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Mass Service Disruptions

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If there’s ever a disruption to our services, we’ll always try to resolve it as quickly as possible for you. However, sometimes we might experience a mass service disruption, such as during a flood, bushfire or other extreme weather conditions and therefore fixing it can take longer than expected. During mass service disruptions there might be delays to installation and repair activities and telephone services may also go down.


To keep you informed, we’ve written this blog to explain what you should do in the event of a mass service disruption.



How do I stay connected during a Network Disruption in my area?

There are several things you can do to ensure you continue to receive calls or have access to the internet during any downtime.


  • Add, Change or Remove call diversions from your fixed service yourself, check out this steps here.
  • Request Optus to Add, Change or Remove call diversions from your fixed service to your mobile before any disruption of your service, for more info click here.


How do I check for outages and mass service disruptions?


You can visit our service & network status page to check for any known outages or service disruptions to our Mobile, Broadband and Fixed Phone networks in your local area.

Just enter your city/suburb name to stay up-to-date on any planned repairs, maintenance or outages in your area.

Mass service disruptions

If an area/region has been officially declared as part of a mass service disruption, it will be published on this page on the Optus website and in major newspapers.

More information on mass service disruptions and the Customer Service Guarantee (CSG) can be found here.


What is a Mass Service Disruption?

A Mass Service Disruption can be declared when normal operations for our standard fixed services are significantly disrupted by circumstances beyond our control. When a Mass Service Disruption exemption is declared, performance standards as required under the Customer Service Guarantee (CSG) Standard will not apply.


Exemption from the CSG performance standards is fully explained in Part 3 of the CSG Standard. Please refer to the ACMA website if you would like to view the CSG Standard and related information.

Why does a Mass Service Disruption occur?

There are a number of reasons why these delays can occur:

  • Natural disasters or extreme weather conditions defined under the CSG Standard such as large hail, heavy rainfall, flash flooding, hazardous winds, lightning, blizzards, tornadoes, large waves and storm tides;
  • There may be a need to restore infrastructure for basic services such as water and power first;
  • Local network infrastructure that requires repair may not be accessible due to hazardous conditions or access has been restricted by emergency services or other government agencies; or
  • Technical staff or equipment may need to be sent to an area affected by circumstances beyond our control.

The size and location of a mass disruption will directly impact the time taken to fix services.


What should I expect from Optus during a mass service disruption?

Optus will always work to resolve any service disruptions as quickly as possible. However, during times of mass disruption like floods, bushfires and other extreme conditions it can sometimes take longer than expected.  

There are a number reasons why these delays can occur:

  • The safety of the general public and that of our technicians are always our primary concern
  • Both the size and the location of a mass service disruption directly impact the time taken to rectify services
  • Local network infrastructure that requires repair may not be accessible due to hazardous conditions or as access has been restricted by emergency services or other government agencies.
  • There may be a need for other utilities to restore services such as mains power, first.
  • We may need to restore the 'backbone' of the region's network before we can work in a local area. As local mobile base stations, exchanges and other network facilities require connecting or supporting infrastructure to be up and running before more localised facilities can resume normal operations.





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New Member Goldmine1
New Member


i am Julie Turner and l was waiting for techincian to come my place today so l will be home on Wednesday 15/3 and Friday 17/3 please let me know by SMS thanks Julie

RetiredModerator Steph_C

Sorry for the delay getting back to you Julie @Goldmine1 - were you able to get this sorted? 

Occasional Visitor CRage74
Occasional Visitor

HI. Wanted to see if I could get an update on a fault we have.

Ref#16347012. We have been waiting a week for a tech to respond. Apparently this will be today. Can someone give me an update as to whether this is still correct.


Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Hey @CRage74, I've had a quick look through your fault report and I can see that we've received advice that your fault has been cleared on the 30/3/17. 

Occasional Visitor stuff
Occasional Visitor

STILL waiting for update on the massive outage in our area. 

now getting charged for "extra" data on our phones as the internet is still out after a week. 

when will this be fixed and why are there no updates?

ref # 16403970

RetiredModerator Marcel

Hey stuff, sorry to hear this and I can see there are some more tests that need to be done on your line. So we've got a tech coming out on the 07/04 (tomorrow). 

Occasional Visitor stuff
Occasional Visitor

Thank you for the update 

RetiredModerator Marcel

No worries - anytime Smiley Happy 

Occasional Visitor stuff
Occasional Visitor

Any updates? Ref# 16403970

RetiredModerator Gen_R

Hey stuff - I've checked your ticket 16403970 and can see that a tech was booked to come out and fix the service today. More than likely they'll be attending the exchange / the lines outside your house. We'll receive an update from the tech and SMS you the outcome when it's all finalised. Gen 

New Member ChainReaction34
New Member

Need an update 

reference number: 16585794

Occasional Visitor ezzlm
Occasional Visitor

Hi, we had a technician come out today to repair our ADSL line that has been down since the 7/12/17. We received a message asking us to check again to see if the internet was back up and running, which is wasnt. What is the next step in escalating this? #17735594. Regards Erin & Sam

RetiredModerator AlexRH

Hey @ezzlm, can see that you've since been in touch with our Case Management team and we've confirmed everything is up and running again Smiley Happy 

If you need a hand with anything in the future, please feel free to get in touch with us HERE so we can help! 

New Member Jotan
New Member

Hi Optus. I got a text message for a fault on my ADSL line (ref 20651752) saying a technician is now booked for 21/2/19. They were booked for today. Do I need to be around for this?