Introducing Yes TV by Fetch Multiroom

Posted by (Online Community Manager)
3rd Apr 2017, 5:02pm

No more fights over what to watch on the big screen.


Multiroom Yes TV by Fetch image.jpgallows you to watch Premium Channels on Yes TV by Fetch on different TVs at the same time, so now the whole family can watch their favourite shows in whatever room they choose. Multiroom also gives you the option to start watching a show in one room and finish it off in another. For eligible new or existing fixed broadband customers on selected plans (excluding the $60 plan) and selected postpaid mobile customers only.


You can have up to three Yes TV by Fetch set-top boxes in your home (they must all be on the same account), allowing you to share premium Channel Pack subscriptions (starting at just $6 per month), TV and movies you’ve rented or purchased across each box at no extra cost. You can also share recorded content if you have a Yes TV by Fetch Mighty or Gen 2 set-top box at home; just record content on that device and then watch it on another Yes TV by Fetch set-top box in a different room. Each Yes TV by Fetch set-top box also comes with its own parental controls so you can restrict viewing on one box without affecting the others.


Ready for the entertainment to flow through your home? Find out how Optus customers can get Yes TV by Fetch Multiroom here.


Ts & Cs

Optus Fair Go Policy applies. Available in selected homes in selected areas.


Yes TV by Fetch Multiroom: services available to new or existing fixed broadband customers on selected plans (excludes $60 plan) and selected postpaid mobile customers. Multiroom may not be available to all customers. Maximum three devices per household. Content subscription required. Video content quality can be affected by equipment content location and network congestion. Gen 1 Yes TV by Fetch set-top boxes are not Multiroom compatible. Recording content is not available on the Yes TV by Fetch Mini set-top box. Buying content gives you a non-transferable right to watch it as much as you like with your current Yes TV by Fetch subscription


If you'd like to learn more about getting started with Fetch from Optus; including setting up Multiroom, follow the URL below:


Getting Started with Fetch from Optus 


by Occasional Contributor Pipingmad
‎2017-04-03 03:56 PM

I have an optus fetch tv box and another Fetch tv mighty I already own.  Can I multi room the mighty I already own?  Some instructions on your website would be good.

by Occasional Contributor Pipingmad
‎2017-04-05 01:06 PM

Hello, is there anyone there?

by Member saintgib
‎2017-04-05 03:39 PM

Mate i am trying to find out the same thing,they dont even know their on products i just had to share the link on the chat with one of the consultants  

by RetiredModerator Hannah-L
‎2017-04-07 04:29 PM

Hey @Pipingmad, apologies for the late response. Yes, you can use your existing Mighty set top box for the Multiroom feature, you'd just need to ensure that any additional set top boxes you add are billed to the same account number.

by Member saintgib
‎2017-04-07 04:42 PM

@Hannah-L if you have 2 fetch boxes already can you move them to the same account ? 


by RetiredModerator Hannah-L
‎2017-04-08 05:06 PM

Yes, as long as they're billing to the same account holder. Smiley Happy

by Member saintgib
‎2017-04-08 05:14 PM

@Hannah-L I asked yesterday if I could do this over the chat and was told I could not move my Optus fetch mini that I got when I changed my mobile plan to my bundle that has my gen 2 fetch box for on it, I was told I would have to sign up for a new fetch mini and just cancel my other one myself? If this wrong I am going to be extremely unhappy & glad that I made them send me the transcript. How do I move the fetch mini from my mobile account to my bundle ???

by RetiredModerator Hannah-L
‎2017-04-08 05:17 PM

Can you please send me a PM with your full name, DOB and your two account numbers so that I can check it out? This isn't something that you can via My Account unfortunately.

by Occasional Contributor Pipingmad
‎2017-04-08 05:20 PM

Hannah-L,  I own the second mighty box already as I bought it some time ago.  How do I get it linked to my account with the Fetch TV I got from Optus?  Thanks


by RetiredModerator Hannah-L
‎2017-04-08 05:31 PM

To clarify, is the second Mighty set top box one that you got via Optus ? Set top boxes purchased from Fetch directly or other 3rd parties can't be used for Multiroom.


Can I add a set top box that I purchased directly from Fetch to my Optus account and use it for Mult...

No. The Yes TV by Fetch set top boxes need to be on the same account to connect to each other.


Check out our FAQs here.

by Member saintgib
‎2017-04-08 05:35 PM

@Hannah-L I have private messaged you & both my boxes are Optus fetch boxes 

by RetiredModerator Hannah-L
‎2017-04-08 05:48 PM

Thanks, I've responded to you there. Smiley Happy

by Occasional Visitor vanbinhluong
‎2017-04-29 07:03 PM

I love the idea to get more Yes TV Fetch box for other room. The only problem is, in the afternoon our internet speed dropped down to 2.6Mbps. We can't even watch one Netflix movie or any Channel in our entertainment package. Optus support keep telling me they are fixing the network soon in our Revesby NSW area. But nothing happens for months now. Optus please fix our internet speed so we can buy more of your product.

by New Member CamB21
‎2017-05-03 08:41 PM


I have a Mighty and a Mini, both billed on the same account, both on the same local network, and both on Paradise 2.13.

From the Mini, Multiroom, Advanced, Refresh, it dose not locate the Mighty.

Could there be something else preventing the detection?

FYI, the Mighty also does not detect the Mini.


Mant thanks for any tips.

I can send my account number in a PM if that helps to check.

by RetiredModerator AlexRH
‎2017-05-17 04:40 AM

Hey there @vanbinhluong, how frustrating Smiley Sad Really sorry you've had trouble with your speed. Can you please confirm what type of Internet service you have with us? Is it NBN, Cable or DSL?

Happy to take a look, can you please PM me with your username/account number? 

by RetiredModerator AlexRH
‎2017-05-17 04:41 AM

@CamB21 That's really odd! :/ In this case, I'd really recommend chatting with our Fetch Faults crew on 13 13 44 so we can troubleshoot further Smiley Happy 

by Contributor Griffo17
‎2017-05-18 10:10 PM

Is it as simple as transferring the fetch mini I have (linked to my mobile) to my NBN account that the mighty is linked to? Are there any extra costs involved? Fetch Mini stays at $5/m? If so how can I transfer it?

by RetiredModerator Gen_R
‎2017-05-23 02:03 PM

Afternoon Griffo17 would recommend touching base with our Billing team on 133 937.