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See a Breakdown of your Data Usage in the My Optus App

Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager
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We’ve made some exciting changes to the My Optus App, including the addition of Data Insights which allow you to see a breakdown of your mobile data usage. Read on to find out what else is new.


Data Insights


To help you manage and control your data usage, we’ve introduced Data Insights to the My Optus App.


Data Insights are pulled from our network and display your monthly data usage. They can show you how much data you’ve used on your Postpaid or Prepaid plan and give you a break-down of the amount of data consumed by the apps and browsers you use regularly.


To turn Data Insights on, head to ‘Balance’ on the My Optus App and then click the ‘Insights’ button that you’ll find under the ‘Data’ heading. You can also activate Data Insights via ‘Settings’ too.


Data Insights.png             



If you’re a Postpaid mobile customer, you can view Data Insights for your current billing period, as well as your previous two billing periods.


If you’re a Prepaid mobile customer, you can view Data Insights for either the last 30 days or 31-60 ago.


It’s worth noting that you’ll only be able to see Data Insights for the SIM that’s in your phone. You won’t be able to see Data Insights for data sharing services or other services on your bill.


We think Data Insights are an easy way to keep track of and control how much data you’re using but we understand that some customers might not want to share this information. For privacy reasons, you can opt-in and out of Data Insights at any time. To do this, head to the ‘Settings’ screen on the My Optus App. If you'd like to see more information on Data Insights, just click here.

Opt in 5.png 


Push Notification Data Alerts

Thanks to our latest app update, you can now receive billing alert notifications via the My Optus App instead. To do this, head to the ‘Settings’ screen and select ‘PUSH’ under the Service Messaging option.     


push notys.png 

 Pin Lock


To help you keep your information secure, you’re now able to add a 4 digit PIN Lock to the My Optus App. This is an optional feature so if you want to set it up, just head to the ‘Settings’ screen in the My Optus App and follow the instructions.


Pin lock.png


Don’t forget


You can also pay your Postpaid bill or recharge your Prepaid account via the My Optus App.


And don’t miss out on the top rewards available to Optus customers – just turn on ‘Yes Messaging’ push notifications from My Optus App to discover all our latest offers.


 If you have any questions about any of our updates, just ask them below and we’ll answer them as soon as we can.


Yes Crowd Team

Visitor glingam

Data Insights - nice, TQ

i was hoping to see the same for the "included Intl Minutes" please

at the moment ,this minutes are also NOT REAL time and gets up dated on a very very delayed basis, like after 24 hours. This has led to me making mistakes and have been charged extra for relying on incorrect information

Trusted Contributor
Trusted Contributor

Hey glingam, we've definitely noticed this and are working on a solution. The issue we have is our current systems don't allow for this, but we're developing a new one from the ground up that should make a great deal of things easier for us and our customers; near real time inclusions monitoring being one of them. Really sorry to hear the confusion is causing you to exceed the inclusion, can I ask if you've spoken to our customer service team in the past about this?

Visitor glingam

Tq much shae for getting back, appreciated. I have contacted customer service but they have said they cannot do much to help me except to monitor my minutes manually😬

Trusted Contributor
Trusted Contributor

For the moment it seems that may be the best option. Hoping the new systems come along soon, it will help us here as well and open a lot of functionality to help people instead of needing to transfer you to another department. Streamlining of service is always good in customer service. Happy to give you a hand if you need anything in the future 🙂

New Contributor wayner
New Contributor

Why is it I signed up for the free Spotify streaming but my data is still being used 

RetiredModerator Nam_L

Hey Wayner,


If you have free Music streaming enabled and receive the confirmation SMS then it's definitely not counted towards your Total data usage. We'd still show this amount in your "Data insights" but this usage would not count towards your Total data usage.


If you need any confirmation that data free Music Streaming has been enable, we'd be more then happy to confirm just PM us your mobile number and DOB.





Occasional Visitor Unhapp-y
Occasional Visitor

Hello I'm unhappy with the lack of support and time wasting over the last 7 days I have made double diget phone calls to you guys.. I've been waiting for a new modem which I was told it would be here already by one of your  personal... today after yet another phone call I made to you guys... I have been informed my new modem won't be coming until the 25/10/2016 ... unhappy.. I will be seeking  further guidance from the telecommunications ombudsman if this isn't resolved before the 25th



RetiredModerator Esther

Oh no! Appreciate this would have been frustrating! Have you got your order reference number handy we can take a look at? Please let us know - here to help

Occasional Visitor Unhapp-y
Occasional Visitor

Hello that's the problem they don't have one not to mention they told me to contact the transport company ???? I prefer that someone contact me via phone or email than doing this in the public forum.. I have at least someone's attention at present ....

RetiredModerator Gen_R

It would be recommended contacting us on 131344. If you prefer email, you can find the form here.

Visitor Leeny

Last month my data on the app showed 29gb used but when the data sharing amounts on individual sims was added together it came to 22gb. Optus can't tell me who the other 7gb was used by which means I'm paying for data that is just dissappearing into thin air.

RetiredModerator Nghi

Hi Leeny, our usage meters can be up to 48 hours delayed and may not represent all data used up to that point. When you're bill is generated there will be a daily data usage tally for each phone which will add up to the total used for the account.

New Member jh21
New Member

I am concerned that I am using data for Netflix and Spotify when I was told that on my plan they would not use data. Is there a way of checking this?

RetiredModerator Esther

Hey there! If you're using the official apps the data will show up in your My Insights tab, but will be zero rated at the end of the billing cycle. I hope this helps! Esther

Visitor Elvin

It would be nice to have a breakdown of metered Data and non-metered Data so we can more effectively track our "Real" Data usage.

RetiredModerator Guy

Great suggestion Elvin. I'll pass this on to the App team for consideration. The issue is that some plans have metered inclusions, for example music streaming and others don't, but I'll certainly pass this on.

New Member Dapper
New Member

Well since I started nearly 2 months ago with the Wireless Broadband, I STILL CAN NOT SEE MY DATA USAGE....

How lonf does it takew a tech team to fix suchs a simple bug.

COUNTLESS requestes... I have lst count..  NOT HAPPY AT ALL.

New Contributor bayaca
New Contributor

I have just started using Optus on paost paid.  When I log in to My Account, it shows I have used 7% of my data (out of 10 GB).  It also shows that there is a charge of $15 for data.  How can this be.  What is the charge for?  The Chat support person says they can only look at my account once the bill is generated.  This means that I will generate a $200+ charge by the end of the billing cycle for what is supposed to be within my plan allowance.  Yet they say they can only view this once the bill is generated.   Why?


I find it incomprehensible that Optus cannot fix a problem as it is happening,  This smells of deception.


I have no faith in Optus given my initial experiences.

RetiredModerator Gen_R

Hey Dapper - can you shoot me a PM with your account number, full name, DOB and a screenshot of what you see with your app? Are you able to see it on your online profile at all? 



bayaca - Happy to look into your account for you if you'd also like to shoot your account info as listed above through? 

Occasional Visitor zumzum
Occasional Visitor

I have received my bill with an additional $500 on it.  I have been on your website and MYAccount for about 30min trying to find info on that enormous sum, far in excess of anything I've ever used before.  The usage on the App is blank for those days.  I received a msg while overseas to say that there was excess data usage, but that it was an estimate, so I thought there must be a mistake.  The kids owned up to playing some games on my phone on a car trip, but that was a few hrs over 2 days.  I then purchased a global roaming package.  But $500 extra???  Surely not?!  That's madness.  And why can't I see where it comes from?

Moderator Casey_

Hey @zumzum, using data whilst overseas can be charged at $1 per MB depending on your destination. If you have received a data alerts SMS advising that it may be an estimate, this is because usage alerts can be delayed up to 48 hours and isn't a true representation of your data usage as more data may have been consumed before you received the alert. If you would like me to confirm that the excess charge is relating to data, please send us a PM here with your mobile number, DOB and full name. 

Occasional Visitor Ross745
Occasional Visitor



I am appalled by the incompetence of Optus staff at the call centre and on the chat. They appear not to listen and just keep on repeating themselves. Obviously a lack of training. I have spoken to them on the phone now several times, each call taking over an hour to no resolve. Similarly I have chatted to them online multiple times for over an hour, again to no resolve. I wish I could charge this time to Optus as I would have a free Optus service for the year.

So on to the issue: I am trying to get an email from Optus for my employer that states my recharge history for the past 6 months. All that is required is the date and the amount that I paid for each top up. I have been told from Optus that they do not store this information for prepaid and they have no record of it which I know is untrue.  A colleague of mine has managed to receive their recharge history in an email from Optus so I also know firsthand that it can be done.


I do not understand why it is so hard to get this information from Optus. Also it’s funny that I could not submit the NPS survey after my transactions with Optus each time as they would be given a zero every time.


I think time to leave Optus and their incompetence.

Honoured Contributor
Honoured Contributor

Hi Ross,


I'd suggest you conact your bank if you used electronic methods to top up. They'll have the records you need.




Peter Gillespie


New Member geeTM
New Member

how do you search incoming and outgoing phone numbers

New Contributor Rws
New Contributor

If i joined optus in mid august for home mobile Internet which is working nicely btw i joined diring a get first month free but i am a month by month my paper invoice handed to me at stores says 320 which is 240 for modem n 80 for data store said the 80 would be waived and first month will be 240. But on paper it says 320. So i wanted to chevk if it stands still and will teflect on my first bill when i  get it that is. Money burns holes in pockets so hoping bill arrives soon ☺ or are bills at end of cycle. Ok thats two questions. Butso far all good

Moderator Marie

Hey @geeTM, you can view these within your phones call history, we can provide a itemised bill however we don't have the details of who called you.


Thanks for reaching out to us about this @Rws, you're welcome to PM through your details & we'd be happy to take a look into this further for you.



New Member LeanneMaree23
New Member

I hate calling Optus you spend ages on hold and nobody really knows what they are doing. 

All they know how to do is to transfer you to someone else that's doesn't have a clue either. 

Like their products hate  their service. 

New Member EK989
New Member

The breakdown is helpful except where it shows usage "other". I'm trying to understand my breakdown for a previous bill that somehow doubled my data but this category accounted for a huge portion and there's no breakdown??

RetiredModerator Toomey

@EK989 This could be due to the security of the service your device is accessing. Check your phone's settings for an internal data meter that you could potentially provide more information.

New Member desgo
New Member

I hope they get their systems going soon because it is absolutely rubbish.

New Member IanDC
New Member

This information is no good if you are sharing data across 2 or more devices!  You only get to see data useage form the device you are using.  Unfortuately this is not clear and therefore the data is misleading.


When will Optus show the data usage on all linkled devices and the total accross all devices?


Frequent Visitor samc1078
Frequent Visitor



I've just downloaded the app yesterday, and I have no idea where to find the options mentioned below:-


"head to ‘Balance’ on the My Optus App and then click the ‘Insights’ button that you’ll find under the ‘Data’ heading. You can also activate Data Insights via ‘Settings’ too."


Along the bottom of the app there is a 'Service' Option, but this displays an Error "A system error has occurred. Please try again at a later time."


I was told to wait 24 hours before trying again. But, when I use the My Account log in on Chrome it displays my usage fine. Is there a reason why the app would not display it ? Or am I looking in the wrong place.


Very frustrated new user.


Can anyone assist?

Moderator Marie

Hey @samc1078,


Thanks for reaching out to us about this, that is unusual.


We have recently had an upgrade to the App which is different to the above.


The way you've mentioned you were trying to access is correct.


Can you please PM us with your details as below 


Full Name:

Date of birth:

Account or Phone Number/ Username:

My Account email:


And we'll look further into this for you.