Our new knowledge base has arrived and… it’s a Wiki!

Posted by (RetiredModerator)
8th Oct 2015, 10:42am

Wiki banner.png


BRRRRRRIIIIING.  My Optus Community just levelled up! We’ve got ‘fantastic forum’ status, the ‘budding blog’ badge and we’ve just unlocked a new achievement… Houston, we have a Wiki!


We’ve been noticing how much clever content’s been submitted here in My Optus Community and we don’t want it to get lost in the archives. So, we’ve created our very own Wiki to capture the best bits!


You can now find detailed info on a variety of topics, submit and modify articles and share your special-subject knowledge with your peers.


Are you the resident Apple fanatic at parties, the Android expert in your class or the tech wizard at work? We’d love to pick your brains so your unique knowledge helps more people.


So go have a look around at what’s already in the Wiki and help us make it bigger and better. We’ve got a lot of smarts to brag about here in My Optus Community so let’s create some awesome articles to share the brainy love.


Are you keen to contribute to the Wiki? What articles would you like to see included?

by Esteemed Contributor
‎2015-10-07 04:12 PM

It look pretty cool and you sure have added some very relevant topics to it. Smiley Very Happy

by Crowd Champion MiCCAS
‎2015-10-09 12:15 AM

Looks great!


How long is the moderation on average - keen to understand the time it takes for contributions to appear on the site!

by RetiredModerator Gen_R
‎2015-10-09 11:31 AM

Hey MiCCA S Smiley Happy Not too sure at this stage! I'll ask Matt and get back to you! 

by Forums Community Manager
‎2015-10-11 01:47 PM

At this stage we're not expecting anything to take longer than 3 business days to at least receive a reply from one of us but it will vary depending on a few factors Smiley Happy

by Occasional Contributor skashkitsune
‎2015-10-13 12:50 AM

all we need now is the forums to be fixed so that we can view page 2 and beyond!

by Forums Community Manager
‎2015-10-13 08:43 AM

@skashkitsune can you be a little more specific? I haven't heard of anyone having difficulties and I've tested across a number of browsers and mobile devices myself so if you can let me know what happens, the device you're using, the OS version and the browser I can check it out.