Member Recognitions - March 2016

Posted by (Retired Employee)
15th Apr 2016, 12:01pm

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Each month we’ll be calling out the top members from the previous month to acknowledge and thank them for their awesome contributions in My Optus Community, plus we’ll announce a member of the month! We’re not just looking for numbers; we’ll be factoring in your overall contributions.


We’d like to recognise and thank the below members for their contributions in March 2016:








Our Super Member for the month is Yeldarb!


We'll be in touch to send you out a thank you gift shortly Smiley Happy


How can you be recognised as a top member? It’s simple! Join in on the convo and share your knowledge and experiences with our community members.


We’ll be back again in May to announce the top members for April. Thanks again to everyone who contributed; My Optus Community wouldn’t be the same without you.


by Crowd Champion caaf
‎2016-04-14 12:20 PM

Thanks for all your hard work everyone especially Yeldarb you're a machine.. Maybe it has to do with the view...It'll certainly inspire me having my toes in the lakes Smiley Wink

by Esteemed Contributor
‎2016-04-14 02:58 PM

Ah thanks Dave, not much of a lake at the moment but the view is always incredible. Thanks Andy, Matt and all the team. Also thanks to Optus for all the generous gifts and donations they have made. Smiley Very Happy 

by Super Contributor
‎2016-04-18 01:58 PM

Nice work Yeldarb as always.  Still don't know how you have the time to keep track of this place.

by Regular Contributor
‎2016-04-19 09:28 PM
@Clancy10: Yeldarb secretly works for Optus!..... LOL Great work mate! :-) Have a blessed one... :-)
by Super Contributor
‎2016-04-19 11:36 PM's no secret. LOL.