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Optus @ Home

Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager
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Optus @ Home will assist you at home to diagnose any internet or WiFi issues. You will be able to set up your modem with animated set up guide, perform in home diagnostics; and action tips to help resolve any home connection issues.

By downloading the app, you can easily run tests to see real-time information when connected to your WiFi and home internet.

Benefits of the app will include;

- Animated modem set up guides for newly supplied Optus supplied modems
- Performance checks on your internet connection and WiFi
- Handy tips to help troubleshoot issues
- A view of all devices including names and device types that are connected to the modem/router
- A summary of how various web sites are performing on your network

Release Date

Optus @ Home can be downloaded and installed from the App Store now and coming soon for the Google Play Store.

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This App is available for both Optus and non-Optus customers, however non-Optus customers will not have access to
Live Chat and will need to seek support via their ISP.  The App is also tailored to assist with setting up Optus modems.


We’ll be adding more exciting features to Optus @ Home soon.



Q: Does Optus @ home work with all modems?
A: Current in market Optus modems are supported, as well as most other popular modems. We cannot guarantee that Optus @ home will work for all modems. The set-up guide in the app applies to current Optus modems.

Q: Will Optus @ home work for non-Optus internet service providers (ISPs) ?
A: Yes, it does. Non-Optus home internet customers can download Optus @ home from their app store to install it.  Not all features in the app are available to non-Optus fixed home service customers.

Q: What data do we capture as part of Optus @ home?
A: To provide support and tips, Optus @ home collects the following types of information when you conduct diagnostics;

  • Connected device information
  • Home network information (WiFi and LAN data)
  • Connection information like speed, latency, packet loss etc.
  • Service information on 3rd party sites (i.e. information about the strength of connection for services like Google, YouTube, Facebook etc.)

Q: How does the Optus @ home diagnostics measure ‘Performance’ and ‘Popular Sites’?

A: Optus @ home assesses the quality of experience of various internet services using its proprietary algorithms, which take into account a number of factors like;

  • Bottlenecks in broadband networks
  • Congestion with internet services (Google, YouTube etc.)
  • Configuration of your home network that could impact performance


Q: What criteria are used to measure performance (Browsing, HD video streaming etc.)?

A: Optus @ home assesses service experience using proprietary algorithms that take a range of factors into account.  It does this because the characteristics and requirements of gaming, for example are different to Ultra HD streaming.