My Plan Business Flex plan device repair and replacement process

Posted by (Online Community Manager)
9th Jun 2017, 11:14am

If you or an employee damages, loses or has a phone stolen which is on a My Plan Business Flex plan, it’s important to follow the correct process to get it sorted.


Lost or stolen phone?


Please contact us as soon as you can here.


Damaged phone?


If the leased phone gets damaged it needs to be repaired by Optus or the original phone manufacturer (e.g. Apple or Samsung) or you may be charged a damage fee when you return it to us. The fee for repairs will vary depending on the nature of the damage (excluding warranty and customer guarantees).


Note: If you have the device repaired by the manufacturer, please request a receipt detailing the repairs completed.  This is important because if you choose to upgrade after 12 months or when you return the leased device to us at the end of your lease, Optus may request proof of repair.


Purchased Device Protect with your plan and need to make an insurance claim?


Go here to find out how to make a claim.