Optus Super User Program Is Back!

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19th Feb 2016, 2:29pm

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Last September we introduced our new Super User Program within My Optus Community aimed at recognising the efforts of our top contributors within the community and highlighting some amazing avenues of support to every user. The program runs for 6 months at a time with 5 members being invited to join prior to each cycle (members are welcome to participate in consecutive programs but will need to be invited each time).


Over the last 6 months our 5 Super Users from cycle 1 have collectively contributed over 2,000 replies and received over 500 Kudos for helping customers with their questions! They also got to try out (and keep) some of the latest phones and products and participate in various beta programs.


For our Super Users who contributed in cycle 1 keep an eye out for a new rank coming to you soon!


How do I get an invite?


Members will be invited based on a number of different criteria. We’ll be looking at things like contributions within the community, the way they interact with individual users within the community, their tone and manner along with a number of other factors.


Every 6 months the program will restart so if you’re not selected in the next group don’t be discouraged. There will still be a number of different initiatives within the community you’ll be able to be involved in and maintaining a consistent, positive presence will keep you in with a good chance for the next round of selection.


What benefits are involved in the program?


Apart from the opportunity to help your fellow Optus customers, there will be a number of initiatives you’ll be invited to participate in as part of the Super User Program. These include, but are not limited to:


  • Access to a super user only section of the community where you’ll be able to converse with other super users as well as the online community managers
  • The ability to upload your own avatar
  • Invitation to internal beta programs for upcoming Optus products and services
  • Requests for feedback on upcoming changes/improvements to My Optus Community
  • Invitations to participate in a review program of new hardware coming to Optus which you’ll then be able to keep for yourself (new phones anyone?)
  • Where available, invitations to exclusive Optus events

When will this all be happening?


The next Super User program will kick off in March 2016 and conclude at the end of August 2016. Invitations will be sent out on the 22nd of February to those selected with the selection process to be completed by the 26th of February and an announcement to the community on the 1st of March.

by Esteemed Contributor
‎2016-02-18 03:18 PM

2,001 replies. Smiley LOL

by Super Contributor
‎2016-02-24 04:52 PM

 Looks like you'll be getting an all new ranking Yeldarb.  Honorary employee perhaps?

by Esteemed Contributor
‎2016-02-25 08:12 AM

Lmao well there was this one bloke who thought I was an undercover Optus employee. Obviously he never read any of my posts. Smiley LOL

by RetiredModerator Esther
‎2016-02-26 12:27 PM

Now now - don't go bursting my bubble here "undercover spies" Smiley Wink Thanks for all your help guys! <3