Looking to upgrade? Read this first.

by Online Community Manager
Posted by (Online Community Manager)
13th Aug 2018, 11:35am

If you think you might be coming to the end of your contract, or you’re getting excited about the looming release of a new handset, here’s some advice on your next steps.

Check your contract end date

You’ll need to check when your current contract expires. You can do that by checking in My Account or the My Optus app for your service summary/plan information. You can learn more about the My Optus app here.


All you need to do is look at the ‘contracted until’ date. If your contact has expired you can look at getting an upgrade whenever it’s convenient for you.


If your account number starts with a 62, follow the steps below to view your contract end date, plan and Critical Information Summary (CIS) details:


My Account:

My Optus app:

My Account & My Optus App asset 3.PNG


For all other account numbers, to get your contract end date:


My Account:

Bill image.JPG


Get Credit for your old unwanted phone(s)

Did you know that you can trade in some devices with us and get credit towards a new one? Search for your device and see if it is eligible.

If it is, you can fill in some details about the condition of your device, get a quote, organise getting the device to us, and then you’ll receive credit on your bill.

Simple. Much better than popping it in a drawer and forgetting about it.

Always have the latest and greatest with our new phone trade up option

Tired of waiting till the end of your contract? Jealous of your mates parading their new device? Our My Plan Plus include no plan cancellation fees as well as New Phone trade up.(for eligible plans)

  • Trade up to a brand-spanking new handset for a one-off $99.00 or $149.00 trade up fee (depending on your phone plan)
  • You can also keep your old handset. Pay out the full remaining cost of your phone (including any amount Optus was going to cover) and jump onto a 24-month plan with a new phone. 


Interested in the iPhone? Find out more. 


Not sure what handset to get? The Yes Crowd team love to give a device a test run so you can benefit from our experience. Check out these reviews:

...and lots more.

If you have any questions about upgrading your phone, please comment below 😊

by Online Community Manager
‎2018-08-17 11:03 AM

A very handy guide indeed, great timing too with the new Note9 and surely others coming out pretty soon! 

by RetiredModerator Megan_YC
‎2018-08-17 11:08 AM

The photos in the OPPO R15 Pro Review are crazy good!! Smiley Very Happy I'd love that phone!

by RetiredModerator Felicity_YC
‎2018-08-17 02:06 PM

Anyone itching to get their hands on a new handset? @Davelew@AlistarS?

by Crowd Champion Davelew
‎2018-08-17 03:22 PM

Hi @Felicity_YC

I am undecided at the moment. I'm a OnePlus fan and currently have a OnePlus 3t,a couple of years old. l am really impressed with the reviews for the OnePlus6.

The OnePlus3t does everything I need, and well, so how do I persuade my wife that it's worth another $700 plus to upgrade.

The best reasons to explain to my wife why I should upgrade will win a kudos from me, WHAT A PRIZE!!!



by Moderator Dan_C
‎2018-08-17 03:39 PM

Upgrade time is just around the corner for me.


I'm just waiting to see what September has to offer! 

by Crowd Champion Davelew
‎2018-08-17 03:42 PM

@Dan_C An Android phone at last. Back to sense and civilisation.

by Moderator Dan_C
‎2018-08-17 03:48 PM

We'll give it a big maybe. 


My last Android was a Note 3. 


Note 9 could be a contender. 



by New Contributor Pony64
‎2018-08-21 10:03 AM

Is an upgrade really an upgrade? 

Getting a new phone is aways exciting, better features, higher quality graphics, better integration with your lifestyle  and appliances at home, or is it? 

After a recent nightmare with an upgrade swapping my Nexus P6 for the flagship Huawei Mate 10 Pro i will certainly be looking hard at my next choice with a lot more scrutiny.  I used to be a Samsung man just rolling over phones every two years for the latest but when my updates slowed and stopped and the phone slipped into incompatiblity with  other devises and apps i jumped into the Nexus P6.  The Nexus P6 awesome phone made by Huawei, always had the security updates the same day as release  and firmware was always ahead of the pack. Come two years later i remembered that the Nexus was built by Huawei so why not go the flagship Mate 10 Pro, great idea. Git my new Huawei back to the office and plugged it in firmware was 7.0 out of  the box, saw an upgrade was available and what 8.0.0, considering my Nexus P6 was 8.1.7 and it was over two years old why would a new phone have older firmware? So i checked the web and found that Germany had face unlock and version .142 the phone advertised by Huawei on their website, yet mine still had .134, why so old. Who is responsible for your phone to be the best it can be? The manufacturer releases new firmware and  releases it like the Nexus P6 direct to the phone, but is the firmware route is via your phone provider its always a good idea to check if they are upgrading the firmware regularly including the security fixes. I have lived with 5 firmware bugs since i receive my new phone in May, the manufacturer has provide fixes but my phone provider has not passed them on. In futer i will be checking who is responsible for the new Firmware and how quick they come arrive the manufacturers release,  when collecting the phone the firmware supplied is ether the same or instep with the current release. And if its too hard just get the Google phone so then at least you know your being looked after by the manufacturer and not the provider.

by Moderator Dan_C
‎2018-08-21 11:26 AM



Some great insight there. I won't go into too much detail, but our release schedule involves the following steps: 


Once we've received the stock build from the manufacture, we'll commence testing. 


We'll release an Alpha carrier build and Beta carrier build. Testing is required to ensure the update works with Optus Network features and apps such as the My Optus app and Optus Sport app.


Once we've completed testing, the build is sent back to the manufacturer for deployment over the air. At this stage, the manufacturer will roll out the update progressively, usually to a small percentage of users at first.


FYI - Still waiting on more info for the Mate 10 update. 

by New Contributor Pony64
‎2018-08-21 11:28 AM

So how do you get on the Alpha build testing the lucky 5%