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Our tips for keeping fit and healthy whilst working from home

Retired Employee
Retired Employee
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It’s now been several months since lockdown forced us to adjust to a new way of working.

For many of us at the time, it was a sacrifice we were more than willing to make. We grinned as we waved goodbye to our morning commute, exchanging rush hour for a short walk to the designated workspace inside of our home.

For some, making the transition to work from home hasn’t come easy. We’re still finding ways to ensure we remain fit and healthy whilst the line between our work and personal lives have become increasingly blurred.

The importance of maintaining your physical and mental well being has never been so important. That’s why we’ve put together our top tips for keeping fit and healthy whilst working from home.

Lock in your lunch breaks

Have you ever looked at the clock and wondered where those last 4 hours went? For me, it coincides with a sudden drop of energy and cloudy mind. I then find myself asking, “when did I last eat?”

Sticking to a routine is crucial and if that means needing to knock back that midday meeting, do it. A simple but effective way to stop the interruption to your luncheon is to lock out a block of time in your personal work calendar.

That way, your colleagues know that you’ll be out enjoying lunch in the sun and you’ll dissuade them from organising pesky last-minute meetings.  

Wear your wearable

If you have a smart watch or wearable use it! There are countless apps to help manage your health and wellbeing.

We know that health professionals suggest getting up from your desk at least every 30 minutes and with most smart watches or wearables coming with an-built pedometer, it’s a no brainer. Set your device to notify you when you’ve been inactive for too long a period. Stand up, stretch and get those steps in.

Go Wireless

Invest in a wireless headset or headphones for meetings and conference calls, that way you can walk as you talk. Who said meetings mean that you’re tied to your desk? If you’re a multi-tasker, why not prepare a meal. 

Virtual Workouts

When it comes to excuses for not going to the gym or just not staying active, being locked down due to a global pandemic is hard to top. Be that as it may, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important.

Personal trainers still need their clients which is why like many other industries, they’ve moved to the online world to allow us to conveniently stay in shape from the comfort and safety of our home.

If you’re a customer with Optus Sport, now is a great time to get started as we’ve just launched Optus Sport Fitness! Go from watching athletes performing on the pitch to becoming one yourself by selecting out the choice of exercises on offer, including cardio, dance, Pilates, yoga, fast-fat burners and core strength sessions - all covering a wide range of fitness levels.

Maintain your work life balance 

Whether you’re a make up artist or a banker, a dog groomer or a CEO, whatever your occupation is your mental health is equally important as your physical health. When it comes to having to work from home pressures such as meeting demanding deadlines, keeping the kids entertained whilst you’re in the middle of a Zoom meeting or even just simply knowing the importance of staying employed during this time can easily lead to feeling super stressed. So, maintaining a work life balance is always a key in keeping your mind right. Here are some of my tips:

  • Set a boundary between personal and work time
  • Book in a few long (or longer with Public Holidays) weekends with accrued annual leave
  • Stay active during the work day, have you tried deskercise?
  • Take time out each day to do something you enjoy
  • Seek guidance and support if you’re feeling stressed

We hope we’ve inspired you to incorporate some creative ways to exercise into your busy work day!

You can use your smart phone, watch or wearable to get tracking for your fitness goals or you can simply just go outside and enjoy the surroundings. Still, just as we promote a happy and healthy work life balance for ourselves, fitting in more exercise is another piece of the puzzle.

How do you keep up your activity levels when you work from home? Do you struggle to stick to a routine or find it easy to make time?

Share your experience below 🙂