Optus Voice Assistance Kit

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11th Oct 2017, 2:48pm

What is the Optus Voice Assistance Kit?


The Optus Voice Assistance Kit lets you make and receive phone calls while you wait for your home phone to be fixed. The kit contains a pre-paid mobile handset that connects to the Optus 4G network and comes with $10 worth of credit to be used on the Prepaid Daily Plus plan.


How do I set up the Optus Voice Assistance Kit?


To set up your phone and make calls, you will need to:


1. Place your SIM Card into the phone

2. Turn on the phone

3. Activate the SIM Card by going to and selecting the Prepaid Daily Plus plan

4. Select a mobile number from the list for your device

5. Restart your device


Once the phone is activated, you will be sent an SMS and an email with your new number listed.


Please note:


  • You should activate your SIM Card on the Prepaid Daily Plus plan to maximise your talk and text time.
  • The activation process can take up to 15 minutes to complete.
  • You will need ID (your passport, driver’s license or Medicare card) and/or your credit card to complete the activation process.


How do I add additional credit to the device?


You can add more credit to your device by going to


What do I do with the device once my home phone is working?


The Optus Voice Assistance Kit is yours to keep! Please note that credit must be added to the device within 120 days of credit expiry, otherwise your SIM card will be deactivated.  


Why have I received the Optus Voice Assistance Kit?


We have sent you the Optus Voice Assistance Kit because we are experiencing delays in repairing your home phone line and we want you to have access to a phone in the meantime.


How long does it take for the Optus Internet Assistance Kit to be delivered?


For Metro areas, the kit should be delivered within 1-2 working days. For Regional areas, please allow 2+ working days.


How do I find out the Number for my Optus Voice Assistance Kit?


Your new number will be sent to you via SMS and email after activation.

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