Pro rata and Month in advance explained

by Online Community Manager ‎2018-10-03 03:17 PM
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3rd Oct 2018, 3:17pm

What is Pro rata?


We want to clear up any confusion around the term Pro Rata.


When you sign up with us, you’re billed your monthly access fee (plan and handset costs, if that applies) in advance. Any usage charges, be it calls, texts, data or value-added services i.e. travel packs are billed in arrears.


Pro rata means proportional, and in the Optus sense of the word, Pro Rata is a charge incurred for a product/service over a particular time-period, which practically means a charge for a part of a month, depending on when you signed up for a new service.


We often get questions here on Yes Crowd like Why has my bill come so soon?” and “Why are there repeated recurring charges with different invoice periods?


In short, you’re being charged for a proportion of the month and for the first month in advance, and you can expect your next bill to be less. We’ll explain more below:


We’ll be using our new simplified mobile bills for our examples.


Note - We’re in the process of upgrading our billing systems, so if your account number still starts with an 8, 9 or 10 you can find some handy tips here.


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