Premier League Schedule: Round 22

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23rd Dec 2016, 10:38am

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Below you’ll find the schedule for Round 22 of the Premier League. Plus remember, you can find channel details and replay times of all the matches right in your phone’s calendar by using our calendar syncing feature ECAL here


Before we get to the schedule, we also have some important information to share.


Important information: earlier this week the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) for the Premier League listed incorrect times for some of the match replays. We have since updated the EPG so it is now showing the correct timings for all replays but some customers may need to be aware of the following:


If you’re a satellite customer who programmed your set top box to record the original replay times listed on the EPG that were incorrect, you will need to update your set top box so it is recording the new correct replay time for the match you want to watch. You can find the updated, correct match replay times on the EPG on the Optus Sport website or below the schedule table in this post.


We apologise for any inconvenience caused.


Round 21




Coverage From (AEDT)


Available on Demand

Saturday 21st January

Liverpool v Swansea


Optus Sport 1


Sunday 22nd January

Stoke v Manchester United


Optus Sport 1 (Goal Rush)


Stoke v Manchester United


Optus Sport 3


West Brom v Sunderland


Optus Sport 4


Bournemouth v Watford


Optus Sport 5


Crystal Palace v Everton


Optus Sport 6


Middlesbrough v  West Ham


Optus Sport 7


Manchester City v Tottenham


Optus Sport 1


Southampton v Leicester


Optus Sport 1


Monday 23rd January

Arsenal v Burnley


Optus Sport 1


Chelsea v Hull City


Optus Sport 1




The following games will not be available to watch on demand. However, they will be replayed at the times (AEDT) below:


Stoke v Manchester United


22/01/2017 @ 9:00 am

23/01/2017 @ 7:30 pm

25/01/2017 @ 10:30 am

26/01/2017 @ 8:30 am


West Brom v Sunderland


22/01/2017 @ 11:00 am

22/01/2017 @ 2:00 pm

24/01/2017 @ 1:30 pm

29/01/2017 @ 12:00 pm


Southampton v Leicester


23/01/2017 @ 7:00 am

25/01/2017 @ 8:30 am

by Occasional Contributor LeeDoc
‎2017-01-01 08:11 AM

Round 20 starts in less than 18 hours, when do you envisage being able to inform us of when you will screen the replays of the games not available "on demand"? Specifically Sunderland v's Liverpool 

by Frequent Visitor Bainesy3
‎2017-01-01 09:31 AM

@LeeDoc wrote:
Round 20 starts in less than 18 hours, when do you envisage being able to inform us of when you will screen the replays of the games not available "on demand"? Specifically Sunderland v's Liverpool 

Just check the EPG on the Optus Sport 1 website mate.

Oh, it doesn't work on the website? Good thing the website is brand new, right! Not like the website has been open for 5 or so months, right? It didn't take them 5 months to add text to a website, right?


Gee Whiz, I can't wait for the mobile app to be released, hope it has the EPG as well otherwise what's the point in having Optus Sport 1 available on mobile devices if you don't have any idea whats on.


Good Work Optus! Gold star for you guys!

by RetiredModerator Marcel
‎2017-01-01 12:00 PM

Sorry to hear this. I can see Miles has replied to your other post. Please reply there to avoid multiple conversations. Thanks 

by RetiredModerator Hollie
‎2017-01-01 01:21 PM

Hey @LeeDoc & @Bainesy3 - apologies for the delays but the replay times for the games on demand have now been updated above. 

by Occasional Contributor Devo-McDuff
‎2017-01-03 07:19 PM

I worked my entire morning around the below listing:


Manchester City v Burnley

3/01/2017 @ 9.00 AM (Optus Sport 1)


At about 09:10 there were 4 minutes of highlights of this game, that is not a replay. 


Every week Optus manages to bugger up me trying to follow my team playing in a new and creative way. A couple of examples of the top of my head:


- Buggy chromecast support in iPhone app with regular drop outs, no problems with other apps that support Chromecast


- Unreliable/unclear schedule listings


- Poor system for fast forwarding to later stage of game (if you don't have time for pre-match etc.) so you often go to far and spoil the game


- End of match flashing up for a few seconds with score clearly visible when starting match from beginning, again spoiling the game


What a thoroughlly crap service, it's no wonder why people turn to pirate providers. Foxtel were not particularly good at this but Optus have dropped it to a whole new level.


by Valued Contributor
‎2017-01-03 11:39 PM

Definitely not the viewing experience we want you to be having, @Devo-McDuff Smiley Sad Which time zone are you in? The above replay times are AEST.


Our Networks team are currently aware of an issue affecting some Chromecast users - if you can send me a PM with your full name, DOB, service number and Optus Sport login I'm happy to generate a problem report so we can notify you once this is resolved. We're in the process of integrating an up to date guide for the Optus Sport app - until then we'll do our best to ensure that up to date fixtures continue to be posted here. An accurate guide can also be found via Yes TV by Fetch. Happy to pass on your feedback in relation to fast forwarding - are you referring to the app? Sorry to hear that a score has been spoiled for you Smiley Sad

by Occasional Contributor Devo-McDuff
‎2017-01-03 04:18 PM

I'm in the AEST time-zone (Sydney) and I connected to Optus Sport 1 via the app at 09:00am yesterday and it wasn't showing the Man City vs Burnley game,  it was the Liverpool game I think. Then 10 minutes or so later it showed brief highlights of the Man City game which was not what was advertised here. Great. Game spoiled once more.


Another fun one is where it asks you if you want to start over for a game that is live that you have come to late, only it doesn't start over it takes you to the live game, which might only have 5 minutes left. Result being game spoiled again. Apparently this isn't supported to start over until the game is available on demand later, this is what support told me at the time. It makes no sense though as you could not watch a game live hours later anyway and why would you include a button to watch from beginning when all it actually does is take you to the live game.


Re the numerous Chromecast issues, I'll look out for app updates. The scheduling issues are the most frustrating though.

by RetiredModerator Miles_R
‎2017-01-03 04:53 PM

Completely understand your frustration with these issues, Devo-McDuff. The 'Watch from Beginning' feature has been playing up for the last few weeks but has worked correctly for most of the season. From personal experience I've found that the match does start from the beginning after a few seconds. No one wants the score of a match they're about to watch to be spoilt and our Content Team are working tirelessly to get these problems resolved. Hopefully they can be fixed up shortly.

by New Contributor Francisco
‎2017-01-07 11:13 PM

Where is round 21 schedule? Arsenal once again missing on demand ??

by Trusted Contributor
‎2017-01-07 11:37 PM

Hey Francisco, each team will be shown equally On Demand. All up, you can expect that 9 of the 38 games each team plays wont be available On Demand. As for the round 21 schedule, it will be made available here at the start of the round. Hope this helps Smiley Happy