Keep track of your usage

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16th Nov 2015, 11:31am

Download My Optus app to monitor your data usage:


SMS SMS me a direct download link


Optus usage alerts are a handy little addition to your mobile plan that help you keep on top of your talk and data usage each month. They work automatically by sending you an SMS reminder whenever you've reached:


  • 50%, 85% and 100% of your monthly plan inclusions

It's important to keep in mind that these usage alerts don't include calls and messages that aren’t part of your plan inclusions, (eg to overseas numbers that are either in excess of your international inclusions or to countries that aren’t included), or usage outside Australia (including purchased Optus Travel™ Packs).

We'll send you a further alert once you've reached (ex GST) $50 on services not included in your plan like usage outside of Australia, premium SMS or international calls.

Plus, if you are travelling overseas, we will send you an alert for every $100 of estimated spend while roaming.


Usage alerts may be delayed by up to 48 hours so it’s recommended you do not rely solely on them. Note that usage alerts may be delayed by longer than 48 hours if you are using your data overseas on roaming.

What Happens After you Reach 100%?

My Plan or My Plan Plus Customers

You'll automatically get extra minutes or data and receive additional alerts at 85% and 100%.

Customers on other Mobile Plans

You'll be charged your plan's regular rates. To find out what they are, check out your Critical Information Summary (CIS).


Just a tip - check your bill for your plan's exact name (or ID number) so you can find it on the CIS page.


Other Ways to Help Keep Track 


My Optus App

Monitoring your data usage via the My Optus App is quick and easy. If you haven’t already, ensure you download the app at the iTunes store or Google Play Store.




My Account

My Account is just as easy to use as the My Optus App. Simply log in and follow the prompts for data usage information and more.


Business customer with more than six services?

Get in touch with your Account Executive to manage your alerts. 


What if I have more questions? 


That’s easy too. Just click the big yellow comment button below and ask your question on this page. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


The Nitty Gritty


Important Information:


You should not rely solely on these services as a means of monitoring your mobile usage. They're not available on all plans and handsets.

Timing and Accuracy of Alerts:


Alerts, top up messages and updates to My Optus App or My Account usage information are not generated in real-time and a delay of up to 48 hours may be experienced due to system limitations. Due to these potential delays all % usage will be an approximation. In the last 48 hours of your billing cycle you may not receive alerts, top up messages or updated details of your usage. If your usage triggers more than one alert within 48 hours you may receive only one alert.


Changing Plans Affects your Alerts:


Customers that change or recontract their plan or add or remove certain services such as mobile internet packs may have alerts and top up messages suspended until their next bill cycle.

Opting Out:


You can opt out of alerts and top up messages through My Account. Your opt in preferences for marketing materials may affect your eligibility for top up messages.

by New Member Milso72
‎2016-11-01 10:11 AM

How do I stop using when I've reached my limit 

by Moderator Shauna
‎2016-11-01 03:02 PM

@Milso72 What type of handset do you have? Many handsets have the option to switch off data once you have exceeded.  

by New Member Matt666
‎2016-11-04 07:17 PM


I couldn't view my bills in the app. Contacted Optus who informed me they didn't have my email. Strangely they admitted I could not have started my $100 plan without it. Operator was barely legible and I struggled to understand him. Asked for a supervisor and had the same problem. After 3 calls and 1.5 hours, asked how to cancel and pay out my plan as the customer service is atrocious. "Supervisor" seemed confused, promised to call me back in 20 mins. That was 4 weeks ago now!

issue is still unresolved and would not recommend Optus to anyone.

by Valued Contributor
‎2016-11-04 08:22 PM

Definitely not the experience we want you to be having, @Matt666. You're welcome to send me a PM so I can check it out for you Smiley Happy

by New Member Pmvo
‎2016-11-04 08:34 AM

Hi. Optus advised me that they will give me another gig at 3gb. I have 4 gig.What is going on. On my plan i normally get 7 gig but because i got a free upgrade my plan seems to have changed.Also on my old plan i was paying $80 a month and my bill was always over that. I changed plans and $40 i found was enough. I was using my phone the same way as the $80 plan.  Bit of a rip off Optus. I do not want 1gb for $10.At 2.86 you are telling me another gig is needed. This plan is 4gig

by RetiredModerator Esther
‎2016-11-04 08:43 AM

Hey Pmvo - thanks for getting in touch and sorry to hear to hear of your troubles there! The usage alerts can be 24-48hrs delayed so any data would have been used already,


I'd recommend to have a look at your phone and app settings to see if any apps are continuing to run in the background using data. You can also view a list of the top apps/sites accessed via the "Insights" tab on the MyOptus app.


Please let us know if you need a hand with anything else!

by New Contributor Liz252
‎2016-11-05 05:30 PM

I receiced a text yesterday morning saying i had exceeded my data limit however when I check my usage on here and on the app it says i still have over 1gb left. The time it says usage was last updated is 630pm yesterday which is about 12 hours after I recieved the text which means it sould have been updated with the exceeded data info? 

by RetiredModerator Meg
‎2016-11-06 07:01 PM

Hi Liz252, it should say usage is typically updated within 24 hrs so if it was  6:30 yesterday - 5thof Nov,  it would have reflected usage up until 6:30 on 4th of Nov. Meg

by Occasional Visitor waly
‎2016-11-06 02:44 AM

Getting alerts at the most freakin stupid times could be 12,1,or 2am...have spoken to customer twice..NO HELP at all...i dont want the alerts this early but OPTUS wont help...Think Optus are full of it..

by Valued Contributor
‎2016-11-06 02:56 AM

Hi @waly, Are these data usage alerts you are referring to? You can't turn them off for certain times unfortunately. You can opt out of them as from My Account. Scott

by Occasional Visitor waly
‎2016-11-06 03:52 AM

Where in my account Scott to turn off alerts

by Valued Contributor
‎2016-11-06 05:31 AM

@waly, Just log into your My Account and click the "OPTIONS and EXTRAS" next to the mobile service. Then click 'Manage You Add-ons' and then click and expand where it says "USAGE ALERTS"

by Occasional Visitor Challenge
‎2016-11-08 04:40 PM

Optus alert says my usage is 785mb Optus app says it is 660.   Who do I believe?

by Valued Contributor
‎2016-11-08 04:46 PM

Hey there @Challenge, your usage alerts will provide the most up do date information however these and the app can sometimes have a short delay. 

by New Member Frustated
‎2016-11-10 09:46 PM

Its been 3 days. I cannot check my data usage. Come on Optus!!!!, what is the problem?

by Moderator Aman_B
‎2016-11-10 02:02 AM

Hey @Frustated, we've updated our My Optus app recently. Could you please delete the app and re install it. Once the app is installed please open it using your mobile network and not WiFi so that that app can read the data from your sim card. Please let us know how it goes. 


by New Contributor Zoe2016

I am in hospital for 4 weeks at least / I have 3 gb data and 1.5 used till 22/11 . 

I don't have broadband wifi at hospital but is there a way to temporarily up my days useage for a month so I can watch Netflix or other things without data concerns and very expensive penalties ? In other words how much is it to up useage for a month and if so can I drop it back without penalty . What are the range of options to meet my needs ?

does it have an impact if it's mid cycle of billing - in other words does it add retrospectively ?

my number is <removed for privacy>

<removed for privacy>

i have a buisness account as sole owner of <removed for privacy> 

please can't call me as it's hard I. Hospital to do much - or text me ASAP 

thank you

samia. Goudie 

by Moderator Marie
‎2016-11-13 12:30 PM

Thanks Samira Smiley Happy 


I've edited your post and have sent you a PM about this.


Depending on exactly what you'd like to access we have some options such as Adding Mobile TV Streaming for $10 a month or adding a data pack to give you more data for the rest of the month. 


Both options will start from when you add them and won't take into account usage you've already incurred.


Hope this helps.


by Occasional Visitor roshaughnessy
‎2016-11-15 10:31 AM



the optus app suggests i have a little more data yet I have been charged $10 on this, the last day of the monthly cycle. 


After switching off data for half the month to avoid the charge this is disappointing. I trusted the app. It still indicates that there is still data left. 


May i please have my $10 back?



by RetiredModerator JustinB
‎2016-11-15 11:18 AM

Hey @roshaughnessy - sorry to hear that you've exceeded your included value for the month. With data usage info displayed in the Optus app, it can be delayed by 24-48 hrs which is why there's the discrepancy between the SMS and what's displayed via the app.

by New Member Atlas
‎2016-11-16 12:58 PM

So I used 39 gig today and got a message than 3 hours later I get I then another one say I have used 46.5 gig not even being at home or in the Internet this seems to be happing a lot and I'm the only who uses the data I have on my phone and wireless 

by RetiredModerator Steph_C
‎2016-11-16 02:31 PM

Usage alerts can be delayed, however we do thoroughly assess data consumption - we wouldn't charge you wouldn't use. These alerts would have been for usage prior to you leaving the home @Atlas.

by Occasional Visitor Lisamax
‎2016-11-22 09:14 PM

I am so sick of these $10 charges for data usage. I mostly use text and facebook basic stuff,  never Netflix or utube etc I've rang optus,  the girl I spoke to had the same Samsung as mine and said mine was using data it shouldnt. I ended up sending phone off as it was doing lots of weird stuff. Had to go through loosing numbers copying photos because of reset bla bla. It came back with nothing wrong. I have always ad a 60 plan and never went over now on a 90 plan which is a rip off with still 3gb and getting charged more and more all the time. Something not right. I am hearing this alot with optus.  Been with optus 20 plus years. Might b time to move on.

by RetiredModerator Steph_C
‎2016-11-22 07:48 AM

We definitely don't want to see you go @Lisamax - have you had a look at the 'insights' tab on the My Optus app to see how the data is being used? We do check data consumption quite thoroughly, so we wouldn't be charging you for any unused portion. If you're happy for us to look at your usage more thoroughly please send through a PM with your mobile number and DOB. 

by Occasional Contributor Webby97
‎2016-11-27 12:01 PM

Is it possible to switch off the auto top up? 

by RetiredModerator Mike-N
‎2016-11-27 12:10 PM

Hey @Webby97 Smiley Happy The auto top up can not be switched off. It's best to closely monitor your usage after you receive your 85% if you don't want to be bumped to the next level. If you need any more information, please let me know! 

by Occasional Visitor Vincel
‎2016-11-30 09:15 PM

How can i stop the  1 gig $10 top up? Im sick of being charged this fee all because my phone uses data even when im not using it . can i stop the top up ? 

by Valued Contributor
‎2016-11-30 03:03 AM

Hey @Vincel, the auto data top up cannot be removed as this is built into the plan. Have you checked out the Optus app to see what's utilising your data? Can you confirm if you've received the usage alerts? I've included a couple of links here and here with info on how to manage your data usage. Shout out if you have any questions. Alternatively you're welcome to chat with our Billing Team on 133937. 

by New Member JoFixi
‎2016-12-05 02:09 PM

Hi - I don't want the extra 1GB @ $10 for my account. My plan resets tonight so not needed.

by RetiredModerator Nam_L
‎2016-12-06 09:42 AM

Hey JoFixi, 


The additional $10 for 1GB is an automated charge that will be applied if you exceed your data usage. 


Hopefully you didn't exceed your data allowance last night but for future reference should you be in a similar situation. I'd recommend going into your mobile settings and turning off mobile data. 



by New Member Marmite19
‎2016-12-06 12:49 PM

How do I stop my data from automatically recharging $10?

by RetiredModerator Nam_L
‎2016-12-06 01:06 PM

Hey Marmite19


Is this for a Postpaid service or Prepaid? If it's for a Postpaid service, the $10 top up for 1GB is an automated charge once your service has utilised all it's monthly quota data.





by New Contributor Toni67

Hello I was wondering if my broadband and home phone line are out of contract please? Home phone is <removed for privacy>



by RetiredModerator Esther
‎2016-12-22 11:13 AM

 Hey Toni67 - I've edited your post to protect your privacy. Please don't post your personal information in a public place. If you'd like me to have a look at the contract dates - please send us a Private message with your full name, account number and DOB for ID and we'll lend a hand! Smiley Happy

by New Member Ljlehmann
‎2017-01-04 09:28 AM

I don't want to be automatically issued with an extra gig and charged $10, how do I opt out of this highway robbery?

by Trusted Contributor
‎2017-01-05 04:08 AM

Hey Ljlehmann, this is a feature of Post-Paid plans. If you don't exceed the data included in the plan you wouldn't be charged any extra. If you're wanting the usage to be restricted once you reach a certain amount, some phones have this ability built in. The other option would be to look at moving to a Pre-Paid plan that restricts your access until you were to purchase more credit. You should also be getting alerts at 50%, 85% and 100% of your usage to keep you up to date with your usage as well as the Optus app. If you have any questions about any of this, please post back and let us know.

by Occasional Visitor JoCo
‎2017-01-08 05:06 PM

I received a message today to say that I had used 886MB of my additional 1GB of data, and then shortly after, that I had used 100% of my additional 1GB.  I never received a single message to say I had reached 50%, 85% or 100% of my original data.  This is not the first time this has happened...i am NOT happy that I am not getting the alerts that I am legally meant to be getting.  Can someone please sort this out before I switch phone providers because it's getting beyond a joke. 

by Moderator Shauna
‎2017-01-09 08:01 AM

@JoCo - The reason you have not have received the 50%, 85% or 100% usage alerts may have been due to high volumes of data being generated at once, resulting in no time for those alerts to be sent through before the account had exceeded. Would you be able to send me a PM with your mobile number, full name and DOB? We can take a look into this for you. 

by Occasional Visitor JoCo
‎2017-01-09 02:06 PM

My daughter managed to get a $755 phone bill by going 65 GB above her data allowance because we never got the alerts we were meant to be getting.  I only found out about the extra usage when I got the bill.  I rang Optus and they told me she definitely would have got the alerts so I grounded my daughter and confiscated her phone because I thought she was lying to me about getting the alerts!  Now you tell me that she may not infact have received the alerts!  How unprofessional can Optus be!! ?? This has happened again and its gone another 6GB above the data before I've even received any notification about this.  Listen to your customers one wants the automatic data....yet ever time  some one tells you this, you fob them off and basically tell them tough luck.  I for one will be changing providers and will be telling every body I know not to go with Optus!

by Moderator Shauna
‎2017-01-09 02:25 PM

Understand where you're coming from @JoCo, it's really not an ideal situation. She would have received the top up alerts, for example advising that she would have been charged $10 for an extra GB of data. Even if she didn't receive the 50%, 85% and 100% alert, we have other ways to monitor data such as the Optus My Account and the Optus App. If you're the account holder of your daughters account, feel free to send through the account details requested above and we can determine what's chewing up the data and possibly find a way to reduce this in the future. 

by Occasional Visitor JoCo
‎2017-01-09 02:29 PM

I checked my daughters phone.....there were no messages. You don't seem to be listening to me.  I'm calling the Ombudsman and watch FaceBook because there will be a boycott Optus page starting!

by Moderator Shauna
‎2017-01-09 02:33 PM

@JoCo - Sorry you feel this way however I am listening and offering to assist you. If you decide to go to the Ombudsman you'll be contacted by our customer relations group within 10 business days. 

by Occasional Visitor Patrickh
‎2017-01-10 02:52 AM

Getting messages saying i have exceeded my shared data of 8gb yet ive used 7.98gb.

by Valued Contributor
‎2017-01-10 03:12 AM

Hi @Patrickh, please see the blog above under Timing and Accuracy of Alerts:

by Occasional Visitor Patrickh
‎2017-01-10 03:19 AM

Ive recieved a message telling me ive exceeded my 8gb yet ive used 7.98gb, why am i getting additional data when i havent reached 8gb?

by New Member Craignapoli
‎2017-01-10 05:39 AM

I've just been charged for going over my data limit but I did not use any more data after getting my  first alert? WHY???

by RetiredModerator Nghi
‎2017-01-10 07:26 AM

Our usage meters online and through My Optus App can be up to 48 hours delayed and there may be usage in last 2 days which hasn't shown up yet. We send out alerts as soon as we can when you go over though you may get several alerts in fast succession if you're going through data really quickly.

by New Member Sun22
‎2017-01-21 04:58 AM

I am always getting messages that my account is " The shared data on your account has exceeded 5GB. You now have an extra 1GB for $10.00 and will be charged $10 for each extra 1GB you use. Usage resets on ........ " but what happened to my data.  It looks like I am paying for extra data.  I don't seems to understand after paying a monthly bill of $210 - 320 I am seems to paying more and less usage.  Optus please explain I don't use my mobile much but exceedingly prompt with above message.  I am not happy at this service at all. 

by Occasional Visitor Pretty
‎2017-01-22 01:03 AM

I always set my limit on 3gigs that am allocated on my plan but how come you dont switch off data automatically instead u will give 1 extra gig at a cost of $10 of which i dont like please when i use all my data may u turn it off as i dont want to pay extra cash on top of my monthly subscription 


Hope to hear from you soon 




by Moderator Casey_
‎2017-01-22 01:12 AM

Hey @Sun22, you can use the Data Insights section within the My Optus app to see a breakdown of what your data has been used on. Instructions on how to do so can be found here 

by Moderator Casey_
‎2017-01-22 01:13 AM

Hey @Pretty, we do not have an option to disable the automatic data top ups. We do send usage alerts when you have reached 50%, 85% and 100% of your monthly data. As usage alerts can be delayed up to 48 hours, I'd recommend manually switching off your data via your handset when you receive the 85% usage alert.

by Occasional Visitor 123bob
‎2017-01-27 08:54 AM

Forced update on myoptus app is rubbish. New one sucks.

Old one worked fine and I would have much rather kept using it. 

by RetiredModerator AlexRH
‎2017-01-28 12:33 AM

@123bob Sorry you feel this way Smiley Sad It's definitely feedback that we can pass on to our App team - let us know if you're needing a hand.

by Occasional Visitor Emma_v
‎2017-01-31 11:30 AM

Hi, does this data usage inclusive of free music streaming on Spotify? Thank you 

by RetiredModerator Mike-N
‎2017-02-02 03:16 AM

Hi @Emma_v Smiley Happy Optus usage alerts are sent at 50%, 85% and 100% of your actual billed usage. Under the Data Free Music Streaming offer, Spotify usage is zero-rated and subsequently it would not contribute your billed usage. 

by Occasional Visitor Emma_v
‎2017-02-02 03:44 AM

@Mike-N Hi, yes that's what I thought but when I check my Mobile Usage under Settings, Spotify have used the most of my data even though I am eligible for free music streaming Smiley Sad 

by RetiredModerator Mike-N
‎2017-02-02 03:52 AM

@Emma_v The Mobile Usage page on your phone would show Spotify as the Spotify usage is zero-rated on a billing level. Our billing agreement with you has no bearing on the information displayed on your phone. Similarly the Data Breakdown or Insights tab of the My Optus App will also show Spotify being used. You'll see a notice at the bottom of this page that states 'Insights include zero rated data'. This means you'll still see the usage in your data breakdown but it will not contribute to your overall allowance (tallied on the first usage page of the app). If you would like us to take a look at your account and ensure the offer is active and working, please send us a private message with your phone number, full name and date of birth. 

by New Member Ingrid
‎2017-02-14 08:51 PM

How id it possible that I keep using my data when for the majority of time it is is connected to my hone internet. When I was with another carrier, with the amount of interbet download, I never needed to top it up and I'm using internet less now?

by RetiredModerator Hollie
‎2017-02-15 09:21 AM

Hey @Ingrid - have you had a chance to look at the break down of usage via the My Optus App? This will give you a bit of an idea about what Apps are using the majority of your data. 

by Occasional Visitor Lealea
‎2017-04-15 06:43 PM

I don't share my "shared data" with anyone but only get to use half of it before I'm charged $10 for an extra 1GB. This is just stupid.

by RetiredModerator Gen_R
‎2017-04-15 07:53 AM

Hey Lealea - thanks for touching base. If you're getting charged the excess $10 per GB, that would indicate that you've used all the data included in your plan. Would recommend checking the Data Breakdown tab on your My Optus app to check where the usage has been registered.  

by Visitor DMR
‎2017-05-05 09:55 AM

Yea, if you could not send me reminders about my data usage at 1.30 in the morning that would be super.

by Valued Contributor
‎2017-05-15 03:38 PM

Hi @DMR, thanks for the feedback I'll pass it on. Alerts do need to be sent out as soon as we can though. You can always Opt-out of them as above. 

by Occasional Visitor CavemanAu
‎2017-06-26 12:12 PM

Just got an Optus alert via MMS saying that we had used 1.72 GB but when I check my usage on My Optus app it says that we have 1.72 G remaining.  This happened last month as well.  Any ideas WHY?


by Moderator Vicky
‎2017-06-27 07:47 AM

@CavemanAu - Thanks for getting in touch with us. There is a delay with the usage alerts (up to 24hrs) between the time the data was used and our system triggers an alert. The My Optus app, on the other hand, updates at different intervals throughout the day - on the first page of the application if you scroll down a bit there is a time stamp of when the previous update occurred. When used in conjunction these self-service options allow users to manage their data used from their service. I hope that helps - let us know if you need a hand with anything else.

by New Member ajh11
‎2017-07-04 06:42 AM

How do I stop Optus alerts coming in at 2.44am?

It's  quite rude and waking me up. I'm considering changing phone companies ba has of the lack of consideration shown to us Optus customers. 

by RetiredModerator Toomey
‎2017-07-04 07:00 AM

@ajh11 You'll find 24/7 usage alerts are a standard feature of most post paid plans, this is because telcos don't know what time you'll be using your data and want to keep you up to date.


You can modify your usage alerts in My Account by going to Dashboard > Your Services > *Select Mobile Number* > Options & Extras > Manage Add-ons > Usage Alerts.


If you have a modern phone you should also be able to mute the number in your messaging app. This way you'll still get the messages but without the disturbance.

by New Member JohnRosa84
‎2017-07-26 07:21 AM

I don't wanna automatically get extra data. 2 months ago this happens and I need to contact Optus to cancel and ask to opt out. Today I receive a msg saying that I receive 1gb for $10. I don't need 1GB on my last day of my bill. 

by RetiredModerator Gen_R
‎2017-07-30 12:47 PM

Hey @JohnRosa84 - on our postpaid plans, it'a automatically built into the plan and it' snot something that you can opt out. If you're not wanting to be topped up, it's recommend to proactively monitor your data through both your phone's setting and the MyOptus app. Once you receive the 85% alerts, best to switch your data off on your phone to take into account that the usage alerts aren't live. 

by Occasional Visitor Gcurb
‎2017-09-18 07:17 AM

Hello. I like the data usage alerts I get but not when I get them at 1130 at night. Can this be managed with out turning it off??

by RetiredModerator Mike-N
‎2017-09-20 07:31 AM

Sorry for the delayed response @Gcurb. Also, sorry to hear that you're getting usage alerts a little late for your liking Smiley Sad There's no way to delay the delivery as we do need to send them through as soon as the usage information is updated and one has been triggered. What I personally do to stop manage the alerts I get during the night is use the Do Not Disturb function on my phone. What type of phone are you using? You may be able to schedule Do Not Disturb - which will suppress any notifications but still allow messages through - to automatically turn on tonight and turn off in the morning. You can usually also allow calls/ notifications from certain contacts/ contact groups. 

by New Member masterbowler
‎2017-09-24 03:40 AM

I have already sent you two messages. I do not want the extra 1gb @ $10 a time. I will wait for the reset 7/10. I will not pay for your additional charges that I consider to be theft. Please cancel the 1gb that you have 'automatically' (read forced debt) sent me.

by RetiredModerator JordanOptus
‎2017-09-25 11:39 AM

Hey @masterbowler, unfortunately we're not able to turn off the automatic 1GB top ups sorry Smiley Sad You can always add more data usage alerts however, you can read more about that here and Live Chat would be able to help sort that out for you.

by New Member Bansheeash
‎2017-09-29 08:25 AM

How do i turn off txt message alerts from optus? They always come through in the middle of the night. 

by Moderator Aman_B
‎2017-09-30 04:38 AM

Hey @Bansheeash, you can certainly Optus out of alerts from My Account or we ca help here →

by Frequent Visitor StephenB
‎2017-10-07 02:08 PM

Why is it SOOOOO hard to provide the relevant information to opt out of usage alerts? In this article, it is very basic and just says "You can opt out of alerts and top up messages through My Account". Tried that already and there is nowhere to change or remove the alerts.


Found the article below, not only would I NEVER look at Manage Add-Ons to update the alerts as they are standard on all services BUT it wasn't even there, I've got none. A Manage Add-Ons is meant to be for things I add to the service, which I obviously haven't. Get the basics right Optus, it is not hard!!!!!!


by Moderator Vicky
‎2017-10-08 08:07 AM

@StephenB- thanks for getting in touch with us. Sorry to hear that you're having some trouble modifying your usage alerts there. A step by step instruction for your My Account is also available here → However we can also sort that out for you - feel free to chat us your details →

by Occasional Visitor Gigibella
‎2017-11-24 03:59 PM

I’m not able to connect to NBN and therefore I can’t connect to wifi, so I’m being charged for extra data through no fault of my own. I’ve had no assistance to resolve the NBN problem despite much time on the phone. And I’m being charged by Optus for my package. How can I resolve this so I’m not out of pocket? 

by Moderator Dan_C
‎2017-11-25 12:50 AM

Ah, that sounds incredibly frustrating @Gigibela. We weren't able to give you any indication as to whether there was an issue on the NBN or the Optus network side of things? Did you have a fault reference number for this one? You're more than welcome to send us a private message with your account details. We need your full name, DOB and account number. We'll try and find out what's going on. 

by New Member Karlllosa
‎2018-02-27 03:47 PM


how can I disable the automatic reach arge of my contract??

what I mean is that I don’t want to pay instantly 10$ if I used my data. 


by RetiredModerator Toomey
‎2018-02-28 08:54 PM

Hey @Karlllosa, this is a feature of post-paid plans, you would need to switch to a prepaid service for manual recharges.

by Occasional Visitor Scribe55
‎2018-03-09 12:24 AM

Optus REALLY sucks! I’ve been monitoring my usage closely, current figure is 2,4 Gb left, but have been charged an extra $10 for another 1Gb

by Occasional Visitor Scribe55
‎2018-03-09 12:32 AM

Current usage % on My Optus app is 92%, yet Optus has stolen $10 of my money. Hello TIO!

by New Member Oldbaldfella
‎2018-04-05 05:03 PM

I think I exceeded my monthly limit by live-streaming on the 7CommGames App, which I understood was data-free if I am

a contracted Optus user. This live-streaming tripped the automatic $10 charge for an extra gig. 


Is  live-streaming the 7CommGames App data free as advertised or not? 

by Moderator Dan_C
‎2018-04-05 05:32 PM

Hey @Oldbaldfella, have we applied the unmetered mobile TV streaming" add-on to the account?


Data free Mobile TV streaming is available on selected Post-paid Mobile Phone, BYO and Mobile Broadband plans for Optus customers.


Jump onto your My Account and click the 'entertainment' tab.


You'll be presented with three options

Optus Sport

Mobile TV

Music streaming


Click on Mobile TV and you'll be able to confirm whether it's been activated.

by Occasional Visitor AshH
‎2018-06-13 10:12 PM

I have a message saying I have used 50% of my "shared" data allowance...this is my account. I don't have shared data, so why is it mentioning that I hve shared data?

by Moderator Shauna
‎2018-06-13 11:28 PM

Hey @AshH - as your data can be automatically shared, it's called 'Shared Data'. Even if you're not sharing it, it will still be called that. Sorry for any confusion. 

by New Member Amolak
‎2018-07-07 09:46 PM

I use to survive on 5gb for whole month , where I was on internet for x number of ours everyday n still last me for whole month , but now as I am on so called Optus 50gb data plan but can’t believe just got a text saying I have extusted 26gb in just 2 days just using YouTube (omg), hard to believe !!! But just avoid any plans !!!!

by New Member Pyepro
‎2018-09-17 08:29 AM


I should be receiving free Netflix etc free but message I received the below message  is stating I’m getting close to my allowance, can you explain this please ?


7.77GB of 9.00GB of the shared data allowance has been used. At 9.00GB you will automatically get an additional 1.00GB for $10. Each time you use your data inclusion we'll give you 1GB for $10. Usage resets on 01/10. More info on usage at