Premier League Schedule - Round 12

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4th Nov 2016, 9:00am

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Round 11 saw Sunderland come away with their first, much needed, win of the season over Bournemouth. Despite an early lead by the Cherries thanks to Dan Gosling, Sunderland fought back with Victor Anichebe’s goal in the 33rd minute followed by a penalty shot by Jermaine Defoe.


Elsewhere in the Premier League saw Manchester City draw 1-1 with Middlesborough, West Ham fared the same against Stoke and old foes Arsenal also drew 1-1 with Tottenham. With all these draws, expect Round 12 to be very interesting with lots of sides hungry for the win in their next match.


Manchester United took home a convincing 3-1 win over Swansea despite four straight Premier League losses in the previous rounds. The team were untouchable from the start, going 3-0 up by half time thanks to one from the formidable Paul Pogba and two from Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Swansea’s Mike van der Hoorn scored their first and only goal half way through the second half but it just wasn’t enough and United proved far too strong for the Swans. Amusingly, Jose Mourinho was forced to watch the match from the stands after receiving a touchline ban – perhaps he’ll calm down now after this very welcome win?


After a week off play, round 12 starts at 10PM AEDT on Saturday 19th November with Manchester United taking on Arsenal at Old Trafford. Will United be able to keep up the momentum and come away with a second win in a row or will Arsenal seal the deal after their disappointing draw last round? Tune into Optus Sport 1 to find out.


Here’s the rest of the schedule:


Please note: not all games are available to watch on Demand, for more information about on Demand matches and our broadcasting agreement with the Premier League, please head over to our blog here.



Coverage From (AEDT)


Saturday 19th November

Manchester United v Arsenal


Optus Sport 1

Sunday 20th November







Crystal Palace v Manchester City


Optus Sport 7

Everton v Swansea


Optus Sport 8

Southampton v Liverpool


Optus Sport 3

Stoke v Bournemouth


Optus Sport 4

Sunderland v Hull City


Optus Sport 5

Watford v Leicester


Optus Sport 6

Tottenham v West Ham


Optus Sport 1

Monday 21st November

Middlesbrough v Chelsea


Optus Sport 1

Tuesday 22nd November

West Brom v Burnley


Optus Sport 1


The following matches will not be available to watch on-demand, however you can watch replays of the games at the following times on Optus Sport 1:


Sunderland vs Hull City

Sunday 20th November – 9:00am

Sunday 20th November – 5:00pm

Monday 21st November - 11:00am


Tottenham v West Ham

Sunday 20th November - 11:00am

Sunday 20th November – 7.00pm

Wednesday 23th November - 3:00am

Thursday 24th November – 7.30pm


by New Contributor stenix
‎2016-11-04 09:10 PM

So the first reply of the Man City v Middlesbrough game is over a day later when most people will be at work.

Really useful!

Why don't your schedulers make sure the games that are not on demand are shown early that morning, so those who aren't able to stay up and watch live can watch at a reasonable time, and not have to spend more than a day avoiding the result.

by RetiredModerator Guy
‎2016-11-04 10:44 PM

Hey @stenix. We've taken on board feedback about this and we're due to implement a revised schedule soon with our programming team. 

by Occasional Contributor Subversion13
‎2016-11-04 11:46 PM

@stenix, your are exactly correct and are echoing feedback from previous weeks. I'm starting to wonder if the "well pass on that feedback" is a copy and paste response or it gets lost.


I actually want these guys to succeed, but between scheduling and VOD quality, they shoot themselves in the foot every week.

by Trusted Contributor
‎2016-11-06 04:54 AM


@stenix & @Subversion13, if you can check the replay schedule above you'll see that new replays have been added Smiley Happy We're definitely listening and doing our best to implement these requests. Just as an FYI though, the EPG will still reflect the original games scheduled for these times rather than the updated games that will be shown. 

by Occasional Contributor SteveMull
‎2016-11-06 08:46 AM

What about publishing the games that are not on-demand a few weeks in advance. Being a Man City fan, this is the third game missed, and the season has only just begun. 

by RetiredModerator Hollie
‎2016-11-06 09:03 AM

Hey Steve - they are available in the App a week in advance, also if you have the Fetch Gen 2 or Mighty you can set series/ team tags so every game is recorded live. For more info about on Demand content have a look here.

by New Contributor esargon
‎2016-11-07 05:50 PM

What is the reason that some of the games are not on demand!?

by RetiredModerator Guy
‎2016-11-07 06:03 PM

Hi @esargon. Our broadcast agreement with the Premier League allows us to provide 29 games on demand per team per season which means that we can’t make every game available on demand every week. What’s also important to remember is the 29 games per team counts whether they’re the home or away team. For example, we made the Everton vs Crystal Palace game available on demand after round 7 which counts as one game for Everton and one for Crystal Palace (it’s not just one for Everton). This means that we need to carefully plan throughout the season to ensure we evenly distribute which teams are shown on demand and when. For more information check out our page here.

by Occasional Contributor SteveMull
‎2016-11-08 09:00 AM

Perhaps I should have stated before hand that I have a Fetch Mini, so no record. Its irrelevant to suggest that if we had a Mighty we could record, because we wouldnt be having this discussion if that was the case. (Similarly, If I had plenty of money, I would have flown and watched the game live!) The point I am making is that the season fixtures are known months in advance. Plenty of time to schedule the games to be recorded for on-demand delivery. Why can't the advance schedule be made available. This provides people like me with a Fetch Mini the opportunity to either stay up and watch the game, or be prepared to watch a replay at another time. Why only a few days in advance?

by RetiredModerator Hollie
‎2016-11-08 09:17 AM

We do advise a week in advance what games will be available on demand. In regards to replay schedules, this is something that our productions and scheduling team work on but happy to pass the feedback on to see if we can get the info available any sooner.