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Reasons to download the My Optus App

Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager
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In this day and age of apps for almost every facet of your life, you may be reluctant to download more... There are apps that give you a remote control on your phone; apps that help you organise your apps, and even apps to help you buy more apps – it’s overwhelming! But if there’s one last app you should download before your imminent cleanse, it’s the My Optus app.  

Here’s why you need to download or update the My Optus app:

1. Information about your Optus service is available through the My Optus app under the Service tab, including:

- Your data breakdown and usage (The My Optus app breaks down your data usage into how much of your data you’ve used out of your total data allowance);
- Turning Third Party Content purchases off by setting the spend limit to $0

- Your talk and text usage and allowance;

- Any additional charges;

- You can also get a quick glance of your usage by adding the widget to your home screen

2. You can edit your personal profile under the More tab, select Profile then select Edit. Within your profile, you’ll also be able to view your phone number, account number, handset that your plan is being used on and info on your current plan. Within the Profile tab, you can even choose to change your plan by selecting the Go To My Account button.


3. All your billing information is available under the Billing tab, and you can:

- Pay your Optus bill;

- View your current and previous Optus bills;

- Request a billing extension;

- Report a payment;

- Manage your direct debit;

- Manage paperless billing;

- And chat to us about your bill.

4. You can also:

- Access Support and in-app Live Chat services;

- Recharge your Prepaid Mobile;

- Pay another account;

- Track your order

- Organise international roaming – switch on your roaming to use your mobile overseas, select different Optus Travel™ packs, view roaming rates, and check your estimated usage;

- Provide us with your feedback;

- Access further app settings;

- And logout and/or switch users.

Download your My Optus App now via Google Play and the Apple App store!

Please comment below if you have any questions 🙂

Retired Employee
Retired Employee

Here's a great article that covers the data Insights tool within the My Optus app. 


Breakdown of your Data Usage in the My Optus app


Thanks @Dan_C and @AlistarS, super helpful 

Super Contributor
Super Contributor

The MyOptus App is super useful.  If you could stop it accessing my location in the background 118521 times in seven days I might consider using it more often.

Trusted Contributor
Trusted Contributor

Hey @Clancy10,


Thanks for your feedback, glad to hear it's all working well for you.


You can turn off Network Performance which accesses your location to provide our Networks team with up to date data about how the network is working.


You can do this by going into the My Optus App, clicking on the three dots (More) in the right bottom corner. Then select App Settings and toggle the Network Performance button off.


Hope this helps.

Super Contributor
Super Contributor

Hi @Marie,


Thanks for that, I'll give it another seven days and see if it has any effect.  Any tips for other Optus Apps?  Optus Sport has accessed it 83761 times in seven days. The Wifi-Talk app was nearly double that.  Optus app's are always the biggest offenders here. They're great apps, but for the security conscious it can be a little disconcerting. 



Trusted Contributor
Trusted Contributor

You're most welcome @Clancy10 🙂


You can change the App permissions by going into your phones settings, Apps, select the app and then permissions. Here you can change the location permission.


Let me know how you go.

Super Contributor
Super Contributor

Hi Marie,


After trying your suggestions, there has been a change. Now instead of over 100k instances of the app trying to access my location (regardless whether the services are turned on or off on the phone), it is only accessing it over 20k times.


Still uncomfortable with that many considering the nearest app is Facebook at about 200 times in seven days.  Hopefully future iterations of the app will work on this. 


Thanks again.