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OPPO R15 Pro Review

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Guys, I can’t quite believe it but this will be my final review for Yes Crowd *cry*. I’m moving back to the UK and somehow, I’ve managed to wangle reviewing the brilliant OPPO R15 Pro before I go. Lucky me 😊


So let’s get to it; the OPPO R15 Pro is all about the camera and if you’ve followed any of my reviews over the years, you’ll know that the cam is my favourite feature to analyse.


Aside from that OPPO have really upped the design stakes to give this phone a premium flagship-esque look and feel which I’m excited to share with you.


As it’s my last review, I'm taking some trips around Sydney so that I can let loose with the camera and really see what it’s capable of.


So without further ado…




OPPO really pulled out all the stops for me with their bespoke package! Inside the box that houses the phone, you’ll find: screen protector and protective case, charger, earphones, micro USB cable and a SIM card tool.




The OPPO R15 Pro comes in two colours from Optus: Cosmic Purple and Ruby Red. I’m reviewing the Cosmic Purple device and I must say the colour is beautiful; a deep, inky, galactical shade of eggplant (aubergine for my fellow pommies) that glistens in the light.


Design-wise OPPO have totally upped their game with this one; the display is a generous 6.28” and while it isn’t quite edgeless, the bezels are super thin so you hardly notice them. The curved edges and glass back also add to the premium feel of the phone and it’s been made with Gorilla Glass 5 so you’re adequately protected.


The fingerprint scanner is on the back underneath the camera. As I’ve mentioned in other reviews, it takes some getting used to if you don’t own a phone like this but after a few weeks, it becomes the norm. Humans are creatures of habit after all.


The OPPO R15 Pro is launching with Android 8.1 which is great as it’s pretty annoying when a manufacturer launches with an out-of-date OS. I know Android 9 is coming soon but the final version doesn’t sound like it’ll be out until August this year. I quite like the interface too (very Apple-like) but if you want to customise it, the Google Now Launcher is great for that.




And now for the main event.


Let’s start with the rear camera; it features an impressive 20MP + 16MP lens that delivers bold, bright and crisp photos in all shades of light. Using ‘Portrait’ mode you can capture stunning shots with professional-looking depth of field.


Have a look at some of the photos I took at 12-Micron and Taronga Zoo in Sydney:


OPPO R15 Pro - Taronga Zoo and Micron 12.png


OPPO R15 Pro - 12 Micron cocktails.jpg



And these were taken at sunset on Sydney harbour:




OPPO R15 Pro - Sydney Opera House.jpg


OPPO prides itself on being a selfie expert so it’s no surprise that the OPPO R15 Pro has a 20MP front camera. Using ‘Beauty’ mode blurs out any imperfections and gives your skin a luminescent glow. As a selfie lover, I love this feature but it’s not for everyone as it can make the photos look a little too airbrushed.


OPPO R15 Pro - Selfie on boat.jpg


Other features


OPPO are renowned for their fast-charging phones and the OPPO R15 Pro is no different. It comes with OPPO’s VOOC Flash Charger which will get you to 75% battery in just 30 mins. The battery is also pretty long-lasting considering I was taking and editing a LOT of photos. The headphones aren’t my favourite design but hey you can replace those if you like.




  • Big, bright display
  • Incredible rear and selfie cameras
  • Premium-looking design


Not-so-sure about


  • Headphone shape
  • Slightly more expensive than a standard mid-range device




If you’re the selfie-loving, photo-taking, adventurous type who’s after a premium-looking mid-ranger, look no further than the OPPO R15 Pro.


Oh how I will miss Lucy's photos of Sydney! 


This camera looks amazing. 

Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Amazing photos! Maybe this camera can help you with your modelling shots @Dan_C 😉

Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

What's your Oppo-inion on this one, @SillyGogo 


Missing you already, Lucy 😞


The quality of these photos are crazy good, I want this phone/camera!!

Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Bye @LucyS... I hardly knew thee 😞 Maybe you're right @AlistarS

You know what they say.. "A model is only as good as the equipment he's being shot on."


I feel like Lucy would want us to @Yeldarb in this comment thread. Yeldarb, do you have any awesome shots to share?

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Naa I can’t compete with that as those Oppo pics are bloody brilliant! Not that I get off on technical specs but 6GB of ram and 128GB of storage is staggering if I am ready those specs correctly. I don’t do wine but I do like a good cap. Smiley LOL



Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

That looks like it went down a treat on a cold winter's morning. How many sugars?

Not gonna lie, a tad disappointed that doesn't say "Darb" Smiley Tongue

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Damn I missed my opportunity to promote my favourite mug Smiley LOL




Oh man, now I need another coffee 

Crowd Champion
Crowd Champion

Hi @Ray_YC, Have a great holiday, take some snaps for the group ya?


@LucyS thank you for another great review and sharing a snapshot of Sydney with us. Phone's camera are getting better and better, ofcourse you still need someone who have a vision of a good photo. Have a safe journey. 


I've experienting with photography in the past but couldn't find the time or energy these day. I have been using my phone to take a quick snaps more than pulling out my DSLR for a more planned photo.


The Oppo looks like a good and capable mid range phone. Be interest in how smooth it is as a daily runner. IMGHDR.jpg