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Talking About Network Congestion

Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager
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It’s no secret that telecommunications networks right around the world operate at a variety of speeds. Irrespective of what internet service provider (ISP) a customer uses, they can reasonably expect bandwidth changes at certain points during their time with that provider- that’s just the nature of how fixed and mobile networks operate, including here in Australia.


We understand that at times, some customers can have a variation in experience on our network and it’s important we all understand how and why this can occur.


Are streaming services causing congestion on my fixed Network?


With multiple streaming services launching in 2015 it heralded a dramatic shift in how Australians consume their entertainment.  With subscription videos on demand (SVODs) including Netflix, Stan and Presto now it’s so much easier for everyone to watch the shows and movies they want, whenever they want!


Since April 2015, Optus has seen a 50% increase in broadband traffic. This is largely attributed to traffic growth from streaming services and general internet usage.


Factors that determine the experience of individual households can include:


  • The network type (ADSL 2+, Cable or NBN),
  • The type of modem being used,
  • The distance of a household from the network exchange (which affects how far data has to travel)
  • The number of concurrent users on the network.
  • In-home wiring requiring maintenance from an electrical tradesperson

Network Optimization


We actively monitor our network to optimise performance and ensure we’re investing in the right technologies and in the right geographical areas. This year, Optus will invest more than $1.8 billion in its mobile and fixed networks.


We’ve topped Netflix’s ISP speed index for the fourth month in a row


As a result of our dedication to our networks and our customers, Optus has continued to top Netflix’ ISP index which measures prime time performance of Netflix. This is a big win, as we continue to demonstrate to customers that we are serious about being number one for entertainment!


Tips to maximise your available bandwidth


With so many Aussies doing more online, often at the same time across multiple devices, there are times when speeds may be slower than normal. There are lots of reasons that speed can be an issue and below are some tips that you can try to help troubleshoot your connection.




  • The best spot for your modem is in the middle of the house, off the floor & in the open with antenna’s facing up
  • Keep your modem away from appliances like cordless phones, baby monitors & microwaves which can impact your modem’s signal
  • Switch your modem off and on every couple of days to help reduce network drop-outs.



  • Switch off non-essential devices connected to help speed up your internet service
  • Minimise the use of WiFi during times of high usage. Connect your devices (computer, gaming system or laptop) straight to your modem with an Ethernet cable
  • Lower the resolution of SVOD & streaming services to SD
  • Auto-stream, game, cloud & system back-up and download in non-peak times.


  • Disable WiFi on your modem/router
  • Disconnect all Ethernet cables from your modem/router except to the primary computer
  • Disable all Peer-to-Peer activity
  • Disable any streaming (i.e. YouTube)
  • Disable any third party software
  • Disable firewall/security software
  • Run speed test from

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