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Setting up the future for Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO’s) in Australia

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Recently, Optus Wholesale announced the launch of Voice-over Long-Term Evolution (VoLTE) and Wi-Fi Calling for Wholesale Postpaid Service Providers accessing the Optus 4G network, an Australian mobile network operator first.

This capability will be made available to Optus Postpaid MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) partners, as part of our commitment and support of the Wholesale mobile market.   

The forward-thinking product enhancement and reliability of the Optus Mobile Network creates trust with MVNOs, knowing that they have a partner that is constantly innovating and delivering new features. This means our partners can focus their priorities on where they are needed most to drive growth - seamless day-to-day operations, sales, marketing and customer service.  

Ultimately, we want to set the foundation for strong and successful brands to deliver the best products, by empowering them with the technology that enables them to meet the demands of their customers and the market.  

How VoLTE benefits customers 

VoLTE allows users to make and receive calls over the 4G network, utilising 4G technology, without falling back to 3G when a call connection takes place. 

Before VoLTE, a customer’s 4G device would switch back to the Optus 3G network when a call was in progress. The adoption of VoLTE means data and voice calls will use the Optus 4G network simultaneously - without the need for the switch to take place.  

This means customers will experience quicker connection to voice calls, while being able to have background data tasks open and functioning effectively while a call is taking place. No longer needed to switch from the 4G to 3G network for a call will be relevant to those multi-tasking customers.  

An example of this in action could be a customer who is browsing movie times on a cinema app, while chatting to their partner about what they would like to see that evening. In a business setting, it could be a user downloading a large presentation while speaking with a client. These small, everyday tasks can now be easier and more efficient for our MVNO’s customers, giving them a more positive experience. 

How Wi-Fi Calling benefits customers 

In addition to VoLTE, our service providers will also get access to Wi-Fi calling. This allows customers using an enabled compatible 4G mobile handset, to use an available Wi-Fi connection to make and receive calls, texts and multimedia messages where there may be limited mobile coverage.  

This provides a positive customer experience because if a user is ever out of range from the Optus network but once connected to Wi-Fi, they will automatically switch over to Wi-Fi Calling to take or make calls, as long as they have an enabled compatible 4G mobile handset. Applying this to a small business customer example, it ensures that the operator avoids losing out on a sales lead simply because they have gone out of range to receive or make a call.  

The bottom line is that a network enhancement like this doesn’t just mean a shift in how consumers use a product, it provides for more positive customer experiences, driving brand advocacy and growth.  

To find out more about how Optus Wholesale mobile solutions can support your business, visit our website.