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17th Jun 2015, 9:37am

Great news! As of the 16 June, 2015 you’ll be able to purchase movies and TV shows through your Fetch TV Movie and TV Store. This means you can watch your favourite titles as many times as you like!


How much will it cost?


Movies will range from $10.99 HD / $7.99 SD through to $29.99 HD / $24.99 SD. Individual TV episodes will cost $3.49 HD / $2.99 SD and entire seasons will be available at discounted prices.


Once downloaded, the movie/TV show is stored on your Fetch TV set top box, so you don’t need to download something you’ve purchased each time you want to watch it. If you delete the file from your Fetch TV box to free up space or remove the file by accident – no worries, it can simply be downloaded again at no additional cost. All downloads will be unmetered for Optus Fixed Broadband customers.




If you’ve already got Optus TV with Fetch, you’ll receive a bonus credit for 2 TV shows. It’ll be available from 9am AEST on the 16 June, 2015 and is valid for you to use within 30 days. Please note, to receive your credit your Fetch TV box must be activated by midnight on the 15 June.


More information on Optus TV with Fetch and it's latest features is available here.

by Occasional Contributor michael007
‎2015-06-16 04:38 PM

why do we have to call to find out how to purchase?

why not tell us now?

by Forums Community Manager
‎2015-06-17 02:26 PM

@michael007 I've just included a link in the article Michael which has information on how to purchase movies and TV shows. That said, it's relatively straight forward from the Fetch TV interface. Simply go to the TV Store or Movie Store from the Optus TV with Fetch menu and follow the prompts.

by Member Dolphins_01
‎2015-06-20 12:09 PM

I can't get Optus TV with Fetch yet, because we haven't got NBN in our area yet. Maybe you could tell this in your advertisements  as well. As long as we haven't got NBN, we can't get Optus to the house and have to manage with wireless.

This was  most upsetting when your advertisements first came out. We have Telstra to the house, but I do not want to leave Optus. I do not like Telstra either!

by New Contributor gazzz
‎2017-12-07 10:22 PM

i paid for game of thrones and watched two eps. now i want to watch ep 2 again but the screen goes black. any hints?

by RetiredModerator Hannah-L
‎2017-12-10 02:57 PM

Hi @gazzz, I've responded to the thread you created here.