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Member Recognitions - May 2015

Retired Employee
Retired Employee
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Each month we’ll be calling out the top members from the previous month to acknowledge and thank them for their awesome contributions in My Optus Community, plus we’ll announce a member of the month! We’re not just looking for numbers; we’ll be factoring in your overall contributions.


We’d like to recognise and thank the below members for their contributions in May 2015:







Our Super Member for the month is SamSam!


We reached out to SamSam to ask him what he’d like as a gift for helping out and answering member questions and he's chosen to donate $100 to Cancer Council.




How can you be recognised as a top member? It’s simple! Join in on the convo and share your knowledge and experiences with our community members.


We’ll be back again in July to announce the top members for June. Thanks again to everyone who contributed; My Optus Community wouldn’t be the same without you!


Regular Contributor
Regular Contributor



Kudos to you and great cause to donate! Smiley Happy



Have a blessed one... Smiley Happy

Respected Contributor
Respected Contributor

Well done SamSam and your gift I'm sure will be well received!


Top stuff everyone. I really think we make a difference for some of the folks out there looking for support..

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

This is SO COOL! Nice work 🙂

Occasional Visitor
Occasional Visitor

As a cancer survivor, twice, I thank you SamSam for your generosity. It all makes a difference. 🙂