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Pre Order the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ & Galaxy Note 5 Now!

Forums Community Manager
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note 5 and edge plus banner.jpg

The brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge+ are available to Pre Order now! Both phones offer a brilliant 5.7” Quad HD Super AMOLED screen, great battery life, 16MP back camera and a 5MP front facing camera.


The S6 Edge+ follows on from the remarkable Galaxy S6 Edge, now even bigger and better. The larger dual-edge display is great for watching your favourite movies, and with 4GB RAM it makes for a seamless gaming experience. With the Edge Handle your favourite contacts are only a simple swipe away and your five most frequently used apps are right at your fingertips.


The Note 5 is still as big but now slimmer, with an improved S Pen to jot down your ideas on the go. Air Command is now activated immediately when you take the S Pen out and true-to-life pressure sensitivity allows you to write and draw accurately.


For all the details and pricing head over to our Pre Order pages


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Pre Order
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Pre Order

Which one will you choose?

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Good grief, 4GB of ram is more than my desktop computer. Smiley Very Happy

Forums Community Manager

I remember when I first upgraded to 1GB of ram. I thought it was AMAZING! Time for an upgrade @Yeldarb? I think I remember you mentioning a note 3 at some point? 

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

I have never had a Note and I have always thought an S Pen was something you used to clean a toilet. Smiley LOL

Forums Community Manager

Haha my mistake! 

Frequent Visitor cjsnowy
Frequent Visitor

Matt, any word on the 64gb model? 32 gb and no expandable storage ain't going to cut it for me. Phone looks great though!

RetiredModerator Marcel
Heya! No word on a 64 GB model at this stage. 
Occasional Visitor over88
Occasional Visitor

The sad part is my current phone isn't far off these relics, I could use something cutting EDGE or NOTE worthy.

Forums Community Manager

@over88 sounds like you're trying to enter the competition to win one of the handsets. If so, you need to post the entry on the competition blog post

Member DsChubba11

Edge Edge Edge all the way! Looks amazing. 

Member DsChubba11

@Yeldarb Haha, the sad truth is my desktop is running on 2GB of RAM and my phone's software takes up more room than my music collection. Smiley Sad

New Contributor Basley
New Contributor

Headline- Optus eats ageing Dinosaur in the competition for new customers.

Member Shaz91
Will you be getting the 64gb Note 5 at all? I would prefer to get one from Optus, but if you only have the 32gb model I will have to buy one outright from overseas which is a bit of a pain. My current Note 3 is 32gb plus an SD card but we don't have the option to expand memory any more.
Occasional Contributor Juuliciously
Occasional Contributor

Wonder if Samsung will do anything with the problem of placing the S pen the wrong way in ... other than that I'm super excited for these new releases.

New Member dattarajshetye
New Member

may i ! choose one for me ? i want to call my mom and whtsapp my photo...

RetiredModerator Esther

Hey dattarajshetye, not too sure what you mean? Do you need a hand with anything? 

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