OPPO R11s Review

by Content Editor LucyS ‎2018-02-08 02:20 PM
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8th Feb 2018, 2:20pm



The OPPO R11s comes in a snazzy box that includes:


Oppo r11s unboxing.jpg 




I’m reviewing the red OPPO R11s and I’ve got to say, I’m thoroughly enjoying the colourway. It’s striking, slick and with a gorgeous edge-to-edge 6” display, the handset is just beautiful to look at. Interestingly the fingerprint scanner is now on the back of the device but I used the facial recognition to unlock the device when I was using it; it’s fast and accurate which is all you really need. Weight-wise this phone is light and slim which just adds to its sleekness.


CAMERA (aka the main event)


DAAAAMN, the camera on this beaut is astonishingly good. Words won’t even do it justice, so I’ll just share the below pic my friend took last week. He shot this in just one take. I’m in love with the depth of field in the photo; the crisp detail of the ‘waterfall’ in the foreground contrasted against the soft blur of objects and colours in the background. It’s legit one of the best photos I’ve ever seen taken on a smartphone. Well done OPPO!




OPPO shots.png 


The camera also shoots well in bright, artificial and low lighting, as evidenced by this shot of Sydney harbour at dusk and below, the OPPO R11s launch party. 




oppo party.png


I think a lot of other smartphones would have struggled to capture such detail under all the varying light sources but not the R11s. 


The selfie camera is equally excellent at capturing exceptional detail, although be warned, the shots are VERY VERY detailed. With that in mind, I shot most of the selfies I took with ‘Beauty Mode’ on. Beauty Mode effectively gives your face a soft focus and you can even add a bit of blush, widen your eyes and even your complexion.




OPPO phones have an excellent track record for battery life in general and the R11s is no different. A full day of moderate use (social media scrolling, listening to Spotify, editing photos, Whatsapping, sending emails and using the phone as a torch when I got in late after the launch party 😉) and you should have enough battery to last you into a second day. As expected the handset comes with a fast charger which is very handy.




  • The camera is the absolute stand-out feature of this phone. With the R11s’ 20 MP dual lens, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better camera on a smartphone in the market right now

  • The edge-to-edge design is beautiful

  • Value for money




  • OPPO is launching the R11s with OS Android 7.1 rather than the latest version which is 8.0 (Oreo)

  • Not water resistant

  • OPPO emojis – ‘droids in general tend to overlook emoji updates and personally I think that’s a shame ☹




If you are:


  • Adventurous

  • Willing to try something new

  • A keen photographer looking for one of the best smartphone cameras out there


Then the OPPO R11s is for you.

by Visitor charliet100
‎2018-02-08 04:21 PM

Awesome. Looks like it's time to update my R9. Smiley Wink

by Crowd Champion Yeldarb
‎2018-02-08 05:47 PM

I have read many good things about the OPPO range of phones and that camera looks brilliant. Didn't they feed you, no food pics mate.  Smiley LOL

by Content Editor LucyS
‎2018-02-13 12:27 PM

@charliet100, here's the link if you wanna check 'em out. 


@Yeldarb, lol I was too busy getting papped/forcing people to take my photo at the party haha. And yes I can confirm they're fab phones, especially if you value camera and battery life.