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16th Nov 2015, 11:31am

Download My Optus app to monitor your data usage:


SMS SMS me a direct download link


Optus usage alerts are a handy little addition to your mobile plan that help you keep on top of your talk and data usage each month. They work automatically by sending you an SMS reminder whenever you've reached:


  • 50%, 85% and 100% of your monthly plan inclusions

It's important to keep in mind that these usage alerts don't include calls and messages that aren’t part of your plan inclusions, (eg to overseas numbers that are either in excess of your international inclusions or to countries that aren’t included), or usage outside Australia (including purchased Optus Travel™ Packs).

We'll send you a further alert once you've reached (ex GST) $50 on services not included in your plan like usage outside of Australia, premium SMS or international calls.

Plus, if you are travelling overseas, we will send you an alert for every $100 of estimated spend while roaming.


Usage alerts may be delayed by up to 48 hours so it’s recommended you do not rely solely on them. Note that usage alerts may be delayed by longer than 48 hours if you are using your data overseas on roaming.

What Happens After you Reach 100%?

My Plan or My Plan Plus Customers

You'll automatically get extra minutes or data and receive additional alerts at 85% and 100%.

Customers on other Mobile Plans

You'll be charged your plan's regular rates. To find out what they are, check out your Critical Information Summary (CIS).


Just a tip - check your bill for your plan's exact name (or ID number) so you can find it on the CIS page.


Other Ways to Help Keep Track 


My Optus App

Monitoring your data usage via the My Optus App is quick and easy. If you haven’t already, ensure you download the app at the iTunes store or Google Play Store.




My Account

My Account is just as easy to use as the My Optus App. Simply log in and follow the prompts for data usage information and more.


Business customer with more than six services?

Get in touch with your Account Executive to manage your alerts. 


What if I have more questions? 


That’s easy too. Just click the big yellow comment button below and ask your question on this page. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


The Nitty Gritty


Important Information:


You should not rely solely on these services as a means of monitoring your mobile usage. They're not available on all plans and handsets.

Timing and Accuracy of Alerts:


Alerts, top up messages and updates to My Optus App or My Account usage information are not generated in real-time and a delay of up to 48 hours may be experienced due to system limitations. Due to these potential delays all % usage will be an approximation. In the last 48 hours of your billing cycle you may not receive alerts, top up messages or updated details of your usage. If your usage triggers more than one alert within 48 hours you may receive only one alert.


Changing Plans Affects your Alerts:


Customers that change or recontract their plan or add or remove certain services such as mobile internet packs may have alerts and top up messages suspended until their next bill cycle.

Opting Out:


You can opt out of alerts and top up messages through My Account. Your opt in preferences for marketing materials may affect your eligibility for top up messages.

by Super Contributor
‎2015-11-15 02:00 PM

Just a reminder for BlackBerry users, this app works on BB10 devices as well just use Snap or Google Play store.  Instruction on either of those are in the crackberry forums.

by New Contributor MJ123
‎2015-11-16 07:31 PM

I am contantly receiving personl information regarding somone elses account sent via email, post, txt.
Last I checked that was a major privacy issue.
Optus staff don't seem to care, and are quite rude.

Anyone else having this issue?
Currently online checking out Telstra deals 

by Frequent Contributor
‎2015-11-16 11:35 AM

Hi MJ123, we're really sorry to hear about your experience & also apologise for any inconvenience caused.


If you could please chat with us here → we can follow this up for you.


by Visitor Mulachabu
‎2015-11-28 10:45 PM

My data usage app indicates that I have used less than 650mb but I have received a message from Optus saying that I have exceeded 1GB and must pay additional fees? 

by RetiredModerator Gen_R
‎2015-11-28 10:36 AM

Hey Mulachabu - the App has a time stamp on it, it only updates once ever 12/24 hours. The usage on the SMS will be for the last 24hours. Hope this helps. 

by New Member MrMepbe
‎2015-11-28 10:57 AM

I just received a message saying I've exceeded my data usage and must pay an additional fee even though I'm using wifi and not my phone's 'Mobile Data'.

by RetiredModerator Gen_R
‎2015-11-28 11:30 AM

Hey MrMepbe - as mentioned earlier, any usage alerts are 24hours delayed so it's alerting you to usage from the day before. Have you checked your usage via your phone settings?  

by Visitor Mulachabu
‎2015-11-28 01:33 PM

Thanks for the replies. My situation got worse, no alert at 85% just you have used up 100% then ten minutes later another alert to inform me that my additional 1gb had been used up entirely. I have joined up for perks and had free access to the cricket so I am thinking that this is connected to my apparent data use? Anyway I think it is worth a 'chat' with Optus to clarify.

by New Member Phildev
‎2015-12-02 08:32 PM

The Volkswagen scandal and now the opus scandal. What's weird is for years I have not exceeded 4 gig per month when usage was unlimited. Now I have chosen a plan with 4 gig and well go figure you now have me using that in two weeks. Keep going and like a couple of Uni students went to the trouble to test Volkswagens claims, you to can be taken the task. Stop the thievery OPTUS. Every time a question is Alec here about usage your default answer "Usage alert may be 24 behind actual use". So that explains everything hey?  I can feel a job for THE COMMUNICATIONS OMBUDSMEN coming. 

by Trusted Contributor
‎2015-12-02 09:24 PM

Hey there Phildev, 


Are you using a data monitor to check the usage Optus are billing you for? It may be the best way to gather the info. I can assure you that the data you're being billed for is being used by the SIM connected to the device. Our customer service team have some pretty great tools to help with seeing which apps are using the data on you as well.

by Visitor Mulachabu
‎2015-12-02 10:58 PM

I don't access the 'free' cricket anymore and my data usage has gone back to normal . I agree if the Optus data usage app is so far behind then it it essentially useless. I am looking for a more reliable service provider. I am not interested in what they say but rather what they do. Telstra seems the go.

by New Member just-g
‎2015-12-08 09:29 AM

i received an sms at 2331 on 8/12/15 advising that data usage exceeds plan & that an additional 1gb would be automatically added at a cost of $10.00 The nessage then advises that limit will reset at 9/12/15.... That being the case, i had better NOT see a charge for more than 29 minutes on my next mobile bill.



by RetiredModerator Nghi
‎2015-12-08 10:25 AM

Hey just-g, the usage alerts can be delayed. So the data usage may have been for period prior to 8/12. Our Customer Service team are always happy to go over any charges on your bill on 133937 or via chat.


by New Member alodciuto
‎2015-12-27 10:21 AM

Hi, just received a text about the usage of our allowed data... No dramas except that it was 10gbs short on our total allowance.

we have only just recently upgraded and the first month was fine, but this month it changed. 

This is the second time things have been stuffed up in the last two months, the biggest issue was that you only delivered one phone instead of two and it took three phone calls, two weeks, phones been sent to wrong address twice and an hour in a local branch up get it sorted. 


by RetiredModerator Gen_R
‎2015-12-28 08:27 AM

Hey alodciuto - just to confirm, you're referring to the fact that your data usage allowance was only 10GB, or it was under by 10GB? If you take a look at page two of your invoice, it will say the total amount of shared data included in your plan. When you upgrade, there can be instances where the allowance will be higher for the month as it adds the old and new plan together. 

by New Member courtney94
‎2016-01-17 12:34 PM

Sometimes I go over my data on the final day of the month and an extra 1GB is automatically added to my account for $10. There's no way I can use 1GB in a day and I feel like I'm being extremely ripped off. 

Is there a way to choose when I receive the extra 1GB and when I do not?

by New Contributor lesleyb
‎2016-01-17 02:44 PM

Once again this month I am charge $10 for data I do not want or need. This automated and unauthorised charge that has been described as a "benefit" to me by your customer service staff is out of line with my contract. The charge must be removed, the data removed and the automated way this transaction takes place should also be removed.

by RetiredModerator Pete
‎2016-01-24 12:12 PM

Hey courtney94 and lesleyb, I can confirm our My Plan Plus offers are designed to automatically top you up with data when you've ran out. We used to charge per MB which had caused bill shock, so we decided to construct new plans differently to avoid this. In conjunction with the auto top ups, we do notify customers by SMS of when they've used 50%, 85% and 100% of there included data usage and also offer an app called My Optus to help you manage your data. There are no options to disable auto top ups however if you'd prefer a service that restricts your usage after you've used your included value, it might be best to jump across to Pre Paid once the contract has ran out to avoid fees. For more info on usage alerts, please click HERE.

by New Member ray4
‎2016-03-17 06:05 PM

Hi there I have a question I ring my family in New Zealand using the app messenger could this be the reason why my phone bill is high my husband mentioned that my plan was that I could ring anyone anywhere for free is that true or is it if I ring family using the messenger app this contributes to high phone bill just needed clarification please 

by New Member Heathercolcott
‎2016-03-17 04:11 PM

I started plan on ťuesday and have used 50% of data in 3 days?? Explained my useage to salesman..low..and dont know what i have used it on?? Sent photos but used msg. Used facebook??

by New Member luisolivares
‎2016-03-18 02:20 PM

I have been moved to the '$50 My Plan Plus' from the 15th March 2016. Once I log onto My Optus app and go to 'usage' - the 'data' bar says that I only have 1 GB INSTEAD of the 3GB included shareable data that comes up on my mobile plan. Is this a problem? I've updated the app and there is no difference. 

by RetiredModerator Dave
‎2016-03-21 02:19 PM

@ray4 - Facebook Messenger would just use data so this wouldn't contribute to you having a larger bill unless you've exceeded your data allowance. 


@Heathercolcott - if you check your phone settings, you should be able to see exactly which app has been using your data.


@luisolivares - Generally a plan change will take place from the start of the new billing cycle. Happy to check into it further though if you'd like to send me a PM.

by New Contributor 04hidden
‎2016-03-23 10:06 AM



I have a plan that gives me 1GB each month and I just exceeded my usage of data so optus has given me another 1GB and has charged me for $10. It says 'usage resets on 09/04'. Does it mean that if I don't use the given 1GB data until then, I'm going to lose the unused data? I'm sure it's too much for me for 15 days to use as I usually use WiFi. Is there anyway to cancel it?




by New Member ahnoo_02
‎2016-04-16 09:25 PM

Hi I have jst received a text saying I've used 1.8 GB OUT OF 3.5GB which it is my true I have checked my mobile data status m it's below 1GB..Optus u gonna check out ur work or train more staff or employ more qualified 

by New Member 0412999496
‎2016-04-21 10:48 PM

this obviously isn't working Optus ! 

by New Member marcus1
‎2016-04-24 08:49 PM

Clearly your app and service is not great. Two months in a row you have your app stating I have 5.94 then today 5.72... Of 6 remaining.


i recently thought of you for broadband and got the most rude and bit chy attitude. 


Tobe be frank the drops outs over charging and lack of service... 


I am not happy

by New Member Trinity
‎2016-05-09 06:11 AM

Well I'll be opting out of these alerts as the text message only ever arrives at midnight when I'm trying to sleep. And no, unfortunately I can't just have my phone on silent.

by Occasional Contributor thekayle
‎2016-05-10 11:06 PM

The my Optus app continually logs me out, when I open the app it asks for my phone number again and sends me a code via text again! It happens more often than not now. I use an iPhone Se. Any help would be appreciated ✌

by Contributor mazz_a
‎2016-05-26 02:44 PM

Hi Trinity, 


I am sorry about the usage alerts coming through at times when you would not like to be contacted. Please try installing the my Optus app if you a compatible smart phone (android or iOS).  Alternatively you can register for my account which is a great way to not only check your usage, but also manage your account onlinE, and take advantage of the Optus perks! You will love the movie ticket deals Smiley Happy


Hi thekayle,


Have you tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling it again? If not, please give it a go as usually fixes these types of issues Smiley Happy

by New Contributor cvok
‎2016-06-27 10:57 PM

Hi Optus. My Optus app says I've used 885mb out of 2 gb and the accompanying usage bar/diagram is less than half way along but I have a message that I've used 1.2 gb out of 2 gb.  Which is correct?

by New Contributor cvok
‎2016-06-27 10:58 PM

.. That should read 1.02 gb out of 2... Just wondering about the discrepancy?

by RetiredModerator Toomey
‎2016-06-27 10:13 AM

@cvok sometimes there is a delay between the app and texts so I would always go with the higher value to play it safe. You wouldn't receive the text unless you had definitely used over 50% so it's safe to say the app is running a little bit behind your texts in this case.

by New Member Mcjesus
‎2016-07-13 07:13 AM

Hey there, 


I switched plans about a week ago and it seems like my previous data used for the month has not been added to the usage on my new plan. I was keeping an eye on it to make sure I did not exceed my 500 megabytes, and I'm only 55% through at the moment. But i just got a text from optus saying I've exceeded the whole 500 and i now get an extra gig for ten bucks. And my plan resets tomorrow 😯 first world problems but I want my ten bucks back haha

by New Member kMf2499
‎2016-07-13 08:14 AM

yeah hi, um my account keeps telling me I've gone over, & that it will add an additional 1GB for $10. that's all good & well, but I've only used 5GB & it doesn't roll over until 03/08. I definitely do not want to be charged extra (no matter how small the amount) if I haven't gone over. 

by Occasional Visitor Nhuss3
‎2016-07-24 08:30 PM

I used to use less than 3gb on a prepaid plan with Vodafone. Now I am getting charged almost every month for excess usage. Complained twice because the meter was showing my usage was under the limit. Mind you, I had to complain via email because when I tried to launch a chat with an Optus rep I waited TWENTY MINUTES before finally giving up. Don't have time to wait on hold all night to speak to someone. And today, my usage was updated 2 hours before I received a message saying I exceeded it. How does almost 2GB go in 2hours, when I'm connected to my wifi? Will not be renewing this plan I'm appalled at the theft. 

by New Member Kosta
‎2016-07-25 11:34 AM


I keep receiving Optus alert texts in the middle of the night like midnight or 1.30am. How can I change that?



by Frequent Visitor HayleyGirl
‎2016-07-25 12:01 PM

I would really like for it to be optional when you reach your monthly allowance of data to be charged the $10 and given the extra 1GB. It is not always required. With 15 days of the month to go, sure I'd accept this 'option' to pay above my initial plan amount however with 2 days left on my billing cycle, I could do without a whole extra GB of data and simply use wifi until the billing cycle ticks over. I shouldn't be charge an extra $10 above my plan for data I simply do not have time to use. This should be an option and not automatic. 


by New Member Nicerride
‎2016-07-28 12:54 PM

Great of Optus to alert me when I have reached 50% but via SMS at 3:40am seems a bit ridiculous. Appreciate its probably automated but does anyone know how to change this. Did not enjoy being woken this morning!!

by Occasional Visitor Megzyee
‎2016-07-31 01:01 PM

I keep getting sms's saying i have gone over my data and that i will be given an extra GB for $10, when my optus data says i havent. I usually only have 1 day left when this happens. And have turned off data so i dont go over. How to i resolve this? I really dont want to wait on the phone for half an hour to talk to someone.

by New Member Rivking
‎2016-08-11 03:21 PM

Never used 3.5 gig for last 2 years now u say i hv used 5 gig and still 2 weeks to go!!!!????

by Occasional Visitor Chrisqwer
‎2016-08-19 11:25 PM

Hi Optus, one of your staff members encouraged me to renew my plan as apparently the one I was on was "archaic" and of poor value. Since "upgrading" I am have been charged excess usage data fees each month and am paying way more than my what I was originslly.  I work an office job and have no social life to speak of... I'm always connected to wifi. Sad but true. Me thinks my original plan was never "archaic" but just a way to make me spend more $$$? What do you think?

by Occasional Contributor JenkoJ1
‎2016-08-23 10:09 AM

In this day and age I think it's irresponsible and entirely to easy to through "48 hours delay due to system limitations" out there.

Other TELCO's can provide real time data tracking and Optus should too.

Along with a number of other services such as visual voicemail for one.

by Moderator Marie
‎2016-08-23 10:43 AM

We'll certainly pass your feedback on JenkoJ1.


We're currently working on a new billing system which will allow our data usage to be much closer to real time.



by New Member SueGaa
‎2016-08-27 07:32 PM

What if I don't want the automatic $10 top up? When my credit expires the day before my new month begins, I would rather not pay for a top up. How do I stop the automatic process?

by Moderator Alistar
‎2016-08-27 11:28 PM

Hi SueGaa, just to clarify this is for the post-paid plans. If you don't want the automated $10 top up, I'd suggest tracking your data via the Optus App and when its around 85% I'd suggest turning off your mobile data. 

by Frequent Visitor HayleyGirl
‎2016-08-28 09:08 AM

The Optus app is not accurate and takes around 48 to update your actual usage.  This is not a solution. 

by RetiredModerator Hannah-L
‎2016-08-28 11:12 AM

Hi there, @HayleyGirl! At the bottom of the Usage page in the app you can find the time and date the data was last updated. There can be a delay of up to 24 hours, we're currently working on a solution to reduce this delay.

by Frequent Visitor HayleyGirl
‎2016-08-28 12:32 PM in the meantime @Hannah-L your customers will continue to be unnessasarily topped up 1GB and charged $10  against their wishes ??

by RetiredModerator Hannah-L
‎2016-08-28 12:39 PM

I'm not sure what you mean. The 1GB data top-up is applied once the monthly data allowance has been used.

by Frequent Visitor HayleyGirl
‎2016-08-28 01:00 PM

If you care about the feedback from your customers on this feed enough to actually read the comments @Hannah-L You will notice that more than one of us do not wish for the automatic top up to be applied when there is only days left on the billing cycle.. This service should be an option; to have an extra gig applied and charged $10 when there is less than a week left before the allowance is refreshed. Some of us would prefer to use wifi for the remaining days or hours! left on the cycle.. There is not physically enough time nor the need for us to use the automated gig with hours left to use it. Especially if we cannot keep an accurate track on our remaining allowance.. 

by RetiredModerator Hannah-L
‎2016-08-28 02:22 PM

The auto top-up feature is built into our plans and not something we're looking at changing at this stage. Thanks for your feedback though, I'll pass it along to our marketing team. In the meantime, you could try keeping track of your usage via your device rather than the My Optus app as the result would be more immediate. What kind of handset do you have?

by Frequent Visitor HayleyGirl
‎2016-08-28 03:16 PM

iPhone 6 s @Hannah-L

by RetiredModerator Hannah-L
‎2016-08-28 04:15 PM

Hmmm, tracking it via your iPhone 6S may be a bit difficult as you'd need to manually reset the statistics at the start of each billing month. I'd recommend just going by the Optus usage alerts, when you reach 85% of your allowance either be extra careful with the way you're using your data or turn off mobile data altogether to avoid going over.

by Visitor PR28
‎2016-08-30 12:54 PM

Hi i have just been switched from a $30 prepaid to a $30 postpaid so as to save money on my other optus services. From the comments i have read so far about the auto top up of data occuring almost monthly with a lot of people i think i am goung to regret this change. On prepaid i never used the 1.5gig allowed data as i am mostly on wifi. If i get charged for any additional data i will be goung straight to the communications ombudsman as this is looking like a cash grab. I will wait and see.

by Visitor PR28
‎2016-08-30 01:10 PM

In addition to my previous comment i have now noticed that the my optus app will not refresh. It was last updated at 12.30pm yesterday and it keeps on advising that there is a system issue. I have now locked my data usage on my phone to automatically stop at 1gb to make sure i do not go over. So if i do get any charges from optus for an additional 1gb then their claim for this will be false and not legally claimable by them. 

by Moderator Dan_C
‎2016-08-30 01:26 PM

Hey @PR28, I can definitely understand the sentiment but any charges generated, would be for legitimate use of data. We won't charge for anything that wasn't actually used on the Optus network. Now it would be ultimately up to you whether or not you want to continue on a postpaid service after you first month but we'd need you to ensure that you're also taking the appropriate measures to ensure you stay with in your data allowance. SMS usage alerts and data usage via the app may take between 24-48 hours to update. 


What handset were you currently using? I'd suggest using your handset in-built data monitor/calculator. You'd need to ensure that it's been set to reflect your billing cycle. Any discrepancies can then be compared to what we have on record. We advise all of the above on the Critical Information Summary document that should of been offered when you'd organised for the plan change. If this hasn't been received, I'd be more than happy to organise one for you. Dan 

by Visitor PR28
‎2016-08-30 04:57 PM

Hi Dan. Thank you for the reply. I have not received any documentation from optus re the plan. It was all arranged through a call from optus last week. I have disabled background data on all apps for use on mobile data. This is now only active on wifi. I will monitor use through my phone as the my optus app is still not working. I had no issues with this on my pre paid plan. So far not impressed with the switch as i need to self monitor constantly. I have only got 558kb at the moment on my phone but the last time the app worked it showed 2mb.

by Moderator Dan_C
‎2016-08-31 05:23 PM

Hmm, that's not good. This documentation should of been sent at-least via email before going ahead with the plan change. What would be the best method to send across a copy of this document? Are you able to send us through a private message with your full name, DOB and mobile number. I'm happy to discuss this further with you, I just can't go into any account specific information publicly with you. Dan 

by Occasional Visitor acklevoy
‎2016-09-07 09:00 PM

Just over 3 hours left on my monthly allowance and I've been informed that I've gone over and will be charged $10 for an extra 1GB. Neither my yesOptus app nor my mobile device show me as having exceeded this allowance yet. I realise of course that the app is likely delayed, but you have said in other comments that my device may be more accurate (currently only showing 965MB for this billing period).


Who can I speak to about having this extra charge removed for this billing period?

by Frequent Visitor HayleyGirl
‎2016-09-07 09:35 AM

Exactly @acklevoy It's a complete joke. 

by RetiredModerator Nghi
‎2016-09-08 11:32 PM

Hey acklevoy, you'll need to speak with our Billing team on 133937 or live chat here in regards to your excess usage. We count all data going in and out over your SIM and the meters can be up to 48 hours delayed. 

by New Member W_G
‎2016-09-15 06:31 PM

I received a usage alert saying I had 2GB Data when in fact I have 26GB of shared data!

by New Member Jb1179
‎2016-09-18 07:17 PM

The app is great, except for when you rely on it to ensure that you don't go over your data, then on the day that your plan rolls over you get a text saying that you've exceeded the limited and will be charged an extra $10. 

Thank you,

Will be certainly following this up.


by Valued Contributor
‎2016-09-18 10:03 PM

@W_G, thanks for letting us know. Could it be a case that the alert sent was for a service on a separate bill or archived plan? Happy to take a look if you're able to PM through your full name, account number and date of birth? Thanks.


Hey @Jb1179. The usage alerts can be delayed by up to 24 hours so the data would have been used prior to the messages being sent.The Optus app should be used as a guide as we're unable to provide the information in real time at this stage. You're welcome to chat with our Billing Team though when they re-open on 133937 between 8am - 7pm Monday to Friday.

by Visitor Mob672
‎2016-09-22 10:02 PM

Can anyone explain how I would have managed to use almost 1GB of data in less than 24hrs?

after "generously" being given an extra GB of data last night I received a text advising I was 934MB through it already. Quite an achievement since I turned my data off the day before and am on wifi at home and work.

(iPhone 6 if that makes a difference)

by RetiredModerator Gen_R
‎2016-09-22 12:27 AM

Hey Mob672 - it's pretty easy to use a 1GB in 24 hour period TBH. Id recommend checking the insights tab on the MyOptus app, it'll show you where the data has been used most. 

by Occasional Contributor TheHappyOne
‎2016-09-23 03:07 PM

I have 6.5Gb against the EPL app.  This has counted towards my 20Gb limit and I have been charged a further $10

Is the EPL app data not free?

by RetiredModerator Alex_H
‎2016-09-23 03:35 PM

Hey there @TheHappyOne - totally get your concern!

Whilst it may appear that you're being charged for the data use, once your bill is generated any data used whilst streaming the EPL would be excluded Smiley Happy 

by New Member AmyS
‎2016-09-25 06:00 AM

Hello, ur app is always having system issue so I can't check and it's really annoying. Also I didn't get a 85% I got 50% 100% 


thank u

by Occasional Contributor TheHappyOne
‎2016-09-25 06:31 AM

Thanks @Alex_H

I would like to investigate this further as for similar usage my data has increased from <1Gb to over 6.5Gb this month.  My EPL usage is 6.5 Gb, and I have just received a bill.  It may be coincidence of course.

I have attempted to further investigate by 'speaking' with your service desk and have been cut off each time after asking the question and before getting an answer.

Please provide a detailed itemised data usage invoice for me to check


by RetiredModerator Gen_R
‎2016-09-25 06:37 AM

Hey @AmyS have you tried clearing the app cache ( In the Iphone "Notes" type myoptus://clear and then click "Done") and then click on that  link,then uninstall the app, restart the phone and then reinstall Myoptus app using Mobile data.  Hey @TheHappyOne would recommend checking your Insights Tab in the Optus App. Thing is EPL will show up, but it'll show the other usage as well. 

by Occasional Contributor TheHappyOne
‎2016-09-25 08:03 AM

Thanks Gen_R.  I may be missing something, but I only have the Optus Sport app installed.  


In settings/mobile data it shows that the Optus Sport App has used 6.4Gb of data.

I would like to see an itemised, detailed data usage report for both mobiles to see exactly where my shared data has been used.


As I said, my data history with Amaysim shows that I have never come anywhere near 6.4Gb per month for years.  As my data usage has been similar this month, apart from the EPL app and change of provider, I would like to understand where I have used it before paying the additional fee.





by Moderator Tris
‎2016-09-25 08:12 AM

Send a PM with your full name, number and DOB thanks @TheHappyOne. I'll have a look and get back to you

by Occasional Visitor ShezzaD
‎2016-09-26 10:41 AM

Hi - just wondering if anyone else has a problem with another person being able to use their mobile phone data? There is a gardener at my last residence, and every time she attended the premises, I would get an alert with her contact name at the top (from my contacts list I'm guessing) saying that my shared data allowance has been used... I know she takes a lot of photos, etc - so I think I am being charged for her data usage when she's there! Any advice?

by Frequent Visitor nosnevets
‎2016-09-28 02:21 PM

Optus, when will you give customers up to date and accurate data usage details.

Seems to me the App is just a ploy to falsely assure people that they have more data left than they actually have, in  order to get them to go over their limit?

Also I think its about time you gave customers the option of wheteher or not they want to top up their data, not just add another 1G without asking. How often do you add another Gig the day before someones allowance resets?

If given the option, I would select a plan that prevents data usage once I hit my limit.

Would love to hear your response.

by Visitor Sraymond76
‎2016-09-30 10:44 AM


It was Friday September 10.30 pm and I get the message that I've gone over my 5.5GB limit. My account would've reset 90 minutes later but you decide to charge me an extra $10. So I'm wondering can I turn this feature off? Once I use all my data I do not want any extra data especially if it's on the last day.


Shaun Raymond

by RetiredModerator Nghi
‎2016-10-03 07:55 AM

Hey Straymond76, the auto data top-up is part of the plan and isn't able to be deactivated. Our usage meters can be a bit delayed so you may be receiving a notification from usage in the last day or two. Our Prepaid products stop data use once you've used up your data allowance/credit.

by New Member Neofirefly
‎2016-10-05 06:59 PM

Hey optus. My mobile data is not even on but somehow i am getting charged for excess data usage. How do you manage that. Twice in a year this has occurred.  How many other customers  are you doing this to?

by RetiredModerator Gen_R
‎2016-10-06 05:50 AM

Hey @Neofirefly - definitely strange :\ Have you checked your Insights tab in the MyOptus app to see where the usage has gone? Gen 

by Occasional Visitor Agent47
‎2016-10-13 08:29 AM

My app is indicating I have over 1GB left but I got a text saying I have used it all and $10 extra will be charged for another gigabyte. That info was last updated at 4:31am this morning and I haven't been on my phone or had my data on in that time. This isn't the first time I've had this happen where it says I've gone over but had a very recent update of the app where I'm not even close. What is going on here because I don't want to pay for something I am unrightly being charged for. Is there a way I can stop getting any data instead of automatically being charged the $10 so I can decide?

by Moderator Shauna
‎2016-10-14 11:49 PM

@Agent47 The data usage alerts may come through before your app updates. There will be a time stamp on your application letting you know the last time it was updated. If you're not wanting to be charged the extra $10 for a top up, I'd advise switching the data off on your phone the second you receive the 100% usage alert Smiley Happy Would you like me to look into where your data has gone? You'll just need to send through your mobile number, full name and DOB via PM. 

by Visitor Macle02
‎2016-10-15 05:56 PM

I've just received a message saying I have used a certain amount of share usage! What share usage? Who else is sharing my usage? Who/what am I sharing with? I'm on a plan!

by Moderator Shauna
‎2016-10-16 11:21 PM

Thanks for getting in touch with us @Macle02. The reason your usage alert says 'Shared Data' is because you'd be on a plan we're you're eligible to share you data with any other Mobile service on your account. Even if you're the only Mobile on this account your data will always come up as 'Shared Data', this doesn't necessarily mean you're sharing data with any one else. 

by New Member rrrray
‎2016-10-20 03:41 PM

Data usage on my phone shows a monthly date range different to the SMS I receive from Optus.  Which is correct?  The dates differ by 8 days.

by Valued Contributor
‎2016-10-20 04:29 PM

Hey @rrrray, the usage on the app can be delayed by up to 24 hours as are the alerts. The data would have been used prior to the messages being sent. 

by Occasional Visitor Nicco
‎2016-10-22 10:00 AM

Hi, wanting to find out, if I am automatically given extra data for reaching 100% of the included in the plan.

Does it roll over for the following month?


by Valued Contributor
‎2016-10-22 10:31 AM

Hey @Nicco, can confirm that the data does not roll over on our Postpaid plans. 

by Frequent Visitor Craigs
‎2016-10-22 10:44 AM


my data usage keeps going through the roof this month.

it says I have 95gb of data and even when I am at home and the wifi is connected it is using my phone data somehow.

i even had a message overnight saying I used 873mb overnight when the phone wasn't doing anything and was also connected on the wifi.

to use 95gb from the 5th October to now doesn't sound right I have also switched off wifi assist and anything else I can find.

this has only started to happen since I updated my iPhone.

something is not right.get back to me ASAP please 

by Valued Contributor
‎2016-10-22 11:43 AM

Hey @Craigs, have you been able to check out what's utilising your data through the Insights tab on the Optus app? Could you please send through a PM with your mobile number, full name and date of birth and we'll check it out.