Samsung Note7 Replacement Update

by Online Community Manager
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11th Oct 2016, 12:15pm

Updated 23rd January 2017 - Samsung Press Conference


At 12pm (AEDT)  today Samsung held a press conference to discuss the findings of their investigation into the Note7 incidents. For further information from the press conference, please head here


Updated 1st December 2016 - Australian network discontinuation


From 15 December 2016, customers still using the Samsung Galaxy Note7 will no longer be able to connect to the Optus mobile network to make calls, use data or send SMS messages. Please note, customers will still be able to make calls to emergency services however. This move is part of Samsung’s ongoing safety measures to recover all affected Galaxy Note7 devices.


Along with Samsung Australia, we urge any Optus customer still using their Galaxy Note7 to back up their data, power down their device and return it to their place of purchase immediately.


Samsung have confirmed that customers who exchange their Note7 for either the Samsung Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge on a new 24mth contract can receive $250 credit against their account up until 22 December 2016.


To read Samsung’s full statement on the Australian network discontinuation, click here.


Updated 3rd November 2016 – New Software Update


Samsung Australia has announced a new Software Update for all replacement Galaxy Note7 issued in Australia to be pushed out from Saturday 5th November. This software update will automatically download and install to all replacement Note 7 devices.


This software update will limit the battery to a maximum charge of 60%.


You can view Samsung’s full statement here.


Updated 19th October 2016 – Travelling with a Samsung Note7


Multiple airlines have now prohibited passengers from carrying Samsung Galaxy Note7 devices on-board international and domestic flights for both carry-on and checked baggage. You will not be permitted to take a Galaxy Note7 smartphone on any flight, even if it is switched off.


As per our previous update, if you have purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note7 (both original devices purchased before September 5 and new replacement devices), please visit your nearest Optus store to hand in your phone as soon as possible. Remember to back up it up, perform a factory reset and turn it off before returning it to us to discuss your options. To find your nearest Optus store, click.


We also have a number of Optus kiosks at the following Australian airports where you can hand your Samsung Galaxy Note7 in:




Yes Optus Brisbane Airport

Shop 2A.32

Level 2 International Terminal Building

Brisbane Airport


Yes Optus Melbourne Airport

Arrivals Terminal

Melbourne International Airport



Yes Optus Perth International Airport

T1 Perth Airport, Ground Floor, Arrivals Hall

245 Airport Drive

Perth Airport


Yes Optus Sydney International Airport

1-2243 International Terminal

Arrivals Hall



Yes Optus International Airport Kiosk

B43 T1 International Terminal

Sydney International Airport




If you are an Australian customer who is already overseas, please click here to read advice from Samsung on how to proceed.


Updated 14th October 2016 – Information about the Samsung credit

Please be advised that the VISA gift card Samsung is offering is only available to its customers who purchased a Note7 outright, directly from the Samsung Online store. This offer is not available to Optus Note7 customers on contract. Customers need to go directly to Samsung for this VISA gift card offer.


Updated 12th October 2016 – Samsung extend voluntary recall to all Galaxy Note7 smartphones


Samsung Electronics Australia has announced it is taking the proactive and voluntary step to extend its current recall to all Galaxy Note7 smartphones in Australia, including those that were provided a replacement Galaxy Note7 smartphone. Customers who purchased a Galaxy Note7 (both original devices purchased before 5 September 2016 and new replacement devices) should back up their phone, perform a factory reset, power down their device and return to your nearest Optus store to discuss your options.


Customers are entitled to a refund of handset charges and can recontract to another handset on a new plan or cancel their contract, all without incurring cancellation fees. Customers who choose to recontract to a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge on a new 24mth contract will receive a total of $250 credit against their plan.


When returning the Galaxy Note7 device, customers do not need to return any of the original packaging or accessories, and the device can be in any condition.


To find your nearest store click here

by New Contributor Nax998
‎2016-10-11 12:33 PM

This time, can we please have a dedicated portal for all Note users and stores to see the process.  This will keep the process consistent and save a lot of people the frustration of the last recall!


The Yes crowd can update it with answers to the common questions placed here so you don't have to read every page or ask already answered topics!

by Member Nikonko13
‎2016-10-11 02:40 PM

I think in USA  they already have a recall again. I like note 7 I don't know which model I will go withSmiley Sad

by Frequent Visitor jayleeau
‎2016-10-11 02:41 PM

@Optus, will a full refund be one of the options?

by Member AMHC
‎2016-10-11 03:24 PM

I too would like to know if we can do a full refund similar to the first recall. I am really not interested in switching to any other phones currently available in the market. I would rather use my old phone and wait for s8/note8 to come out next year.

by Frequent Visitor JasK93
‎2016-10-11 03:30 PM
Hi @Optus just wondering if you could confirm: 1. Will we be credited handset fee's for the last 2months or so of disruption etc. 2. Can I have a previous generation note and my post-paid plan change to reflect this? Only Note's are suitable for my needs, I have used most of them, Note 3, Note 4 & Note Edge, my old Note Edge however, the battery life is crap on it so it is unusable. 3. I'm sure Samsung will re-release the Note 7 in coming months after some redevelopment so will we have the opportunity to upgrade again with no fees etc.? Please let me know! thanks, Jas
by Frequent Visitor fogsy
‎2016-10-11 04:04 PM

I too would like to know what happens if the phone is yet again re-called?

Will we be refunded all phone repayments for this time because it is extremely inconvenient and frustrating to say the least!

I've been a Samsung user and fan for some time now but this experience has made me question my choice in phones. If a recall is announced, I will be swapping for something else.

by New Contributor Kristi23
‎2016-10-11 04:49 PM

This is just getting unbelievable now... maybe samsung should just quit trying with the note 7 and spend the extra time perfecting future phones... I am wanting to know it i can change from the note 7 to the note 5? Can my contract be changed for this?

by Member Note7boom
‎2016-10-11 05:23 PM

Can we cancel this contract now again you can't supply what we signed up for?  S7 and edge aren't acceptable to me. 

by Occasional Visitor Chi89
‎2016-10-11 06:17 PM

I would also want to know if a handset refund is available. Most optus stores I've been in contact with arnt very helpful or not willing to help at all because I am not their customer due to the fact that I have ordered my phone "online". I have been very frustrated with the customer service I receive and as far as I am aware replacement phones are given to customers who are "store" customers.


by Member MRMPW11
‎2016-10-11 06:17 PM

@Optus will we be getting a full refund? I am bringing my phone in to replace for the new Google pixel XL.

As optus aren't stocking this phone I'll probably be moving to Telstra