Pre-order the iPhone XS and XS Max from Optus

Posted by (Online Community Manager)
13th Sep 2018, 1:58pm

From 5:01PM AEST on Friday 14th of September you can pre-order the iPhone XS and XS Max online at and from Saturday 15th September 2018 it will be available to pre-order in all other channels, subject to stock availability. 

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are the most advanced iPhones ever, taking the vision for the future of the smartphone to a new level, featuring stunning 5.8-inch and 6.5-inchSuper Retina displays that offer remarkable brightness and true blacks while showing 60 percent greater dynamic range in HDR photos.

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max bring an improved dual camera system that offers breakthrough photo and video features, A12 Bionic chip with next-generation Neural Engine, faster Face ID, wider stereo sound, longer battery life, splash and water resistance.

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Note: Optus relies on the product information provided by Apple when making the representations above.

by Esteemed Contributor
‎2018-09-12 03:08 PM

It's on my wish list.

by Occasional Visitor hpen8295
‎2018-09-12 03:21 PM

If I currently have a sim-only contract with Optus, will there be the option to upgrade to a phone-sim plan when the IPhone XS Max is pre-released? Thanks!

by Moderator Dan_C
‎2018-09-12 04:15 PM

You sure can @hypen8295 Smiley Happy


Once pre-order has opened, simply follow the instructions on the pre-order page and we'll process the upgrade as a standard re-contract.


You will need to upgrade to a 24-month contract. If there are any issues processing your application, you will be contacted by a member of our sales admin team. 


Pre-order opens in 24 hours, you'll need to head to our website.


If you have any other questions, fire away! We’re happy to help.


by New Member Denz69
‎2018-09-13 05:05 PM

Im on a 2-yr postpaid plan that will end next month (oct) and i will be ordering the new iphone. Just want to know:

-do i need to login to my optus acct while preordering? (will there be a link inside my account page for preordering?)

-when r u going to post the plans?



by Moderator Dan_C
‎2018-09-13 05:46 PM

@Denz69As soon as Pre-order goes live at 5:01PM, the plan list will become available.


You'll need to follow the normal order flow. We'll have a banner up on the homepage that'll direct you to the plan selection sceen. 


We can validate your account in two ways:


Enter your Mobile number & DOB in the required fields and we'll send you a unqiue code via SMS. 


Alterternatively, you'll be given the option to login with My Account.


Important note - If you haven't yet reached the end of your contract, you may need to payout the remaining cost of your handset. 

We'll let you know the amount owing, before we go in and process your order. 









by Occasional Visitor Boothy
‎2018-09-13 05:52 PM

I’m a Virgin Mobile customer and my Contract ends this month.  I’ve had plenty of discount offers to come over to Optus and I’m wondering if you’ll have offers for migrating Virgin customers with this pre-sale.  Could you please let me know?



by Moderator Shauna
‎2018-09-13 06:42 PM

Hey @Boothy - We don't have any information with regards to plans/pricing/offers at this stage, sorry!

Would be best to keep an eye out on our website. 

by Visitor Taurenpally
‎2018-09-13 09:14 PM

Will you guys be doing esims on the new iphones at all?

And will the iphones brought from you guys still have the esim in them if you dont do esim?

by RetiredModerator Tano
‎2018-09-13 01:45 AM

Hey @Taurenpally, Optus does not support the Dual SIM functionality on the new iPhone handsets.

by Moderator Dan_C
‎2018-09-13 10:09 AM

We currently support eSIM on Apple Watches. At stage, we won't be supporting eSIM functionality on the new iPhone. If anything does change in this regard, we'll be sure to make customers aware. 



by Frequent Visitor JazDe
‎2018-09-13 12:43 PM

Is the pre order limited? Or could there be delays with shipping at all? Thanks! Smiley Happy 

by Moderator Dan_C
‎2018-09-13 01:29 PM

Hi @JazDe,


First in best dressed Smiley Happy 


If the amount of pre-orders exceeds the pre-order allocation, the handset will go on back-order.


Depending on when you placed the pre-order, that'll determine your position in the queue. 


I hope that's helpful. 



by Occasional Visitor Jivmeister
‎2018-09-14 04:17 AM

@Dan_C how do I know when if im in backorder or better off how far off I am in queue?


I also ordered online but it seems I only got a temporary tracking. How long will it take til It gets assessed and confirmed? I want the phones soon as my phone is stuffing up so if it will take a week to confirm the order Id want to order elsewhere

by RetiredModerator Tano
‎2018-09-14 04:55 AM

Hey @Jivmeister, if you have a temporary order number it would indicate your order is yet to be processed. Once pushed through you'll receive an update from our Sales team, and you'll get a better indication of delivery and availability. 

by Frequent Visitor JazDe
‎2018-09-14 09:33 AM

@Jivmeister I preordered within half an hour and also got a temporary order number but when I ordered and in the email I received it still said delivery from 21st of September with a little green tick next to it. I thought I didn’t get one but it was in the junk box. Some of the phones on the website to pre order now have pushed back delivery dates and some already say on backorder. I spoke with Optus yesterday and they said my order should be processed in 24 hours so I’m guessing the delivery date could change but I’m hoping it doesn’t. Hope this helps Smiley Happy 

by Moderator Dan_C
‎2018-09-14 11:11 AM

@JazDe, good news Smiley Happy I think you should be okay. 


The website has now been updated to reflect stock availability an estimated shipping date. 



by New Member doomeddisciple
‎2018-09-16 03:06 PM

My current plan is up in January, can I pre-order a phone for that time to pick up where my current contract ends to avoid paying further costs?

by Moderator Dan_C
‎2018-09-16 04:26 PM

You want to sign up to one of the pre-order plans? We wouldn't be able to hold a phone until January. If you were to sign up, as soon as the handset is ready for dispatch, you'll start being charged.


The pre-order offers are only available till the 04/10/18. I'd really suggest waiting until you're ready. We're always changing up our offers (especially around the holiday period). 


by Moderator Dan_C
‎2018-09-18 10:32 AM

Hey guys, I just wanted to send through a brief update.


If we've confirmed a delivery date of the 21st, the handset will be shipped 24 hours before. 


You'll receive an SMS the day before your delivery to confirm that the device has left the warehouse. You'll also receive an SMS on the day the device is due to be delivered.


The SMS will include tracking details and link to our couriers track and page

by Visitor Taurenpally
‎2018-09-18 10:47 AM

Thanks for the update Dan but alot of us cant seem to get a clear awnser on when our delivery date is get told something different each time when talking to live chat or checking the order numbers it doesnt say anything besides the phone is out of stock. is there any way to find out as i want to cancel my order if its not coming on the friday and ill try my luck in store.



by Frequent Visitor JazDe
‎2018-09-18 10:56 AM

Thanks for the update dan! My first “we’ve received your order” email has a green tick next to delivers from 21st September 2018 with that line highlighted in green also. Am I right in assuming that that is my confirmed delivery date? The email that says my order is on its way doesn’t give an estimate and the tracking number says that the warehouse is waiting for stock to arrive. 

by Occasional Visitor Jivmeister
‎2018-09-18 11:26 AM

Funny how everything can pretty much be estimated nowadays. With all the information optus have plus enough people studying logistics and accounting they still cant give us an ETA. I mean if you estimate it to be two weeks late for those on backorder then just bloody say so. I mean non of the optus people deserve to be treated the way restless consumers do but consumers also do not deserve to be held back. We are paying so much money afterall just for their products. 

by Occasional Visitor edenchelsea
‎2018-09-18 04:31 PM

I just spoke to live chat and got told its not the freaking 4th October that they are getting sent out? is this true? ive had 4 different dates be told to me st this point and i’m extremely over it. For how much money this is costing me I shouldn’t be tsking 3 weeks if it is the 4th.

by Moderator Dan_C
‎2018-09-19 06:03 PM



The "delivers from the date," that was included in your temporary order confirmation is the date that you should receive your handset."


This is also the date that would have appeared on the online sales page when you'd signed up (The page you land on before selecting your plan). This date is locked as soon as you submit the order. 


When did you place your order @



by Frequent Visitor JazDe
‎2018-09-19 06:17 PM

Thank you Dan. You’ve been very helpful!! Smiley Happy 

by New Member kellsbells
‎2018-09-19 06:40 PM

Hi, Hoping someone can please help me out with some clarification.  I received a temp order number when I pre-ordered on Friday evening with a delivers from date of 21st of September which was great.  This turned into an order number on Sunday which for some reason was cancelled due to a technical error.  I then received a 2nd order number on Monday afternoon after speaking with Live Chat.  If my first order number was cancelled, is the delivers from date from my temporary order number still valid?  Thank you!

by Occasional Visitor edenchelsea
‎2018-09-19 07:04 PM


I ordered it at Friday 5:35, my order confirmation has no date on it but my ‘we just received your order’ email says from the 27th September?? But I also got told the 21st on live chat? I got in pretty quick so I hope its the 21st Smiley Sad


by New Member Saku0751
‎2018-09-20 05:01 PM

I ordered Iphone xs max and Got an email with temporay order number but no delivery date. But when I check on the website it says It will deliver from 4th October. This is really confusing. I haven't got any other email confirming my order or date.

by Occasional Visitor wch
‎2018-09-20 05:57 PM

Ordered Friday at 5.43pm (would have been earlier but your web site was broken). Received a temporary order number with a delivery from September 21. Received a email/call Sunday asking to call about the order, seems during a data migration you somehow managed to lose my date of birth. Couldn't fix it on a weekend so had to call again twice on Monday. Once that was finally fixed was put back through to sales who told me the temporary order had been cancelled and I'd have to start again. Sales guy tells me delivery is from September 27 and it had never been from the 21st (XS Space Gray 256Gb), there was no queue and everyone would get them at the same time. Then the same evening I get another email and SMS asking me why I hadn't called up to finalise my temporary order. So much for it not existing! Had to call yet again and told "just ignore it". So now as of this afternoon the tracking shows my order hasn't even gone past the submitted stage. Unimpressed to say the least, if this is how business customers get treated hate to be a consumer.