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Optus’ new fixed plans

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Online Community Manager
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Introducing Optus’ two new Fixed Plans

From Monday 3 December 2018 the new $70/month and $90/month Fixed Plans will be available for both consumer and SMB customers. You can sign up to either plan on a 24-month contract1 or a month-to-month contract.2


$70/month Fixed Plan:

The $70/month Fixed Plan includes unlimited data and is available on ADSL, Cable and nbnTM. Click here for talk and text rates and entertainment add-ons.


$90/month Fixed Plan:

The $90/month Fixed Plan is available on ADSL, Cable and nbnTM. The plan comes with unlimited data and includes standard local, community, national and calls to Australian mobiles. There’s also plenty of entertainment for the whole family under this plan, which includes the following entertainment for no additional cost:


  • A Fetch Mighty Set Top Box
  • Choice of one of our Fetch channel packs: Kids, Knowledge, Variety, and Vibe
  • An optional subscription to Optus Sport


Both plans include unlimited data on the Optus award winning broadband network. 
- 2017 Frost & Sullivan Australia Fixed Broadband Services Provider of the Year Award.


To sign up, or find out more about our new Fixed Plans, check out the following links:



1 The 24-month contract includes a start-up fee of $99.
2 The month-to-month contract includes a start-up fee of $200.


T’S & C’S


FAIR GO POLICY APPLIES. Available in selected premises.


Minimum Total Cost includes payment by direct debit. Installation fees may apply if you request a technician installation where a self-install option is available. If you change plans during your contract term to a plan of lower value, an Early Recontract Fee of $80 applies and you must start a new 24-month contract. Month to month customers may change their plan with no fee.  Plan pricing or inclusions may differ if your service is connected outside of Optus network areas. Unlimited Calls to standard national numbers exclude special numbers such as 13/1300 numbers, premium numbers (e.g. 1900 numbers), 1234, 12456 and calls to satellite numbers. Calls charged in one-minute increments. You must preselect Optus as both your local and long-distance carrier.


General: Offer available to credit approved customers. If you are an Optus nbn™ customer, Optus will send you an Optus self-installation kit.


Optus is required by law to confirm your NBN service is working. We may not be able to confirm this if you do not use the modem that Optus supplies you. You need to tell Optus of any issues you have with your NBN service before we can rectify them. Billing will be activated once we confirm your service is nbn operational.

nbn FTTC: If you are an Optus nbn™ FTTC customer and fail to plug in the equipment within 30 days from your ready for service date, nbn Co will de-activate your service.


International call rates: can be found at Other rates are available at agreements. Available to eligible residential customers who connect the services in the same name and address to the Optus DSL Direct, Optus Cable or Optus NBN networks. You must pre-select Optus as both your local and long distance carrier.


Cancellation: If you cancel any or all services within the committed term, you may be charged a cancellation fee. Any remaining Optus services will be moved to the closest alternative of our standard plans.


Serviceability: Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee connection until we successfully install your service.  We do not offer Priority Assistance. A provider who does is Telstra. Important Information for Cable & nbn™ Customers: Equipment supplied requires mains power, which may not be suitable if you have a serious illness or condition, require disability services, have a back-to-back alarm, or require an uninterrupted telephone line. If this is the case, contact us and we’ll help you find an alternative solution.Fetch: Fetch use requires an active fixed broadband internet connection with a download speed of at least 3Mbps, a widescreen TV and free-to-air TV service with an external antenna connection. Optus recommends that existing Optus Fetch customers who use Fetch Mighty/Gen2 should connect to the $90 Plan. Fetch is for personal viewing only and should not be used for commercial use.


Fetch set top box: Optus owns the set top box, and you must return it following cancellation of the service. Fees apply for late return or damage to the set top box. You may only use the recording functionality of the service for viewing programmes at your nominated home address at a more convenient time.


Fetch Channels: All channel packs are month to month and can be added or removed via the set top box.  Billing for channels is taken in advance for 1 month.  No refunds if cancelling or changing within billing period.  Access remains active for deselected channel packs until end of billing period. 


Optus Sport:  Personal viewing in Australia only.  Content and features vary by device and sport.  Sport coverage is available as long as you remain on an eligible plan and Optus has the rights.  Optus Sport is a month-to-month subscription, which will continue until you cancel your subscription, or you move to an ineligible plan.  Where your plan includes Optus Sport at no additional cost, your bill will show a and corresponding credit.