Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Review

by Content Editor LucyS ‎2017-01-19 10:02 AM
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19th Jan 2017, 10:02am



Disclaimer: The views expressed in the above review are my own and do not represent those of Optus or its staff.




As I opened the box and stared lovingly at the S7 edge’s beautiful glass screen and stunning curved edge design, my first thoughts were: “oooh so shiny, so sleek”. Along with the gorgeous phone, you’ll also find the usual headphones, charger and instruction manual inside.


Set-up and Design


The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge’s design is one of its key selling points. This phone has a truly beautiful curved glass screen with a large 5.5 inch quad-HD display that boasts the finest optics and richest colours. It also feels much lighter when compared to other phones that have the same 5.5 inch screen. The headphone jack is – fortunately – on the bottom of the device which I like and the fingerprint sensor is really fast. The S7 edge is also water-resistant* which emboldened me to take it snorkelling recently (albeit inside one of those waterproof phone bag cases).




As a total shutterbug, I’m in love with the S7 edge’s camera. On the rear, you’ll find a 12MP sensor and on the front 5MP - both take incredible photos; they’re packed full of detail, colours are vibrant yet accurate and you can get a lovely depth of field when taking close-up pictures. I especially like the wide-angle lens on the selfie camera – it’s perfect for group shots where you want to cram multiple faces into one photo. Unfortunately there isn’t a front-facing flash but if you need light, you can buy a light-up phone case to nail the perfect selfie in low-lighting.


Here are some of the shots I took recently:


smaller pic.jpg

smaller pic 2.jpg

smaller pic 3.jpg

smaller pic 4.jpg


Other features


This baby charges fast plus you can also get a wireless charger if you’re so inclined. Battery life is decent and lasts a full day with moderate-heavy use.






- Incredible camera that shoots superb, vibrant photos in all conditions

- Amoled screen that make colours pop

- Ability to add Google Now launcher


Not-so-sure about:


- All glass screen seems quite fragile despite the Gorilla Glass 4

- Android emojis Smiley Frustrated

- Hard to find nice phone cases for S7 edge




Seriously, I’m in love. I feel like this phone was made for me. Just give me the IOS emojis and I can die happy.




* - Samsung Galaxy S7 edge provides ingress protection against water and dust to a maximum of 15 metres for up to 30 minutes, allowing it to be certified to an IP68 rating. See Samsung Australia website to read more about IP68. Refer to Galaxy S7 edge user manual for more information regarding proper care and use of the device (including maintaining the water and dust resistance performance).

by Crowd Champion Yeldarb
‎2017-01-19 10:39 AM

Subway is making egg and mushroom rolls now? I feel a technicolor yawn coming on. Great review and as always excellent pictures to highlight the brilliant camera. Can't wait to see your drop test on YouTube. Smiley LOL

by Content Editor LucyS
‎2017-01-19 02:01 PM

Thanks @Yeldarb Smiley Happy If you zoom in on the photos you can actually see what the people on the boat are doing which is pretty cool. I already tested the water resistance in Cairns (kinda) so you won't see me trying to test the shock-proofness any time soon haha! 

by Online Community Manager
‎2017-01-19 02:15 PM

How is the camera for selfies? @LucyS

by Crowd Champion Yeldarb
‎2017-01-19 05:44 PM

I was looking on my phone at the pics and I thought they were brilliant. Got home and fired up the big screen and just wow! Hope you enjoy the phone and welcome to the world of Android.

by Content Editor LucyS
‎2017-01-30 11:39 AM

Sure is @MarkWSmiley Wink




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