through.



For Prepaid customers, your data usage meter will show you the amount of data you have left from your last recharge. For instance, if you are on the Prepaid Ultimate plan and you have been using your data allowance for the recharge period, it will show how much data you have left and how many days you have remaining to use your data. Please note that the usage meter will change depending on what Prepaid plan you’re on. For example, our current My Prepaid Long Expiry plan doesn’t come with included data but instead is charged at 5c per MB and as such, the usage meter will reflect your ‘My Credit’ amount left and the days remaining before expiry. For the My Prepaid Daily Plus plan, the usage meter will show the amount of data left for that day.  Here’s what it’ll look like for some of our common plans.


my optus app prepaid.png




AutoRecharge makes it easy to stay on top of your plan. Just set up the amount and how often you’d like to recharge.  The first recharge will happen immediately as part of the set up process, so you may want to set up your AutoRecharge close to the expiry date of your current recharge.


Auto-Recharge appears in the sub menu of Recharge.


my optus app autorecharge.png


Want more?


We’ve also added the ability for users to download the PDF copy of their bill directly through the My Optus app. This will make it even easier to review and pay your bill on the go.


If you aren’t already taking advantage of the My Optus app and want to, make sure you download it from the App Store for iOS devices or the Google Play Store for Android devices.


app store.pngplay store.png


If you have any feedback on the My Optus app or suggestions on what you’d like added, please comment below.

Occasional Contributor taidenn
Occasional Contributor

Hi there,

We've been asking for this for a while.. but when is the Windows App coming out? We're not feeling the love out there... Smiley Sad

Blog Author

Hey @taidenn - thanks for posting! I'll pass on your feedback to our Web Developers about the app not being available for Windows phones. We'll let you know if this does become available in the future.

Contributor Nvier

Definitely a great and much needed make over. Loving the update already!

Blog Author

Appreciate the fantastic feedback @NvierSmiley Happy

Occasional Contributor MahdiH
Occasional Contributor

New app is terrible! Billing never works and always shows an error. It's extremly slow. UI looks ok but not easy to use at all! If you want to know how bad it is, just take a look at reviews on Google Play

Old version was much faster and had a nicer and easier to use UI and it in fact worked!

RetiredModerator Serena

Shame to hear you say that @MahdiH, there was a couple of issues when it was released however, since then most have been fixed. Was there something in particular that's not working for you?

Occasional Contributor MahdiH
Occasional Contributor

@Serena Except for the fact that new app is slow and the is not easy to use, I cannot see my usage at all. It just says: "A system error has occured. Please try again at a later time."

I tried uninstall/reinstall/reboot/clean/... several times without any success. 


PS: It's really amazing how everybody on Google Play is complaining about the same thing and still you say that errors have been fixed! Makes me wonder how many errors you initially had when you published the app! Did you even test your app before publishing it? 


RetiredModerator Serena

Just to confirm, have you entered in your email/account number in the login section of the App? 

Occasional Contributor MahdiH
Occasional Contributor

@Serena logging in doesn't solve the issue either. Also for the previous app, I never had to enter my email address to see billing info. 

RetiredModerator Serena

I'm only just asking questions @MahdiH since I'm not sure why type of trouble shooting you've done, have you already reported your difficulties to our tech team? 

Occasional Contributor MahdiH
Occasional Contributor

@Serena I don't know how I should report my issues. There's no such option in the app. In Google Play there's so much negative reviews that Optus stopped replying to the comments a week ago! And I can't use "Feedback" option in the app because (surprise, surprise!) it's broken!

Moderator Aman_B

Hey @MahdiH, I've replied to your other post. 

New Contributor grc
New Contributor

I have no option but to move to Kogan Mobile to control data. Optus delays data usage notifications and no app for 950xl (Windows 10) make it completely impossible to benefits from total data on my plan. On Kogan (Vodafone 4G) prepaid 1 year for $370.93 I will get 12GB every 30 days (unlimited calls / messages) with no excess data (data stopped until next 30 day block). Extra 2GB data pack for $15 manually purchased is available.
Optus should let the customer decided to go to next 1GB. Plus we would get to use all of our data without going over and getting delayed notifications. I have been with Optus for around 9 years after switching from Telstra. Leaving because Optus does not care about the financial stress they inflict on my customers.

RetiredModerator Esther

Sorry you feel this way grc - we believe our plans are offering great value in the current market place and the variety suits every budget. If you'd like us to have a look at your individual plan and options available to you, feel free to private message us your info! 

New Member Heni
New Member

Been trying for nearly an he to get my bill v an payments to come up

Moderator Shauna

@Heni Is this the first time you've used the updated version of the app? Shauna