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Our new Optus Internet Plans

Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager
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We’re excited to announce the introduction of four new plans to our existing suite of month to month  internet plans. Whether you're working, learning or looking for ways to keep yourself entertained at home - our new plans are designed to ensure you have a fast and reliable connection for the whole family. Sign up for the Internet Entertainer Lite 100 or Internet Entertainer 100 and score yourself a great introductory price offer!

Our existing plans:

Internet Everyday: $75 (Min. cost $426 incl. $99 start-up fee)
Internet Entertainer: $90 (Min. cost $441 incl. $99 start-up fee)

Our new plans*: 

Internet Entertainer Lite: $79/mth (Min. cost $430 incl. $99 start-up fee)
Internet Everyday 100: $95/mth) (Min. cost $446 incl. $99 start-up fee)
Internet Entertainer Lite 100: $99/mth ($89 for the first 12/mths)1 (Min. cost $450incl. $99 start-up fee)
Internet Entertainer 100: $110/mth, ($100 for the first 12/mths)2 (Min. cost $461 incl. $99 start-up fee)

Our Optus nbn Speed tiers

We’ve super charged our Optus nbn base speed offering. Sign up to the Internet Everyday 100, Entertainer Lite or Entertainer 100 plan and receive a typical busy period download of 80Mbps between 7pm-11pm, on the Optus nbn 100/20 speed pack (Speed Pack 3+). (80Mbps Typical Busy Period Speed).

If you have a nbn Fibre to the Premise connection (FTTP), try our Home Superfast or Home Ultrafast speed pack. You can add or remove the speed pack at any time. More information about Optus nbn speed packs can be found . For the best possible experience, you’ll need to use an Optus supplied compatible modem. 

Entertainment options

Try out the Fetch Ultimate Channel pack for 3 months on us with Fetch!

1. If you sign up to the Entertainer, Entertainer Lite, Entertainer Lite 100 and Entertainer 100 plan, we'll include a free upgrade to the Ultimate Channel pack for 3 months.

After 3 months, you the option of adding a Fetch Premium Channel Pack for $6/month or the $20 Ultimate Channel Pack featuring 45+ premium channel, which can be removed at any time.


Q: Is Optus nbn available in all areas?

A: Almost! Keep update to date with our nbn rollout-map, you should also receive a letter when nbn becomes available in your area.

Q: Do I need to return the Fetch set-top-box if I decide to cancel?

A: You must return it following cancellation, replacement or upgrade of the service. Fees apply for non-return or damage to the set-top-box.

Q: What If I cancel my broadband service within the 36-month Device Payment Plan term, what happens?

A: You must pay out the remaining cost of the device.

Q: Can I get a phone line with my plan?

A: Yes, If you've signed up for a current standalone home internet plan, you will have the option to add an Optus Everyday telephony service for $10/month or the Phone Lite service at no additional cost.

Speed Pack 3+ and the Home Superfast and the Home Ultrafast speed packs only support one VoIP line (voice service). If you wish to take up a higher speed and have two VoIP lines, you will have the option of adding Speed Pack 4. More information about Optus nbn speed packs can be found on the Optus website.

If you have two voice lines and wish to take up Speed Pack 3+, Home Superfast, or Home Ultrafast, you’ll need to remove one voice line before you can change your plan.

Q: Are the nbn Home Superfast and nbn Home Ultrafast speed packs available on all nbn technology types?

A: No, the NBN Home Superfast and NBN Home Ultrafast speed packs are only available for customers with an NBN Fibre to the Premises (FTTP).

Q: Do I need a compatible modem to get NBN Home Superfast and Ultrafast speed packs

A: Yes, to get the NBN Home Superfast or NBN Home Ultrafast speed packs, you are required to use a compatible Optus modem. If you choose to use a non-compatible Optus modem, Optus can’t guarantee the speed pack will work optimally.

Where can I find more information?

For a complete plan summary, head to the Optus website. You’ll also be able find all the nitty gritty details within the plan critical information summary.

If you’re brand-new to Optus we will need to perform serviceability be check. We’ll show the type of broadband technology available in your area before you select your plan.

If you need to speak to an expert, send us a message us via the My Optus app.


1. Sign up or change plans to the new $99 Internet Entertainer Lite 100 and pay only $89/mth for the first 12 months and then pay $99/mth after that. Available to eligible customers. Offer will cease to apply if you recontract, change or cancel your plan. Not available with other offers, unless specified. Offer ends 31 January 2021.

2. Sign up or change plans to a new $110 Internet Entertainer 100 and pay $100/mth for the first 12 months and then pay $110/mth after that. Available to eligible customers. Offer will cease to apply if you recontract, change or cancel your plan. Not available with other offers, unless specified. Offer ends 31 January 2021.

Honoured Contributor
Honoured Contributor

So Aussie Broadband was right and Telcos will be increasing their plan fees in response to the high NBNCo rates?

That's a pretty big price rise / feature removal change from Optus.

  • The $500 minimum start up cost means it can no longer be considered month to month IMO. 
  • There now appear to be no option at all for 40 Mbps upload speeds
  • The removal of the complimentary $6 Fetch package removes the only reason for getting a Fetch Unit via Optus
  • The Everyday plan is more expensive than the Entertainer Lite and you don't get a Fetch Mini

All up, after a period of opening up Optus seems to have decided to again try trap their customers into expensive plans with high up front costs (why are they charging a $99 startup fee in this day an age?) and no BYO modem option (still).

Optus has a great offering. It should have the self confidence to believe customers will want to stay once they've enjoyed what's on offer.

Respected Contributor
Respected Contributor

And they are still perpetuating the Optus Sports tax they introduced to the Internet Everyday plan in the last price increase, where their $70 plan increased to $75 with the only notable difference being the forced inclusion of Optus sports. 

Occasional Contributor
Occasional Contributor

After being forced to buy the over priced modem and pay the transfer fee these plans are horrible value. While very slightly cheaper than the opposition it would years to see an return on the investment and in this time it is likely prices will shift again. I will take a pass Optus