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Sony Xperia Z5 Premium Review

Crowd Champion caaf
Crowd Champion
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The Unboxing


Can I start by saying, “NOICE”!


This versatile smartphone came in a subtle box with the phone being the first thing you see upon opening. Under the phone you’ll find three further boxes consisting of a Start-up Guide (and disclaimer), a charger and an OTG cable and headphones. I think supplying a factory OTG cable is a great way to start so you can start interacting with your new hardware straight away.




Things I love about the phone:


  • Two stage shutter button
  • Clear and crisp LCD screen
  • A good raised edge around the LCD for a decent amount of protection
  • Great screen size for browsing and reading email
  • Ability to set how wifi data will be used
  • Great sounding, easy fitting headphones
  • Single tray for both SIM and SD card


Screen size/resolution


The dramatic screen size and design details are a good balance for what I would call a “phablet”.  I'm very excited to work my way around most of the functions.


Single Tray for SIM & SDcards 


I like the idea of the single tray for both SIM and SDcards as it will make life easier for future removal/insertions. Also having a device that supports up to 200GB in additional memory is certainly a step in the right direction.




One of the functions of the phone I also particularly like is the quick access to the camera as it's very much like a traditional point and shoot. The phone quickly changes from standby to the main lock screen then to the active camera and then you’re ready. For further convenience with a change in the settings it can take either a pic or video straight up. Here are a couple of photos I took with this beast: 


Tap pic Z5P.jpg


 Mushroom pic Z5P2.jpg


4K Videos


As for the 4K video capability, there isn’t much I can talk because I have nothing that can play them besides the phone itself. I will say a 20 second video will take up around 130MB of storage so I’m really glad you can purchase 200GB micro SD cards! My only gripe with the Z5 Premium is the lens/image wash out mainly towards the LHS top/bottom of the image. However, the positives far outweigh any negatives and I think the forum would break if I started listing all the things I loved about the phone.




Disclaimer: The views expressed in the below review are my own and do not represent those of Optus or its staff, however this post has been edited for readability purposes by the Yes Crowd team.

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Ah maybe the next bonus that comes with a new phone will be a decent laptop so we can play those damn 4K videos. Smiley Very Happy

Crowd Champion caaf
Crowd Champion

Ha ha.. Totally agree! I know my eyes are failing but they still can notIce when somethings not working right. It was interesting to see my little blue ray try and play 4K. It gave it a go but with all its stuttering and what looked like six videos trying to play at once in smaller boxes i knew 4K isn't backwards compatable Smiley Tongue

Super Contributor
Super Contributor

Nice review from an owner's prespective. I have an older Z2 and am finding it hard to justify upgrading. It's a really well designed mobile, and now it's updated to the latest version of Android the battery life is basically amazing. The Z5/Z5 Premium is tempting though. Some additional notes:


1. Photo quality - like mine I will assume that yours is defaulting to a lower quality image (8MB or so) - it uses some special alogorithms to squeeze a little better image out of the photo in some circumstances - eg when using the digital zoom. You need to manually force it to use the full resolution, and it's not an option available in all modes. When I do want to get the best out of the camera, though, I force it into the higher resolution mode. Most of the time, though, the defaults are fine. Oh, and as an aside, I love the timeshift burst mode - click the button and it saves a stack of images before and after you pressed the button. Great to get that perfect expression, as well as to make an animated image.


2. Water proof - I would never take my mobile under water intentionally. I have a dedicated waterproof camera to do that, and frankly it would take better images. I do however like the idea that if my mobile is sitting on a table and someone spills water on it - and yes that's happened to me - it's quite likely that the mobile will keep working. I think of it like having, for example, a rugged camera. Just because it's capable of being dropped 2M onto concrete doesn't mean I'll intentionally go out and do that!



Crowd Champion caaf
Crowd Champion

Thanks for your interest and comments.


Totally understand the defaulting resolution, however it seems to stick once changed, mind can't say I've check with a power cycle. Having a demo version I wonder if there has been a lens corrections as I do find what I think is a heavy amount of pixel extrapolation with its images,  especially on the LHS outside what seems its focus range.


Totally agree with its IP68 rating and G-Shock. Use that figure wisely and heavily lean towards accidental immersion. Use the tool for its intended use.

Visitor Rharni4

I was super excited to get this phone home and that's where the excitement ended. I HATE this phone. you can't hear it ring. The vibration, although set to max, is like it's not on at all so I'm constantly missing phone calls. The fingerprint scanner only works about 30% of the time. I've taken it back in to the Optus shop and emailed Sony only to be told 'There's nothing wrong with it' Yes the camera's great but that's not enough to make me happy. I'm going back to Samsung.