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Say goodbye to high ping and hello to Optus Game Path™

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Gaming has rapidly become one of Australia’s favourite pastimes, with a whopping 68% of Aussies battling it out in a range of diverse online universes. For the majority of gamers, gaming is an opportunity to take a timeout from the stressors of everyday life. For serious gamers, it’s something much more.

With the advent of eSports and it’s growing popularity in Australia, hardcore gamers are turning to competitive gaming, giving the gaming elite a chance to hone their skills and take away some pretty serious cash.

Take the Optus sponsored eSport team, the Chiefs, who were recently in the running for a $50,000 prize at the Call of Duty APAC Challenger Regional Finals.

But gaming in Australia isn’t without its woes.

The difficulties of gaming in Australia

For hardcore gamers, or even those who dabble in their downtime, there are two things that can cause even the most cool, calm and collected gamer to erupt in frustration – network latency and packet loss.  

Latency and Ping explained

Although most gamers are familiar with the term, it’s still worth explaining. Simply put, latency or ping is the time taken to communicate from your gaming device and the gaming server you’re playing on. It’s also described as round-trip time.

So, whilst you’re in a dungeon amid a boss fight, praying for a shiny new piece of gear to complete your set; information about each move your character makes is sent to the gaming server and back to your device allowing you to complete the action.

If the response is too delayed, the game may even crash completely.

Why is latency so problematic for Aussie gamers?

There are number of factors that lead to devastatingly high ping. Hardware aside, Australia’s geographic location in relation to gaming servers is a big one. As obvious as it sounds, the longer data has to travel to the location of the server (and vice versa) the higher your ping.

Fortunately, Oceanic/Aussie servers do exist for popular games. For example, the world’s most popular MMO World of Warcraft has Aussie gaming servers located in an Australian data centre, others are required to connect to servers in Asia to achieve the best possible gaming experience.

However, what if your favourite FPS, MMO or strategy game only has servers located in the USA, or you want to face off on the battlefield in Fortnite with a friend overseas?

Partnering with a technology provider WTFast, we’re delivering a solution to your latency woes by offering Game Path™ to our NBN customers. Game Path™ works to optimise your network connection for PC gamers, ensuring your gaming traffic is always using the fastest network path available, thus reducing their latency.

How does Game Path work?

Our technology partner WTFast have nodes located all over the globe, all within close proximity to large number of gaming servers. Via an intelligent server network, Game Path™ will automatically route traffic in the most efficient manner thereby reducing latency, packet loss, and improving your overall gaming experience. Game Path™ also provides the user with detailed analytics, so you can see how your gaming session is performing in real time.

Game Path™ is available for an additional $10 per month on an Optus NBN plan. We’re also offering customers who take up the product, a free one month trial. For activation instructions and FAQs, check out this page.

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Occasional Contributor

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So is this the same as wtfast with the same nodes because I try wtfast and it didn't even improve my latency, nor my game even load onto the servers....