Optus 5G Home Broadband

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31st Jan 2019, 9:59am

5G Home Broadband

Optus today revealed the first details of its Optus 5G Home Broadband service which will be underpinned by a first phase plan to deliver 1,200 5G sites by March 2020.

With 2 Optus 5G sites now live  in Canberra, and a further 58 coming online in the coming months. Optus is inviting customers from limited areas of selected suburbs to be part of the first wave of its 5G Home Broadband service through any expressions of Interest.

Optus 5G Home Broadband will offer unlimited data with a 50mbps Satisfaction Guarantee for $70 per month.

Want to be amongst the first to experience 5G in Australia?

Enter your details for expression of interest here.

For further news and updates on 5G keep up to date here as we’ll post news below.

*50Mbps Satisfaction Guarantee
If at any time you are not satisfied that you are getting download speeds of at least 50Mbps, simply get in touch and we will let you cancel your contract without cancellation fees when you return your 5G device to us.

For New services on 5G Home Broadband 24-month or month-to-month contract only. Return the Optus 5G device in good working order within 30 days. The Optus 50Mbps Satisfaction Guarantee does not affect your Australian Consumer Law rights under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth).

by Esteemed Contributor
‎2019-01-31 12:32 PM

No mention of upload speeds?


by Visitor buzz1961au
‎2019-03-24 10:56 AM

Will the 5G Home Broadband service be using CGNAT i.e. will I get a Shared IP, Dedicated (non shared) IP or is there an option to get a Static IP?


If it's CGNAT only then this would be a deal breaker.

by Occasional Visitor TJJ
‎2019-04-12 11:32 AM

HI OPTUS, any updates on the live date for Mosman Park, WA?

by Online Community Manager
‎2019-04-17 12:09 PM

Hi there, updates will be shared here as they become available.

by Occasional Contributor Bowo
‎2019-05-03 01:54 PM

Its now less than a month till this supposedly go live. I registered in January and have not heard a peep from Optus about  5G since, and yes I  live in one of the nominated pilot suburbs. This is just not good enough. I wonder how many potential users have been driven away to other NBN suppliers by this?


by Trusted Contributor
‎2019-05-03 06:13 PM

@Bowo , as I replied to your other two threads you created with your commentary, it's SCHEDULED to go live from Mid 2019, it won't happen on 01/06/2019 at 00:01 as you seem to be expecting. It's a progressive thing and as I mentioned in your thread, they have to physically build out the infrastructure and upgrade the connectivity to these sites to support the 50mbps g'tee.


@buzz1961au I would probably suspect it'll be CG-NAT purely because there are so many mobile devices out there, if they gave a dynamic or static IP, they'd run out of IP address space in like minutes.

by Visitor buzz1961au
‎2019-05-08 05:31 PM

@Jeneral__PainI would expect it to be CG-NAT as well. The point I was making was if it was "CG-NAT only" with no opt-out or option to pay for a static address, then it would be a no-go.


Also this is clearly for Home Broadband and not Mobile Broadband, so the numbers should be lower. As it's Home Broadband then I would expect to be able to run servers etc., which CG-NAT prevents.



by Trusted Contributor
‎2019-05-08 05:35 PM

Yes CG NAT prevents it, but most customers don’t need advanced or static IP. The difficulty is the short numbers of v4 space out there currently.


they haven’t announced plans to offer static or dynamic public for a fee so I doubt during the trial phase it will be offered at all.

by Online Community Manager
‎2019-05-10 09:20 AM

Thanks everyone for your feedback @Bowo @buzz1961au @Jeneral__Pain @TJJ 

I've spoken to the 5G team, sorry for not providing an update sooner on our 5G rollout and we appreciate your patience over the last few months as the team have been working to build and test our 5G network. The team are in the process of reviewing all expression of interests and will be following up shortly to provide updates.



by New Member Alangp
‎2019-06-01 07:20 PM

I’m 780m from your 5G tower. In Monash ACT. Can I still register an expression of interest?

by Occasional Visitor MShaikh
‎2019-06-03 09:09 AM

You should be providing 5G in a areas where there is still no NBN rather than NBN connected areas to get more cusotmer.

by Online Community Manager
‎2019-06-03 03:25 PM

As your suburb is not in one of the selected suburbs listed, please check back with us as the 5G areas will be updated frequently. 

by Visitor andydex
‎2019-06-03 10:47 PM
What upload speeds should I be expecting? Will it be synchronous?
by Online Community Manager
‎2019-06-14 09:42 AM

Speeds are variable on the Optus 5G mobile network and will depend on a number of factors including congestion, location, local conditions, hardware, software and general internet traffic. 

by Visitor andydex
‎2019-06-14 10:51 AM
@Ray_YC I understand this, but the download has a minimum spec of 50mbit as mentioned in the communication. There surely would be an expected upload speed spec? How can you give a download speed then if you have so many factors?
by New Member lvm
‎2019-06-25 01:37 PM

will this be using a SIM card and somehow a 5G Model?

by Online Community Manager
‎2019-06-26 10:30 AM

Please see our 5G page for info and FAQs.