Pre-order the Samsung Tab S4

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10th Aug 2018, 1:42pm

The anticipated Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is now available to pre-order from Optus.


Adapt to your busy life at home and on the go, the refined Galaxy Tab S4 is your ultimate entertainment and multitasking tablet.

Want to find out more? Here are some top features and benefits of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4.


Effortless productivity


For the first time, Samsung Dex is available on a Samsung tablet. Get the productivity of a computer with the mobility of a tablet by simply connecting to a compatible monitor via a USB-C to HDMI adapter without a DeX station or DeX Pad.

4G Performance


The Galaxy Tab S4 is capable of 4G network download speeds up to 1Gbps giving you more time to get things done. Available with 64GB and 256GB memory configuration, additional memory of up to 400GB through the MicroSD card slot, you have plenty of space to store documents and videos.

Huge Display


The Galaxy Tab S4 delivers an expansive viewing area on a compact device. The 10.5” screen size is possible due to the removal of the bezel and physical home button. It’s the most immersive viewing experience thanks to the sAMOLED display.


Facial recognition


Galaxy Tab S4 now includes iris scanning and facial recognition technology. A quick scan of your face or eyes is all that is needed to unlock your device. Even protect private files and apps with powerful encryption security using bio-authentication together with Secure folder.


For full specs, take a look at the table below:

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4



10.5” WQXGA (2560 x 1600) Super AMOLED

Rear Camera

13MP LED Flash

Front Facing Camera

8MP with auto focus


Octa-Core 2.35GHz + 1.9GHz


Ebony Black


64GB (approx. 52GB available to the user)

256GB (approx. 228GB available to the user)
Please note: MicroSD card sold separately

Operating System

Android 8.1



Ready to pre-order your Samsung Galaxy Tab S4? Just click here to check out our plans and pricing.

If you have any questions please comment below Smiley Happy

by Frequent Visitor Foxy2
‎2018-08-28 12:43 PM
Pre ordered a samsung S4 tablet 256gb, was told it be posted when released on 24th August however I am now told there is no stock? Was hoping to take this on my holiday this week. So when will it happen?
by Moderator Dan_C
‎2018-08-28 04:57 PM

Hey @Foxy2, the shipping date for Samsung Tab S4 has been changed to the 3rd of September.


The date changed 5 days from the end of the pre-order period. 

by Frequent Visitor Foxy2
‎2018-08-29 06:54 PM
Good news I hope. Thanks for the info Foxy😀
by Occasional Contributor blairy2691
‎2018-09-03 06:27 PM

Placed my pre-order 21/8 or thereabouts.  Delivery fromf 3/9.  Order on web hasn't been updated.  Chatted with Sales Support and they don't have stock and don't know when they will.  Suggested I take the 64GB version or go into an Optus store and see if they have stock.  If yes, then cancel the online order and purchase through the store.  Suspect I'll likely miss out on the pre-order deal if I do this.  Might just sit tight.  Annoyingly both JBHiFi and Samsung Asutralia have stock.

by Frequent Visitor SlipperyGypsy
‎2018-09-03 01:05 PM

To those who are also still waiting, I just finished speaking to support and long story short is that they have no stock in their warehouse and they couldn't give me any indication of when they would be receiving more.


I spoke to a couple of local stores as well who said they don't have any stock either but one said they had some due tomorrow but the only way I could get one of those is if I cancelled my preorder and signed up in store so at least there's that option. 

by Moderator Kartika
‎2018-09-03 04:31 PM

Hey @SlipperyGypsy, sorry of you have been advised otherwise. It is in stock at the moment and available online. You can order it on our website → hereIf you are not able to place the order online for some reason then speak with our online sales team → here to process it for you. Apologies once again and thanks for bringing this to our attention. 

by Frequent Visitor SlipperyGypsy
‎2018-09-03 04:48 PM

Thanks @Kartika, I ordered on the 24th of last month and tracking says they are still waiting for stock to arrive into the warehouse. The person I spoke to checked with someone in the warehouse who said there were none in the warehouse and they were waiting for their next shipment to arrive. 


If they are as readily available as you say then I should be receiving mine today as they were meant to ship from yesterday and I am within a metro area yet my order has not even been dispatched yet. 

by Moderator Kartika
‎2018-09-04 05:04 PM

Let me double check this for you and confirm with the warehouse. Can you please PM us → here your order number / mobile number, full name and date of birth to proceed. Kartik

by Frequent Visitor Chongjo
‎2018-09-04 09:06 PM

I have placed my pre order on 18 August and the website mentioned deliveries will be on 24 August at the time. I checked the status of my order online on 24th and it says "We are waiting for your item to arrive at our warehouse" dated 18 August.

So i contacted optus live chat on 24th and they assured me that my order has been marked as a priority since it was placed as a pre-order. 

I contacted optus live chat again on 27 August and was told that allocations would be make within that week.

But my next live chat session on 30 August to check on the status and I was told that deliveries will commence on 3rd September. 

Of course there was no updates provided on 3rd September too. After a few rounds on the phone with the optus team, I was told to check in store for stock and I either cancel my pre order and sign up in store if they have stock or wait for the stock allocation with no ETA whatsoever.

What is the point of pre-ordering online if I still have to go to each store to check for stock availability? Also, given that I signed up on the pre-order promotion to get 256gb model for the price of 64gb, will the shop be providing the same offer now? Phone support staff did assure me that I can get the same deal in store as the pre-order. But given all the misleading information I've had from the website and the live chat team, I'm going to take that with a pinch of salt.

And what is the point of pre ordering with optus if I have to wait this long post release date with no updates, no apology, no ETA?

by Frequent Visitor JessHan
‎2018-09-05 03:51 PM

I'm in the same situation as the above post (Chongio). Ordered the TAB S4 256gb model on the 200gb $80 plan on 22nd Aug when Optus said 'delivers from 24th Aug'.


After many live chat follow ups, still no stock and no eta.


Signed up to a 24mth contract which I wanted to to start on 24th Aug with all the allocated data. 24month contract has not started yet and no access to the associated data too. And of course no tablet.





by Moderator Dan_C
‎2018-09-06 05:48 PM

Can you send your details through @JessHan.


I'll need your full name, DOB and mobile number → PM DAN.


We'll check the status of this one. I was told that the shipment date for preorders had been moved to the 03/09/18.



by Frequent Visitor JessHan
‎2018-09-06 05:55 PM

Yes date shifted to 3rd sept. But today is the 6th and latest update on the live chat (direct from the warehouse) was still no stock of the 256gb model and no ETA.


Original date for delivery was 24th aug. Then optus updated to 3rd sept. But clearly they were guests on delivery dates as they are still not available

by Frequent Visitor SlipperyGypsy
‎2018-09-06 06:09 PM

Would be good to get some sort of an ETA, is it going to be days? weeks? 


Dunno about the Optus supply chain but in my warehouse we know when we are due to have stock arriving into the warehouse from suppliers. 

by Frequent Visitor Foxy2
‎2018-09-06 07:49 PM
Hi To the people waiting for the samsung S4 tablet I got my order yesterday so I think the back orders are now hopefully for you, being despatched! Very happy with the tablet S4 its fast, downloaded 1.6gb app in under 2 minutes on G4 plus amazing🤓 FOXY
by Frequent Visitor JessHan
‎2018-09-06 07:57 PM

Was yours the 256gb model?