Need answers fast? Speak to our Live Chat team.

by Online Community Manager ‎2017-05-03 08:19 AM
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3rd May 2017, 8:19am

Buh-bye call waiting music. Hello fast answers.


Optus Live Chat is our way of delivering professional customer service through an online messaging window. When you have a question about an Optus product or service and need an answer fast, Live Chat is the quickest way to connect with one of our sales or support experts and resolve an issue swiftly.


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With Optus Live Chat, you’ll always speak to a real person - no robots here - and our team is available to answer any questions or queries you have in real-time. 


You can access Live Chat through My Optus app, allowing you to get on-the-go help and support whenever you need it. Use Live Chat to resolve issues anytime, anywhere - whilst watching TV, on your commute or even at work (hello multitasking).


With Live Chat there’s no need to be stuck on hold listening to call-queue music or worrying about your conversation being overheard. Plus, if you need to share account details or personal information, you can quickly type it out or copy and paste them into the Live Chat window rather than reciting names and numbers over the phone.


Need help and support right now? Speaking to our team on Live Chat couldn’t be simpler, just follow our steps below:


  1. Download My Optus app:

    Apple store.PNGGoogle Play.PNG

  2. Click on the three lines in the top left-hand corner of the screen

  3. Click on the Live Chat icon

  4. Select whether your issue is general/account or sales related

  5. Live Chat to one of our Optus sales or support experts in no time


Ts & Cs


Live chat subject to agent availability.

by Frequent Contributor
‎2017-05-15 02:07 PM

Buh-bye app and hello annoying call centre!


That's right people, the marketing team got it wrong again.


The app can only be used on a compatible smartphone that has an Optus mobile SIM card.


In other words, if you only have a home broadband service with Optus, and need "an answer fast" well, you can't use the app as it performs a "SIM verification" when you run it, which is irrelevant if you are not an Optus mobile customer, but are an Optus customer nonetheless.


So if you've got a question about an "Optus product or service and need an answer fast", then call the call centre because unless you have an Optus SIM card then you have no alternative but to call.






by Super Contributor
‎2017-05-15 07:31 PM

Live Chat is available by any standard web browser at

by Occasional Contributor Sharry
‎2017-05-31 11:14 PM

I just want to talk to a person and not a machine !! 


on the optusnet website all the contact numbers are 133937!

I want to make a complaint about this and I have to call 133937. this number only gives me 3 options and no matter what option I chose as I have called at least 20 times I continue to get more questions that are of no use or given a message telling me to refer to a link on the website. This all started because I was trying to get through To technical support.

I pity anyine without Internet access. I have also tried several times to search for help on the website and it just keeps sending me in circles. At least The main Telstra number lets you put actually speak and they repeat what you have said and if they are unsure they will put you through to a human being .

im very frustrated

by Valued Contributor
‎2017-06-07 05:54 AM

Hi @Sharry, Tech Support are available 24/7 on 131344. 

by Occasional Contributor Sharry
‎2017-06-07 04:31 PM

Thanks Scott



also do you then have a daytime number for complaints instead of the 133937 number? 



by Moderator Mike-N
‎2017-06-09 12:43 PM

Hello Sharry. Sorry for the extended delay in our reply. Our complaint handling process can be found on our website here. If you would like to speak to someone over the phone regarding your complaint, you do need to either call customer service or technical support and speak with one of our consultants. If they are unable to solve your problem, a manager will take responsibility of your complaint. We would also be more than happy to assist you here over Yes Crowd. If you would like some help from us, please send us a private message.