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Is now the time to buy a smart watch?

Retired Employee
Retired Employee
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Up until recently, I hadn’t given much thought into purchasing a smart watch. It may have been my vain attempt at keeping my wrist tech free, almost an ode to the good old times before I could leave the house without frantically searching for my smart phone, let alone my smart watch, but now i'm starting to become convinced.

A brief history of Smart Watches

During the mid-2010’s, we saw several manufacturers revive the smart watch, introducing their own iterations of the tech. Although, there were vast improvements from what we’d seen in the past; many drew criticism for their bulky appearance, thick bezels, unfriendly user interface and short battery life. 

The designs were often centred around the idea of being a companion device, giving the user the option to check notifications from their wrist rather than their phone. 

As time has passed, smart watch tech has become more polished and refined, which begs the question, is now the time to buy a smart watch?

Benefits of smart watches in 2020

Easy access to your notifications
When you're busy walking the dogs or at your local supermarket holding shopping bags, it's never an ideal time to try and pick up the phone to see who's calling. When linked to your smart phone, you can check your wrist to see who that incoming call or message is from. Phone in your jeans pocket? No worries, your smart watch will tell you when you’ve got an email, tweet, WhatsApp message or calendar reminder. Configure your notification settings to choose the way you’d like to be notified by specific apps.

A must have for fitness fanatics
It’s a rare sight at my local gym to see anyone without a smart watch. Some have in-built work out modes to measure your running, walking, swimming, yoga, weightlifting, cycling as well as other types of sports.

Whether you’re working from home right now or in the office, your smart watch will remind you that you’ve been inactive for a period of time, prompting you to get your steps up!

Monitor your general health and well-being
When wearing a smart watch, I like to think of it as having your own personal fitness coach who’s keeping an eye on my general health. It tracks my heart rate, blood pressure, sleep duration and water consumption (just to name few), giving you the peace of mind that my health and well being is being monitored every step I take.

Leave your bulky phone at home
Go out and leave my phone at home?! Crazy concept, I know. Some smart watches can be standalone devices all on their own. With the advent of Number Share
you can use the same phone number on both your watch and phone. Your watch can even have it's very own number with eSIM

Head to the gym, walk the dog, go for a swim, wear clothes with no pockets. Leaving your bulky phone behind will become an afterthought.

Locate your missing device
Is there a worse first world problem? You double tap your jeans pockets, do a quick scan of the room, frantically ask your partner “Have you seen my phone?!” Now, your trusty smart watch can be synced with the “Find Phone” feature on your phone. This gives you the ability to set off an alarm on your phone at the press of a button, even if it’s on silent!

Style your watch your way
With interchangeable bands and digital clock faces, you can choose the style of watch which best suits you.  If you’re one to flaunt your tech, simply scroll through the various options to choose from or explore the seemingly endless possibilities on offer from apps like Facer and Twelvish

If you’re into the old school traditional watch face paired with a classic leather watch band, check out the Galaxy Watch3.

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What's the verdict?
You’re probably saying, “I can do all that already with my phone”. Let me tell you, I hear you. It really comes down to your lifestyle. 

 The reason so many people own smartwatches is because many of them give you the freedom to leave your phone at home and exercise hands free, all while receiving notifications, call, texts, emails and listening to their favourite music on Apple Music or Spotify. All this along with a nice display and lightweight wrist bands to track fitness goals and look after their health. 

So, if you think your wrist is starting to appear a little bare, or your old school watch just isn’t cutting it; it may be time to purchase a smart watch.

What do you love most about your smart watch? Or if you’re thinking about getting one, what feature appeals to you the most? Leave a comment below 🙂

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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

I've always been interested in smart watches, never gone that next step however to actually buy one, instead just look at my friends watches when they buy new ones. 

I do like the design, especially some of the watch faces for the Samsung range, I think they look terrific as they look like a normal watch so it's hard to tell it's a 'smart watch'. 

I think it's a must have for people who work in retail,hospitality or drivers who don't have time to be looking at the phone all the time. 

Has  @Ray_YC or @Kara_YC ever owned one? If so, what are you thoughts?

Respected Contributor
Respected Contributor

Having not used a watch for over a decade I splashed out on an Apple Watch Gen 5 last December.

Getting used to wearing the watch was the main issue for me, but over time you get used to it.

Though I wish that it would have better battery life or a way to charge while still on my wrist.


It tells me to take breaks at work, monitors heart rate and exercise - all of which gets sent to my iPhone for a better view.

Unfortunately covid situation put a stop to my work commute, so I feel like I am using it less and have to remind myself to go for "walkies" and get out of the house.

Ability to do some sneaky messaging during long meetings has been a benefit.

Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

I'm still rocking my fitbit, @AlistarS which I got at the start of the year and it's done wonders (if Paddylee is doing "walkies" mine would be "joggies") so I can only imagine what a smart watch would do so it's definitely worth considering!

Respected Contributor
Respected Contributor

@Ray_YC "Walkies" because a senior doggo cannot do "joggies"

Retired Employee
Retired Employee

Agreed @AlistarS 

I mentioned this to you @GTFO , but I'm holding out for the next Galaxy Watch. I'm hoping we get to see the reveal at Galaxy Unpacked 2020

The new Note + Galaxy Watch is a combo I can see myself getting around. 

Occasional Contributor
Occasional Contributor

I've never owned one @AlistarS but I'm definitely thinking about it 🤔

Being told to take a break at work is something I need! And not having to find work out gear with pockets so I can leave my phone at home would be perfect 👌

New Member
New Member

I wear a mechanical watch on my left wrist and a Huawei GT2 on the right. My wife says it makes me look like a prat but the Huawei is THE best watch for activity tracking and health monitoring so that's why I use it and it is brilliant at what it does

Crowd Champion
Crowd Champion

I got one of those fancy one, with build in GPS and no monthly access fees, there is a dedicated team to look over me. It is however a bit tricky to read the time as it is around the ankle. 


Same as @GTFO not worn a watch for over 10 years, recently got a Fitbit handed down from my daughter who grown out of it. I worn it for a few weeks. I didn't find it too useful or use most of it functions. It ended up in the box of neglected gadgets. 

Had a Hawei smart watch with the P9 but sold it as it is too large and bulky, and horrendous battery life. 

As I age, the health monitor becomes more attractive. Got one of those cheap Chinese knockoff smart watch with HR, ECG and Blood pressure monitoring. It is so unreliable that a toilet paper roll has a 92/117 blood pressure.

Thinking of the Apple watch but will hold until the health apps and functions are activated, tested and proven reliable. 


Until then I am dreaming of a Grand Seiko Elegance, a simple traditional mechanical watch to keep my screen time down and away from notification. 

Occasional Contributor
Occasional Contributor

Hopefully Optus will give it's MVNOs access to Number Share so that the overall iwatch/iphone/mobile phone package becomes more affordable for Seniors who need the fall detection feature of the iwatch.