Tell Us: How do you get the most out of Spotify?

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16th Oct 2018, 3:48pm

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Hi everyone, I’m @Kara_YC – the newest Yes Crowd team member. This is my first blog post to go live on Yes Crowd and I’m excited to see what you think. Happy reading! 😊


Spotify has changed the way we listen to music, but there’s so much more to this streaming service than just hearing your favourite tracks. Whether it’s relaxing with an audiobook on the commute to work, laughing along to stand-up comedy, or using the app’s meditation playlists for a good night’s sleep, us Yes Crowders like to get the most out of Spotify.


I’ve asked the team to reveal the hidden gems they’ve discovered on Spotify, so I could share the results with you.




Nothing brightens up a rainy day for Felicity like having a giggle to stand-up comedy on Spotify. The service features plenty of go-to big name comedians like Chris Rock and Billy Connolly, but Felicity has discovered even more comedy gold from others like John Mulaney, Mike Birbiglia, Patton Oswalt, Tig Notaro and Bo Burnham.


Felicity also likes to wind down using Spotify’s selection of meditation features. The ASMR sleep sounds and guided meditation playlists have been keeping her particularly Zen lately.




Megan’s greatest discovery on Spotify was the ‘Word’ section. Here you can find college lectures, speeches, short stories, poetry, old radio shows, podcasts and more – it has everything Megan needs when she isn’t in the mood for music. One of her favourite ways to relax after an intense sweat session at the gym is with a TED Talk or podcast.




Dan’s favourite feature on Spotify is Time Capsule. It creates personalised music playlists based on a musical era of his choice. So when Dan wakes up with an 80’s vibe, he can listen to two hours of iconic throwback jams from this time.


As a music buff Dan also often checks out the Artist Speaks playlist, where he can hear from some of his favourite musicians on how they created their albums and the meaning behind their music.




Who doesn’t love to put their detective hat on and dive into the middle of a murder mystery? Luckily for Ray, there’s a long list of true crime podcasts on Spotify to satisfy this need. Ray is currently hooked on ‘Casefile’, but also enjoys some more light-hearted podcasts like ‘Stuff You Should Know’ and ‘Reply All’.




Alistar recently discovered the language learning feature on Spotify and can’t wait to become a master linguist. Tres bien! French, Spanish Greek, Italian, Hebrew and so many more – the possibilities are endless. He’ll be fluent by the time his next overseas trip comes around.




As a bookworm I love the collection of classic literature audiobooks Spotify has to offer, from Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’ to HG Wells’ ‘The War of the Worlds’. After reading off a computer screen all day at work, I love that I can give my eyes a rest with an audiobook. I’m currently listening to F Scott Fitzgerald’s ‘The Great Gatsby’ to pass the time on my bus ride to and from work.


We’re always looking for more to listen to on Spotify and would love to know what features you’ve discovered. Tell us in the comments below 😊

by Blog Author Kara_YC
‎2018-10-15 03:55 PM

As promised, my first blog post! Would love to know what you think - @Davelew @Paddylee @MiCCAS @SillyGogo @caaf Smiley Very Happy




by RetiredModerator Felicity_YC
‎2018-10-15 04:03 PM

*Currently listening to ASMR* 


Congrats on blog number 1 @Kara_YC

by Online Community Manager
‎2018-10-15 04:10 PM

Stuff You Should Know: We love that @Kara_YC has joined our team! Looking forward to many more awesome blogs to come Smiley Very Happy

by Trusted Contributor
‎2018-10-16 06:17 PM

If you go into an artist you like, click on "Fans Also Like" button.

Have found all sorts through that.

by Crowd Champion Davelew
‎2018-10-16 07:35 PM

Not bad, well pretty good @Kara_YC.

Onwards and upwards from here for you.

I am a little worried about the whole Yes Crowd team spending too much time listening to Spotify and not sweating  their socks off for Optus.

There is me can only afford one music streaming service and I subscribe to Google Music because it seems to work better with both my Google home speakers and my car audio system, Ford synch 3.

Anyway I do prefer to laze on my sofa with a good book. That way in my grandpa snooze I just drop the book on the floor rather than strangling myself with the cord from my headphones. Don't understand Bluetooth or all this modern tech.



by Crowd Champion SillyGogo
‎2018-10-16 09:25 PM

Looking good @Kara_YC 


For me Spotify is the only subscription I have that works on the Google Home Mini. It is also one of the streaming services that is not blocked at work. The people in the IT department must have a Spotify subscriptions. 


My heavy lifters are Mood and Study playlist at work and Hong Kong music in the car. At home Children Pop play list.


Tidal is my go to services when I listen to higher bit rate files. 

by Crowd Champion SillyGogo
‎2018-10-16 09:38 PM

@Felicity_YC a bit of comedy goes a long way, might try it out in while I am in the car instead of "Rage against the machine". 


@Megan_YC TED is really good and ingaging. Look for one of the session about "is hypnosis fake" and "how to start a movement.


@Dan_C Wow didn't know that you are into music that much. Is that why you have an iPOD  and is that why you are trapped in that eco system? Have you tried Tidal? Althought the libriary isn't as large or fast to bring out new songs compare with Spotify. I found the sound quality is much better. 


@Ray_YC That is cool, didn't know such playlist is on Spotify. 


@AlistarS Give us a few works from your training. 


@Kara_YC Wish they have Spotify back in my school days, reading thos Jane Austin books for home work was like relearning English all over. 

by Crowd Champion Davelew
‎2018-10-16 07:45 AM

Hi @SillyGogo

Not on the subject of Spotify but Google home speakers 

I can't stream BBC Radio 4 or other BBC radio station on both the Google home or the Google home Mini. I have reported this to Google and also spoken to their support. They say it is a reported

problem with some speakers, could you try to stream BBC Radio and tell me if you have the same issue?



by Crowd Champion SillyGogo
‎2018-10-16 08:09 AM

Hi @Davelew,


Shall test it out when I am home tonight. 



by RetiredModerator Megan_YC
‎2018-10-16 08:43 AM

@SillyGogo thanks so much for the suggestions! I'll definitely give those a listen Smiley Very Happy

by Blog Author Kara_YC
‎2018-10-16 08:55 AM

@SillyGogo and @Davelew glad you both enjoyed the article Smiley Happy
I couldn't agree more, Audibooks would certainly have been so useful during high school English!

by RetiredModerator Felicity_YC
‎2018-10-16 09:55 AM

I highly reccomend John Mulaney 'Salt and Pepper Diner' to start with @SillyGogo


Good tip @Paddylee, I'll have a dig. 

by Moderator Dan_C
‎2018-10-16 03:26 PM

@SillyGogoWhat's an iPod, is that like a discman? 

by Crowd Champion SillyGogo
‎2018-10-16 03:37 PM

@Dan_C just like the boombox or ghetto blaster or a Sony Walkman. All portable music player. 

by Moderator Dan_C
‎2018-10-16 03:52 PM

Ah, that'll go perfectly with my MiniDisc player! 

by Crowd Champion SillyGogo
‎2018-10-16 05:07 PM

@Dan_C yes, it will go well with the minidisc player. Did you have the desktop or the portable version? My portable version has normal AA and the Wrigleys chewing gum style rechargeable battery, the only draw back is I have to use a 110v step down transformer. My desktop player is also my first optical disc writer. 

by Crowd Champion SillyGogo
‎2018-10-17 10:06 PM

@Davelew, sorry for the late reply. Been a long day. Anyhow, I've tested the Google home mini and BBC 1 and BBC 4 works for me

by Crowd Champion Davelew
‎2018-10-17 06:45 AM

Thanks @SillyGogo.   My thought was that some speakers would work and some not as Google wete very insistant on obtaining the cast firmware no of the speakers.

Wait and see what comes up but interesting I can stream the BBC stations by casting from my phone.