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Switching from iOS to Android

Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager
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You’ve been using iOS for a long time and have decided to make the big switch across to Android. Perhaps you just got your hands on the latest Samsung or Oppo? Here is our quick guide to help you make the smooth transfer across to start enjoying your new device.

Samsung (see other manufacturers below):

Get prepared:

  • Make sure both devices are connected to Wi-Fi
  • Have both your new Samsung device and your iOS device charged up

The quickest way to get going with your new Samsung device is connecting the two devices by cable to transfer information across. You’ll need an On The Go (OTG) connector which comes in the box with Note and Galaxy S devices and a lightning cable from the iOS device that is capable of transferring data. Some USB cables are only designed for charging, so it's best to use the cable that came with the device.

1. OTG adaptor

Plug the OTG adaptor into the Samsung device.

2. Smartswitch app

Open the Smartswitch app on your Samsung device. It comes preloaded on your device, but if you can't find it download it from the Google Play Store or Galaxy Apps.

3. Lightning cable

Connect the two phones with a lightning cable. If nothing happens at first, try to unplug and reconnect the iOS device a couple of times for it to recognise the connection. When prompted, select Trust to begin.

4. Follow the prompts

Follow the prompts on the Smartswitch app to transfer your data.

5. Start transferring

Once the app finishes searching your iOS device, you'll be presented with different categories to select what content to copy. Select the content to transfer and select TRANSFER at the bottom to start the process. Once the transfer has started you are free to use the Samsung device as normal; it will run in the background unless you close the app. When the process is completed you’ll see an overview of what’s been transferred and have options including disable iMessage, back up to Samsung Cloud and download recommended apps.

Google Pixel:

Here is the guide for transferring data from an iPhone to a Pixel.


Here is the guide for transferring data to a Huawei.


Here is the guide for transferring data from an iPhone to an Oppo smartphone.

Need further help?

If for some reason things didn’t go too smoothly, head straight to Samsung’s website for further options, troubleshooting steps and to contact Samsung Support if needed.
Pixel, Huawei and Oppo all have easily located links to contact their support teams on their respective guide pages.

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thank you for it, but im a Android user already