Samsung Note 7 Update

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2nd Sep 2016, 10:35pm

Updated 10th October 2016

We've provided a updated via this new blog. Please refer to this for all further updates and to ask any questions you may have


Updated 27th September 2016 – Samsung Gift Redemption


Samsung will be offering customers who have swapped their faulty Note7 devices for new Note7s a thank you gift in the form of a $50 Myer, Woolworths, Hoyts or Netflix voucher for their ongoing support throughout the recall process.


This offer will be communicated by Samsung via a push service notification and will be available only from the MySamsung App for customers using a Samsung Account.


For Optus customers who have not returned their faulty Galaxy Note7s to Optus and would like a new Note7: Customers should visit their local Optus store as soon as possible to initiate the swap process. The $50 voucher from Samsung will be made available to customers once the swap process has been completed and the new Note7 device has been activated, subject to the Samsung promotion end date (below).


Samsung’s offer ends 23rd Oct 11:59PM.


For Samsung terms and conditions, please click here 


For further support, please contact the Samsung Promo Customer Service Team


Updated 22nd September 2016 – Stock Delivery Update


If you have already returned your faulty Galaxy Note7 to us and are waiting for a new replacement Note7

We expect stock to start arriving in stores after 22 September (although this is subject to the location of the Optus retail stores). Stores will be contacting customers directly to advise them when their new Note7 is available to pick up in store.


If you haven’t yet returned your faulty Galaxy Note7 to us and would like a new Note7

Customers should visit their local Optus store as soon as possible to initiate the swap process. The estimated turnaround time is 3-5 business days for you to get a replacement Galaxy Note7. While you wait, customers can take up a temporary loan phone (if available), or use your own temporary device.


Updated 20th September 2016 - Galaxy Note7 Software Update from September 21

Samsung Australia has announced a software update for all Galaxy Note7 users in Australia. This software update will help users identify whether their Galaxy Note7 is an affected smartphone that should be replaced immediately, or a replacement model that is safe to use. 


For more information, please click here


Important Information for Galaxy Note7 Owners

Samsung Electronics Australia is taking the voluntary step to recall all Galaxy Note7 smartphones in Australia. Samsung Electronics Australia advises all customers who use a Galaxy Note7 smartphone to immediately power down their device, return it to its place of purchase and to use an alternative device until a remedy can be provided.


What you need to do

Optus customers should visit their local Optus store to discuss their immediate remedy options which will include (where available) a temporary replacement phone until the new Galaxy Note7 replacement becomes available. Customers who do not wish to wait for a replacement Note7 can get a refund of handset repayment charges, or change to another phone on a new plan, without incurring cancellations fees.


Where can I get more information

For Samsung’s full media statement and FAQ, please click here.


We’ll be in touch with our affected customers directly to assist with resolving the issue and also provide regular updates here.

by Member scottster
‎2016-09-22 05:50 PM

What is the actual situation for those who tried to return their Note 7's to the Optus store, but were told to hang on to them and 'swap' them when the replacements came in? I just rang the store I contracted through and was told again to hold on to the unit...I have not been provided with any BASC numbers from the store either. On this logic I expect to just walk in with the old unit and walk out with a new unit...


Reading the thread here I get the impression I would need to be regsitered in some form or another with Optus, who will then contact me 3 to 5 days later...


Any clarity here would be appreciated....

by Frequent Visitor LadyFranW
‎2016-09-22 06:07 PM

@scottster Exactly my issue! 


I was shocked to find that, upon walking into the store, I was told I had to hand over my device, and then have the replacement request lodged. Then I'd have to live with a loaner until a replacement was received. 


That's not an option for me. The loan phones are not fit for purpose for me. The GNote7 is! I'm more than happy to return it... if I walk away with the new GNote7. Otherwise I have a problem. 


A loan phone means:

a) downtime in productivity;

b) set-up time to make it semi fit for purpose;

c) less than idea for handling sensative information; 


Not to mention, surely me having a loaner S7 Edge is a cost to Optus.



by New Contributor Note7boom
‎2016-09-22 06:41 PM

I just picked up my new note 7 from Maddington WA


So good to have it back

by Member Dc20011
‎2016-09-22 07:01 PM

Got my Note 7 back!


Staff at Optus Stud Park have been awesome throughout the recall process. Huge kudos to them!

by New Contributor nigelw
‎2016-09-22 07:07 PM

Yahoo note 7 back, just smart switching from sd card now.


While service was excellent, i had to chuckle to myself when he explained the s7 is identical to note7, the specs maybe but i found them to be totally different in use. just so happy to have the pen feature back.

by Contributor Rockdad83
‎2016-09-22 07:10 PM
@nigelw no way! The longer I use this edge, the more I want the note back. Theres no comparison!
by New Contributor nigelw
‎2016-09-22 07:32 PM

@Rockdad83 , thats exactly what was in my mind too lol, poor guy uses a iphone for personal so clearly is not familular with note 7 features

by RetiredModerator Meg
‎2016-09-22 08:37 PM

Hey @scottster & @LadyFranW not sure why the store would advise that as we have repeatedly asked customers to discontinue use of devices as per recommendation from Samsung.

We have offered other devices until yours can be replaced, but if you are reluctant to provide the handset to Optus for return you can approach Samsung directly or you could instead request a refund so you can purchase another device. Meg

by Member scottster
‎2016-09-22 09:06 PM

Thanks @Meg for the response. I initially went in to the store (Warwick WA) on the 1st September to hand it back and was told then to hang on to it. I got the impression it was too difficult a situation for the guy at the store to handle and as I had my old iPhone 5 still the note 7 could stay in the box (where it has been since), therefore a straight swap seemed logical when the new handsets came in.


Same answer today. No mention of a BASC code or taking details in either of the conversations.


by RetiredModerator Meg
‎2016-09-22 09:20 PM

@scottster I can contact the store on your behalf if you like and discuss the return process. At this stage customers who have already returned the handset will be the first to get their replacement. We would need you to take your Samsung in so we can get the BASC created for tracking and confirming to Samsung that the device has come back in for replacement. Meg

by Frequent Visitor Kahu
‎2016-09-22 09:22 PM

What exactly is a BASC number and do I need it to keep track of the progress of my Note 7 replacement?


I returned my Note 7 to the Optus Chermside store on 21-Sept-16, took 5 minutes, signed some paper work and surrendered my handset. Took down my best contact phone number and email and was told I'd be contacted once my replacement arrived. I was not given a BASC number however. Thoughts?

by New Contributor Infmonkey
‎2016-09-22 09:23 PM

I know this is about replacement handsets,  but is there any view when the Note 7 will go back on general sale? 

by Occasional Contributor Cameron17
‎2016-09-22 09:30 PM

I have been understanding with Optus up until now. Three times I have been into Optus in Midland WA, three times they have refused to take my Note 7 handset, the first time they told me to take a chance and keep using it, the other two occasions (the last being yesterday) I was told to hold onto it and hand it in when a replacement phone arrived over the next couple of days. They told me that holding onto it would NOT result in having to wait longer for a replacement. So far so good.

Last night I was advised on Live Chat (including a follow up text today) that I would be called and receive a replacement phone in the next 1-3 days. Happy with that.

Tonight I see on this thread that other stores in WA have been handing out replacement Note 7 handsets today, so I rang the Midland store only to be told that as I haven't handed my phone in, I was at the back of the queue and that it would be two to three weeks for a replacement. I was told this would be the outcome whether I handed my phone in tonight or not. When I told the salesman that this was the opposite of all the previous advice I've been given, he rudely told me that if I didn't like it I could go directly to Samsung. 

This is not the customer service I expect for $95 a month, Optus are treating their customers with contempt and it is staggering that there doesn't seem to be a standard operating procedure for national events like this. 

I am not going to cop a three week wait because of repeatedly incorrect advice from Optus employees. This debacle is seriously degrading my previous satisfaction with Optus, considering I left Telstra for Optus' better customer service.

by RetiredModerator Meg
‎2016-09-22 09:39 PM

Hi @Kahu did you receive a copy of the paperwork form the store? This should have the BASC number on it. If you don't have that we can still track the return with the mobile number. Just call the store or chat using our link via PC - or via the My Optus App on your Optus mobile phone.

by Contributor IBS
‎2016-09-22 09:41 PM

Ok. Just to update people.


I was the very first person to post about this confirmed issue. Even before Optus had their "official" announcement.


I had to go direct to samsung as I work a 10 hour day plus I was sick in bed for 2 weeks so I was unable to go into an Optus store.


Samsung sent me a loaner Galaxy S7 to my work and collected my Note 7. This took 5 days longer than their "confirmed" pickup/swapover date.


On the 19th Sep I recieved an SMS saying a replacement has been conformed and they would contact me shortly.

On the 21st Sep I recieved an email saying a replacement was available and to contact phone or net support.

I rang them on the 21st. After being on hold 3 times.. they told me that I had to WAIT to be contacted.

Now it is the 22nd September. No contact.

I am in Melbourne.

I see that others in Melbourne at random stores have already recieved a replacement Note 7

I am still waiting for Samsung to contact me .. (being BEFORE ANYONE even posted here).


SO... for those of you getting upset at still waiting.. put yourself in my shoes.

One day I may even recieve a replacement phone.

by RetiredModerator Meg
‎2016-09-22 09:41 PM

Not sure at this stage  @Infmonkey Smiley Happy I'm sure that info will be released when this happens.

by RetiredModerator Meg
‎2016-09-22 09:44 PM

I'm really disappointed  to hear of your experience with the Midland store @Cameron17

We made sure we were really quick to respond to the reports of issues with the Samsung handsets and communicated this to all our retail outlets. If you could take a few minutes to end us a Private Message with your details we can follow-up with the store and also look at otherways for you to swap the phone if your are not happy to go back to this store again. Meg

by New Contributor Nax998
‎2016-09-22 09:49 PM


I have had a similar experience to much running about, visiting multiple stores.  Getting different information, even today the Facebook page told me I could get a J1 as an alternative and keep it instead of the S7 edge loaner...this was after the Yes crowd had advised me the J1 was no longer an option.

Suffice to say, I finally handed the Note in and I've got an Edge...from probably the next couple of weeks as I'll be traveling!

The solution to this should have been to create a web page, accessible to both customers and stores, that was updated as things changed and was the only go to point for what happens...then everybody would have been on the same 'web'page!  It could have also had all the frequently asked questions in it...I know they have been answered here, but there are 50 plus pages to trawl through!

Kudos to all the staff on the Yes crowd team, mostly for putting up with me...but also for trying to help everybody out during what I guess was an unprecedented event.



by Frequent Visitor Kahu
‎2016-09-22 09:49 PM

@Meg, no I wasn't given a copy of the paperwork I'm afraid.  


Handily, I work in Westfield Chermside so I guess I could always drop back into Optus on a lunchbreak. Come to think of it, I do think it strange I wasn't offered a copy of the paperwork I signed Smiley Sad . The girl, Paige, who served me was helpful though.


by Member scottster
‎2016-09-22 09:59 PM

Thanks @Meg I would appreciate the follow up with the store please. 


I should not have to go to the back of a pack now to get the replacement considering I have followed the stores instructions, correct?


From the other comments on this forum it appears the situation/practice is not isolated...



Thanks for your help, let me know what you need from me.

by RetiredModerator Meg
‎2016-09-22 10:05 PM

Can you send me  a Private Message with your info @scottster and I'll pass on the feedback to store as well as seeing what else can be done to expediate your handset replacement. Meg

by Contributor IBS
‎2016-09-22 10:06 PM

Hmmm, unfortunately it does not let me edit my post here. How unfortunate.


Right back at post 1 I asked questions such as


"I am just wondering what the official Optus resolution is for this. How long do i have to wait for a replacement? Is billing temporarilly suspended? Should I continue to use my phone? Ive already sold my Note 3 so am i going to be totally without a phone for a time period?"


I had the reply of a generic "please see our official post .. here" .. with NO actual answers to the questions I asked. As I have followed this thread since day 1.. I have seen MOST people asking over and over the questions I asked about on day 1 .. which not until 30  or so posts did anyone bother to try and answer (Holly probably being the best).


A general FAQ of "common asked questions/answers" would have probably been helpful in this situation.


I do have a final question though.

Since I had to go through Samsung rather than Optus. Can I still apply for a credit on my bill. I have Optus cable, Optus Foxtel, Home Phone, Fetch TV, 2 mobiles all through Optus.

by Contributor Rockdad83
‎2016-09-22 10:09 PM
@IBS with all due respect we've all had the runaround here, your situation isn't any different to what the rest of us have had to deal with.
by Contributor IBS
‎2016-09-22 10:19 PM


I completely understand that and your posts here have been great.. trying to extract information and offer your experiences.

My point was that some of that could have been alieviated if my original questions were addressed.

I still believe a compiled FAQ of commonly asked questions/answers would be helpful to all here.


by Frequent Visitor Rvf1
‎2016-09-22 10:55 PM

Any one in Melbourne received it yet.?  Tomorrow i need my phone now....tomorrow. optus please reply

by Member scottster
‎2016-09-22 11:15 PM

Overall I have been happy with how the situation has been handled by Samsung and Optus in addressing the Note 7 debacle, just a few niggles.


There are worse things going on in the world at the moment!

by Frequent Visitor Muffyn
‎2016-09-23 12:16 AM

@Cameron17 I had a very different experience at the Midland store! My Hubby and I put our Note7's in a couple of weeks ago and were actually there while a Samsung rep was in updating them on everything. The process was printed on paper for them to read from to know exactly how to process the phones etc. It took 5-7mins per phone, signed papers, given loan S7 Edges, and then we were done and out and received our BASC msg immediately and then received our newest message yesterday. Just waiting to be informed to go in and get our phones. 


Not sure why they gave you the run around! They were really good to us, especially the lad who served us!

by Member Ash25
‎2016-09-23 12:20 AM

@Rvf1 ... I received a call from my local store (Point Cook) saying that my replacement phone has arrived.  I just got stuck in meetings so couldnt get there today, but am going in tomorrow to collect. Good luck!


by New Contributor emm23a
‎2016-09-23 12:29 AM

@Meg is it possible for you to provide my BASC number? Do you have access to this information? I left the shop with nothing other than a contract that said I must pay for any damages to the S7 Edge loan phone. 

by RetiredModerator Gen_R
‎2016-09-23 01:14 AM

Hey @emm23a - if you message me your full name, DOB and your mobile number I can get the BASC for you. Gen 

by Frequent Visitor HeKkZz1
‎2016-09-23 01:29 AM

Hey @Optus I called Morayfield yesterday the said they should be getting them within the next 48 hours and they would call me. The next day they called me, I walked in there and within 5 minutes I walked out. They handled everything fantastically and the entire staff at that store (except for one dude who told me I had to return all my accessories) are amazing and handled everything well from day 1 so kudos to them Smiley Wink

by RetiredModerator Gen_R
‎2016-09-23 01:45 AM

Love it! @HeKkZz1. I'll pass on feedback to them Smiley Happy 

by Frequent Visitor Rvf1
‎2016-09-23 09:58 AM

Iam still waiting on the txt .basc number like 4 days ago..still waiting for someone to give me call from optus..have u guys just received the phone or the whole box with it..

by Occasional Contributor Fuseion
‎2016-09-23 10:01 AM

I requested a new devivce, Samsung are happy to supply new replacement devices why does my phone need to be sent away ?

Why can I not simply walk into a store and hand my faulty device over and collect its replacement ?


by Occasional Contributor Fuseion
‎2016-09-23 11:03 AM


I requested a new device, Samsung are happy to supply new replacement devices why does my phone need to be sent away ?

Why can I not simply walk into a store and hand my faulty device over and collect its replacement ?

by New Contributor sandeep26
‎2016-09-23 11:31 AM

can anyone tell me if mcaurthur square has one?? if not when will they ge getting?? i recieved my text on tuesday and still no call from them whats so ever... do we get new one in box or just ph by itself??

by Occasional Visitor Phil79
‎2016-09-23 11:48 AM

Just wanted to say a huge thanks to Toronto Optus NSW.  Excelllent service. I received all info including paperwork and BASC#.  I recieved texts and email updates.. I called them a few times to confirm things.  They were courteous and knowledgeable the entire time.  They just called to tell me my replacement Note7 has arrived. Yay.  Congratulations also to the mods here. You have been inundated with questions from people who cannot follow basic instructions,  whether they be from an optus outlet or a consumer. You guys have constantly provided information about the recall process and other issues and i have found your information to be accurate and always up to date.  For this reason i would like to ask one question.. when i pick up my replacement note7 and return my loaner s7 edge,  will i be given the note7 package or just the phone itself.  I only handed in the phone itself but i think i read something about receiving a new package (charger etc). Thanks heaps guys for all your help.

by Occasional Contributor Cameron17
‎2016-09-23 11:54 AM

@Phil79 Thanks Phil, for assuming that everyone who hasn't had such a smooth experience is in some way stupid or can't follow instructions. It's pretty clear through reading this thread that many including myself have had a very different experience at the Optus stores, with staff giving wrong advice, or in my case, flat out refusing to abide by the procedure set out in this thread (as in refusing to take back faulty devices) even when shown the instructions printed here. If anyone can't follow instructions it is the staff at the Optus stores. If I had been able to hand in my device, trust me I would have.

by New Contributor Note7boom
‎2016-09-23 11:58 AM

@Phil79 wow mate, that's a harsh call.  Anyway you get a complete new phone in all new packaging with all accessories just like the first time you bought the note 7.

by Occasional Visitor Phil79
‎2016-09-23 12:02 PM

@Cameron17  Hi Cameron, just wanted to clear it up with you that I did state in my post 


".....whether they be from an optus outlet or a consumer."


I do understand that a lot of optus stores were not following procedure which made consumers unable to follow procedure.  Sorry if i was unclear.



by Occasional Visitor Phil79
‎2016-09-23 12:15 PM

My apologies if i offended anybody.. my remark (though poorly worded) was mainly directed at the many optus stores that have not followed basic instructions on the recall process.  I myself rang four different optus stores to ask how to go about the recall and was given four different stories.  Including "dont do anything until we have a replacement in store and then we can do it on the spot." 


Once again please accept my apologies for my poorly worded earlier post.



by Member DayBlossom88
‎2016-09-23 12:23 PM

I was told in private message yesterday from an Optus person that Boomerang told them that i would receive my Note 7 like everyone else at the store I putted mine in yesterday/today.


I called Booval Store today and they told me that they  never received my phone replacement only other people. I have been waiting longer than everyone else and I am not happy about it. When will I receive my replacement??? I have waited since it was approved by Boomerang on 02/09/2016. I am not happy about this.

by Contributor Rockdad83
‎2016-09-23 12:25 PM
My phone is ready to be picked up!! Finally!! Good riddance s7 edge!
by Frequent Visitor ghevey
‎2016-09-23 12:35 PM

Pretty annoyed about this at the moment. My partner and myself pre-ordered the note 7. We missed out on the initial shipment of devices, kept calling the store to be told it would be another few days, next week etc before they would arrive. 


When the official annoucement of the recall happened. We received a call to ask what we would like to do and we said we would wait for a replacement device. Call today and am now told we have to wait another 3-4 weeks for these devices. 


safe to say Optus are frustrating me to no end over this one.

by Valued Contributor
‎2016-09-23 12:38 PM

@Rvf1, happy to take a look if you could please confirm your BASC reference number? Can also confirm that your replacement will come sealed in a box. 


@sandeep26, if the store will be in contact with your directly once your replacement is in store and ready for collection. Can also confirm that you'll receive your replacement in a sealed box. 


@Cameron17, could you please send through a PM with your account info so I can follow this up for you?

by Frequent Visitor JasK93
‎2016-09-23 12:55 PM
Sad Smiley Sad Went to Parramatta store last night before 6pm rush and they had no stock. Is there a number I can phone to see who DOES have stock in Sydney? I'm not really doing anything this weekend anyway...the 60% battery is quite inconvenient... I don't REALLY want to swap back to my Note Edge as the SIM's are different so i'm sure that would be annoying as well.. Anyway back to the point, is there a number I can phone so that someone can check stock levels? Parramatta didn't take my name or anything and just told me to phone before coming down next time...but didn't give me an ETA on when we can expect more stock (usually they're quite good but guessing they were stressed a bit last night, poor guys).
by Member Seaeagles
‎2016-09-23 01:31 PM

Why aren't the store been sent all notes 7s at the same time..  just rang they got stock in yesterday but ours wasnt there they told us to ring back at 1.00 because their getting more stock rang back ours wasn't  there now gonna wait until Monday to see if ours turns up.. don't understand why all the note 7s aren't sent to the store at the same time 

by Member scottster
‎2016-09-23 04:07 PM

Hmm.. if there are any Moderators out there can you please send me a PM?


I have not heard anything further from my Moderator PM yesterday who was arranging for contact with the store and a response to me today re the status of my Note 7 replacement.


I have tried contacting the store as well but there is no answer....Smiley Frustrated


by RetiredModerator Nghi
‎2016-09-23 04:36 PM

Hey JasK93, you'll need to surrender your Note 7 and register for the replacement phone. Once that's in the system a replacement phone will be sent to the store for you within 3-5 business days. You can also request a loan phone at the time to use while you're waiting for it to be replaced.


For Seaeagles, we're sending out the phones as we receive them from the manufacturer. We expect all customers who registered for a replacement to receive them by next week. You would have had to already be registered for the recall and surrendered your phone. We appreciate everyone's patience as we work through all the backlog.


For scottster, I can see that Casey is looking into your private message. Sorry for the delay and we'll respond soon when we have an update for you.





by Frequent Visitor ghevey
‎2016-09-23 04:45 PM

@Nghi what am I supposed to do. As mentioned. I ordered this phone before launch day. I got a call asking what I would like to do when the recall happened. 


The store made it sound like I would go through the same process. That the phone would turn up with the rest of the replaced stock. 




by Frequent Visitor cbourke
‎2016-09-23 05:00 PM

Woohoo just got my replacement Note 7, in and out of the store in just a few minutes. 


So glad to have it back!!!

by Contributor Rockdad83
‎2016-09-23 05:06 PM
@cbourke me too, just spent the past hour updating. So good to have it back, it really does put the s7 edge to shame.
by Frequent Visitor Rvf1
‎2016-09-23 05:06 PM

YAAY its Friday..and Finally got My replacement  Note 7 Back..wohoooo ..thanks staff at Optus South Morang wesfeild plenty valley...kudos

by RetiredModerator Nghi
‎2016-09-23 05:35 PM

Hey ghevey, I can sympathise with your situation but we aren't allowed to fulfil any Note 7 orders until they go back on sale and after the recall is lifted. The current replacement stock are for customer's who got a Samsung Note 7 and require a new phone. Once all the replacement orders are completed then the phone will go back on sale. At that point, your order will progress and new phone sent out to you.


For cbourke, Rockdad83 and Rvf1, I'm glad to hear your replacements have arrived.

by Member DayBlossom88
‎2016-09-23 05:36 PM

This is getting beyond the joke. Why is someone who hasnt put their old Note 7 in getting an ETA on a replacement but I was told I can't get an ETA. I am getting fed up. I have given my phone in on 30/08/2016 for software issues and been told today the store doesnt have my replacement yet. Mine wasnt registered for recall as it was at the warehouse and approved the day of the recall.


I am being treated poorly. Optus seems to have no priority it looks like and i am being forgotten. If i knew I was going to be treated like this I would have swapped to Telstra.

by Frequent Visitor ghevey
‎2016-09-23 05:41 PM

@Nghi righto well thanks for that. What gets me is the complete lack of consistency in what I get told Everytime I talk to someone about this issue. 


The fact that optus are more than happy to start charging me for this order and then change their tune Everytime I contact them either through store or other means is ridiculous.



by RetiredModerator Nghi
‎2016-09-23 06:26 PM

Hey DayBlossom88, I can understand why you're upset by the situation. Once the whole recall process has been completed for affected customers then our normal repair and order processes can resume for the Note 7. This has put a spanner in the works and has delayed our usual processes for repairs and new orders.


For ghevey, so your new contract has already started? Our Billing team can look into any phone payments on 133937 or live chat here.  

by Frequent Visitor ghevey
‎2016-09-23 07:06 PM

@Nghi yes it started on the 17th of August. My biggest issue is that no one can seem to tell me where I fall into this process. I have been told it will come as apart of this but then I have spoken to people on the phone they have told me they don't have an update and given me a number to call Samsung but can't provide me a reference number to speak to them with.


by Frequent Visitor Kahu
‎2016-09-23 07:12 PM

Just an update on my situation, checked Boomerang with my BASC no. and my claim has been processed and I should here back from Optus Chermside with my replacement early next week! 


Also, some angel over in Billing has already credited my device repayments to my account and my account is in credit yay! Nice stuff Optus. 

by Occasional Contributor Shar22
‎2016-09-23 07:30 PM

I handed my phone in weeks ago. I only just recieved a text msg with a basc no and it said they will notify me once my phone has been assessed. Does this mean the optus store i handed it into only just sent mine off and i have to wait weeks?

by Member DayBlossom88
‎2016-09-23 08:01 PM

Thats stupid, you are about to lose an Optus costumer that has been with you for over 10 years now. I should have recieved it by now, Being given mixed messages or when it is coming, first been told by Optus who rang Boomerang yesterday that I would recieve mine today and then today being told its not with the other replacement Note 7s and that there's no ETA for my phone is unprofessional, I am a right mind to cancel this contract and go with Telstra, I should have been one of the first ones to recieve it. I am disgusted with Optus. How is it hard to send an extra Note 7 to an Optus Store to keep a costumer thats been waiting a long time longer than anyone else happy???? I doubt there was many Note 7 phone repairs as I was told I was the only one at the store I handed mine into.


I swear if I don't get mine before 2nd week of October I will cancel my plan and swap to Telstra whom treat their costumners with respect, 

by RetiredModerator Nghi
‎2016-09-23 08:24 PM

@ghevey, your order is not part of the recall. Once the Samsung Note 7 goes back on sale then existing orders will be sent out.


@Kahu, I'm glad you were able to get that organised. The replacement should arrive next week.


@Shar22, that is an automated text from our warehouse. It's not specifically worded for this recall but rather a generic message for repairs etc. Your replacement phone should arrive in store next week and you should receive contact to let you know when to go in and collect.


@DayBlossom88, new stock from Samsung is still very limited and we're getting them out as quickly as we receive them. We aren't holding back any stock at the warehouse. They are all being sent out. Keep in mind that this is a Global recall and we're working as hard as we can to get this sorted quickly for our customers. 

by New Contributor Richlyn
‎2016-09-23 08:30 PM

 I got my Note7 today..It was a smooth transaction..I am happy..I got 2 chargers..2 S pens and 2 earphones Smiley Happy

by New Contributor emm23a
‎2016-09-23 08:35 PM

@Nghi I sent my details to @Gen_R early this morning like she asked so she could find my BASC number, but I have had no reply. After returning my phone 12 days ago, I received nothing to say I had returned it. They just took my name and number. Are you able to access my BASC number please?

by New Contributor Kristi23
‎2016-09-23 08:37 PM

Got my replacement Note 7 today, love having it back.

Would like to say a massive thanks to all the mods on this forum for all the ongoing support and info yous have provided throughout this whole recall... And a massive thanks to the Bendigo Optus store for making it all so easy and carefree 😀

by New Contributor Note7boom
‎2016-09-23 08:39 PM

@DayBlossom88 I feel your frustration but believe me when I say your statement about telstra treating their customers with respect is laughable, they have the worst customer service I have ever experienced and charge a lot more for the privilege. 

by New Contributor Krystark
‎2016-09-23 08:50 PM

I am wondering wheb we returned our phone including the accessories because the Optus store people said so. Can we claim those accessories back as well? Im pretty sure some of us would love to have them back as spares instead of buying aftermarket chargers and cables.

by New Contributor sandeep26
‎2016-09-23 09:20 PM

guys who has received their note7 can u please tell me when did u guys sended urs... As i did mine on7th of sep and still waiting which is frustating... so just wanna know how many more days do i have to tolerate this j1 mini ... thanks 

by RetiredModerator Nghi
‎2016-09-23 09:26 PM

The BASC numbers aren't generated straight away and if you had left your phone in store with your details then a replacement phone should be on it's way for you @emm23a. We expect sometime next week. 


@Krystark, you'll need to speak with your store about that. If your accessories were sent back with your phone then you'd only receive the accessories which come with a new phone. But if they are still in store then you may be able to claim them back.

by New Contributor Krystark
‎2016-09-23 09:34 PM



Date returned: 06/09/2016

Issue: Bootloop issues then bricked/dead

Store: Chermside/ Processed under ELF

Date received: 22/09/2016.



by New Contributor emm23a
‎2016-09-23 09:39 PM

Thanks @Nghi

by New Contributor sandeep26
‎2016-09-23 10:02 PM


thanks for the help... hopefully i will get mine on friday... just sick of using j1 mini..

by New Contributor Note7boom
‎2016-09-23 10:04 PM

I handed mine in on the 9th, got my new one yesterday

by New Contributor sandeep26
‎2016-09-23 10:07 PM


how come i didnt recieve mine then ... its just to frustating.. i wont get it until monday as its weekend tomorrow 

by Frequent Visitor Arun07
‎2016-09-23 10:16 PM

My note 7 is damaged on the back side. I went to optus store to return my phone with original box and accessories. Guy there told me that there will be a charge to return the phone if it is damaged. Is this true.??? . Samsung said I can return phone as long as it is in fully functional condition..  

by RetiredModerator Nghi
‎2016-09-23 11:04 PM

@Arun07 the current recall is in regards to the battery issues on the Samsung Note 7. If your phone has other damage then it may need to be repaired under warranty/insurance. Is your phone exhibiting any other problems?

by New Contributor Note7boom
‎2016-09-24 12:01 AM

@Arun07 This is from the Samsung recall blog:

If my Note7 is damaged, can I still get a remedy?

Yes, you are still entitled to a remedy of your choice if your device is damaged.
by New Contributor vicky0210
‎2016-09-24 12:10 AM

Samsung mentioned on their website that phone will be available starting 21st but checked two stores phone is not still available. I didn't take a replacement device but terminated my contract. Samsung website mentions that I will still be able to get new Note7 if I can prove that I had purchased it in past. This doesn't seem to be the case when I go to store. They say current stock is only for people using replacement device. I wonder when will I get new Note7?

by Occasional Visitor siroku
‎2016-09-24 12:25 AM
Does Adelaide available now ? Some one answer me please. thank very much
by RetiredModerator Nam_L
‎2016-09-24 01:25 AM

Hey Vicky0210, from my understand. Customer were able to opt for a replacement device or a full refund. From September 21, only customer who were awaiting the replacement device will or have been contacted to coordinate the collection or delivery of their new device. This information is from Samsung's statement here → You still have the option to re-contract to a Note 7, you'd just have to await until we have stock to organise this. 


@siroku - Just need some more clarification, for general sale or for the replacement program? 





by Frequent Visitor Arun07
‎2016-09-24 08:26 AM

 @Nghi No there is no problems other than my back panel edge has cracks on them. It functions as normal... 


@Note7boom Yes that is correct but I don't know why optus is trying to get money from me.. 


by New Contributor darrellc4
‎2016-09-24 11:32 AM



Im just seeking some clarification regarding my Note 7 preorder which I preodered on 17 August. I just rang up the Hobart Optus Store along Elizabeth Street and I was informed that the priority for receiving new Note 7s would be for those who already had replacement devices and then those who preordered and then general sale. Also, I was informed that new stock for preorders and general sales might take another 3-4 weeks? 


Could I confirm that my pre-order might really take another 3-4 weeks? I'm honestly pretty annoyed and frustrated at this point in time as I had to wait for my pre-order before the recall (because there wasn't enough 256Gb micro-sd cards and people who just walked in got their Note 7 first) and now there might be an extra delay in my order (which I had to do because my current phone is having issues).


My apologies for any trouble caused. 




by RetiredModerator Esther
‎2016-09-24 11:41 AM

Appreciate the situation isn't ideal for you Darrell and can assure you we're doing our best to have all orders fullfilled as quickly as possible. Depending on stock levels this might take a few weeks as advised by the store. Apologies for any troubles.

by Occasional Visitor FatOnion
‎2016-09-24 11:52 AM

@DayBlossom88 We're on the same boat. I took mine in on the 26/8

What I think happened is when we brought the phone back for assessment it was approved with BASC but the recall happened during this event. Our phone was already sent back and was approved to pick up in store. So in their system it is showing it is done (in samsung's pov)

That is why people who handed phones after us have been getting it back already. Phones are getting sent back to stores according to phones being returned after recall was announced to keep track by samsung.

We may have perhaps fallen through a process loophole.


I am leaving aus for holidays 27/9, I'm hoping my assumption is incorrect. I'll be pissed if it is correct.


by Member Seaeagles
‎2016-09-24 12:24 PM

I hand my Note 7 back on the 7/9/ how much longer do I have to wait.. I put my BASC number in it says my phone was sent back on the 15th n it was received on the 17th by TOLL Customers Solutions.. do I have to wait week's??

by Member Rodsnote
‎2016-09-24 01:01 PM

Hey @FatOnion And @DayBlossom88 I too handed mine in on 27th Aug after phone crashed BASC approved it before the recall but I still received the new one yesterday

by Occasional Visitor FatOnion
‎2016-09-24 01:04 PM

@Rodsnote Thanks for the info, hoping its a delivery delay then.

by Moderator Aman_B
‎2016-09-24 01:54 PM

Hey @FatOnion and @Seaeagles I'd recommend to contact the Optus store your handset was send to get an update on this or let us know if you want us to chase this for you.