Premier League Schedule - Round 12

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28th Oct 2016, 9:06am

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Round 11 saw Sunderland come away with their first, much needed, win of the season over Bournemouth. Despite an early lead by the Cherries thanks to Dan Gosling, Sunderland fought back with Victor Anichebe’s goal in the 33rd minute followed by a penalty shot by Jermaine Defoe.


Elsewhere in the Premier League saw Manchester City draw 1-1 with Middlesborough, West Ham fared the same against Stoke and old foes Arsenal also drew 1-1 with Tottenham. With all these draws, expect Round 12 to be very interesting with lots of sides hungry for the win in their next match.


Manchester United took home a convincing 3-1 win over Swansea despite four straight Premier League losses in the previous rounds. The team were untouchable from the start, going 3-0 up by half time thanks to one from the formidable Paul Pogba and two from Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Swansea’s Mike van der Hoorn scored their first and only goal half way through the second half but it just wasn’t enough and United proved far too strong for the Swans. Amusingly, Jose Mourinho was forced to watch the match from the stands after receiving a touchline ban – perhaps he’ll calm down now after this very welcome win?


After a week off play, round 12 starts at 10PM AEDT on Saturday 19th November with Manchester United taking on Arsenal at Old Trafford. Will United be able to keep up the momentum and come away with a second win in a row or will Arsenal seal the deal after their disappointing draw last round? Tune into Optus Sport 1 to find out.


Here’s the rest of the schedule:


Please note: not all games are available to watch on Demand, for more information about on Demand matches and our broadcasting agreement with the Premier League, please head over to our blog here.



Coverage From (AEDT)


Saturday 19th November

Manchester United v Arsenal


Optus Sport 1

Sunday 20th November







Crystal Palace v Manchester City


Optus Sport 7

Everton v Swansea


Optus Sport 8

Southampton v Liverpool


Optus Sport 3

Stoke v Bournemouth


Optus Sport 4

Sunderland v Hull City


Optus Sport 5

Watford v Leicester


Optus Sport 6

Tottenham v West Ham


Optus Sport 1

Monday 21st November

Middlesbrough v Chelsea


Optus Sport 1

Tuesday 22nd November

West Brom v Burnley


Optus Sport 1


The following matches will not be available to watch on-demand, however you can watch replays of the games at the following times on Optus Sport 1:


Sunderland vs Hull City

Sunday 20th November – 9:00am

Sunday 20th November – 5:00pm

Monday 21st November - 11:00am


Tottenham v West Ham

Sunday 20th November - 11:00am

Sunday 20th November – 7.00pm

Wednesday 23th November - 3:00am

Thursday 24th November – 7.30pm


by New Contributor Rectify
‎2016-10-28 09:59 AM

Brilliant, so the only way i can watch Liverpool is to get up in the middle of the night on Sunday morning, take the day off from work on Tuesday or stay up until midnight on Thursday. Great planning. Ahy not put it on on Sunday morning between 9-11?

by New Contributor Drumso
‎2016-10-30 12:46 PM

Somebody used their brain when creating replay times for the Watford v Hull match.


For the other two matches, they didn't. Seriously, think about it. Putting them on when people are at work or asleep? 


As if it's not bad enough that we don't get certain matches on-demand, but we get another slap in the face if we are wanting to catch up on it later in the day/week.


I keep waiting and hoping common sense will prevail. It's tiring.

by RetiredModerator Hannah-L
‎2016-10-30 01:06 PM

Hey @Drumso, thanks for your feedback. The replay times are determined by our Content team, we can definitely provide feedback on your behalf. If you have a Fetch TV gen 2 or 3 set top box you can record the replays also.

by Occasional Contributor michaelg24
‎2016-10-30 03:08 PM

What is it that determines which replays are on demand and which aren't?

by RetiredModerator Hannah-L
‎2016-10-30 03:15 PM

Hey @michaelg24! Please see our blog post for this info. Smiley Happy

by New Contributor StevieG
‎2016-10-30 09:42 PM

Very disappointed to log on to watch Liverpool Crystal palace replay only to find out it's not on demand. Then read something about each team having nine games not on demand per season as part of the deal which is fair enough. Then found out that Optus shows games which are not on demand on the Optus channel which made sense. Then checked schedule and the only two replays are Tuesday at 2pm and Thursday at 3am. Are you serious? That is ridiculous. It should be replayed on a Sunday afternoon or evening. In fact all games not on demand should be replayed the same day at a reasonable time. I.e. - not 3am in the morning.


Have been impressed with the coverage so far but this doesn't make sense and is very disappointing considering that I was looking forward to watching the match tonight. By the way, I have the fetch mini so don't have the option to record.


Think your content team don't quite understand the EPL culture

by New Member Klopptus
‎2016-10-30 09:44 PM

Please dont patronise drumso by telling him he can record it if he has fetch tv. I'm sure he knows. just say sorry for the inconvenience and move on.

by Occasional Contributor johnkg
‎2016-10-31 10:01 AM

Also, many people like me cannot record because we are only able to use Fetch-TV mini. Optus will not sell other recording Fetch-TV boxes to customers not on broadbank packages. It's insane considering that not all games are on demand and replays are not shown for days (and they of course cannot be recorded either).

by New Contributor cla
‎2016-10-31 01:40 PM

Are all replay times in AEDST? Which is Sydney and Melbourne time at the moment. 

by RetiredModerator Nghi
‎2016-10-31 02:16 PM

Hey cla, all times listed are in AEDT.