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Optus Sport on Fetch retail boxes

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Online Community Manager
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Optus Sport is now available to Fetch retail customers, which means more Australians will have access to watch the Premier League, UEFA Champions League and more on their big TV screen with Optus Sport on Fetch.

If you have a Fetch retail box ( Fetch set-top-boxes purchased outright from authorised retail stores such as JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman etc), you will now be able to log into the Optus Sport App  on Fetch with your Optus Sport login details.

Note Optus Sport is still not available on Fetch boxes sold through other Internet Service Providers (such as iiNet, Dodo, Internode etc.)

There are no changes to how existing Optus customers who are already subscribed to Optus Sport on Fetch, or have it included as part of their plan view Optus Sport via their Fetch STB.

What do you need to do?

Fetch retail customers  are not able to subscribe to Optus Sport via the Fetch user interface.  Instead, there are 3 steps required to access Optus Sport on Fetch retail boxes:

  1. Subscribe to the Optus Sport Premium App:

    If you already have an Optus Sport Premium account, you will be able to use your existing username and password to login into Optus Sport on Fetch.

To sign up for a new Optus Sport Premium Subscription, please follow this guide → Optus Sport: How to get it


  1. Sign in on Fetch

Go to Menu > TV > Optus Sport where you will be directed to enter your Optus Sport Premium username and password.

Existing Optus Sport customers with a Basic Optus Sport subscription will be prompted to upgrade to an Optus Sport Premium subscription via the App Store or Google Play before you can access the content on Fetch.


  1. Start Watching

Once subscribed and logged in you will have access to;

All 11 live Optus Sport channels

  • To watch live on CH 113 and 980-990.
  • To record on their Gen 2 or Mighty
  • Available on standalone and Multiroom boxes

The Optus Sport App on Fetch

  • On demand content including highlights, replays, details of upcoming matches, and other related programming located at Menu > TV > Optus Sport


What if I don’t have an existing Optus Sport subscription?
The Optus Sport app will be visible and browsable without being logged in. Trying to play any of the content will require you to log in.  There will be a splash screen asking you to log in and it will also provide directions on how to sign up to an Optus Sport subscription (via Apple App Store / Google Play store).

What if I have an existing Optus Sport subscription?
You will have the same experience as above and be required to log in with your existing credentials.

What if I already have Fetch and Optus Sport with Optus?
There is no impact to your service, you will remain to have access as you currently do.

What if I’m an Optus Fetch customer accessing Optus Sport for the first time?
Subscribed to Optus Sport:
If you have a valid Optus Sport subscription (e.g. included within your plan), you will be able to access Optus Sport on Fetch without doing anything.

Not subscribed to Optus Sport:
If you are not currently subscribed to Optus Sport, you will have visibility of the Optus Sport app.  If you try to play any of the content, you will be asked to either log in with your Optus Sport credentials or to subscribe to Optus Sport.

What happens if I replace my box or perform a factory reset?
Optus Fetch customer:
If you are accessing Optus Sport through an Optus Fetch plan, then the factory reset or replacement set top box will not impact your access.
Fetch Retail customer:
If you have previously had access via log in, then you will be required to log in again to receive access to Optus Sport.

What happens if I add a second or third Fetch box on a Multiroom set-up?
The second and third Fetch box will automatically have access to Optus Sport if your first box has access to Optus Sport.


If you have any questions, please comment below 🙂

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